All the main cast members fit their characters superbly with Delon standing out as the handsome villain dripping with evil. Praise also must go to the music score by Maurice Jarre, particularly in the action sequences and Henri Alekan’s cinematography of the landscape is beautiful and adds greatly to the film. She was seen by a Hollywood executive who persuaded her to try her luck in Hollywood. The best in Grindhouse, horror and exploitation films! Terminology It is unclear where the term originated, although it is widely accepted that the term “Silent Generation” comes from the focus on careers over activism. Blanche Blackwell, a Jamaican of Anglo-Jewish descent, is thought to have been the love of Fleming’s later life and his model for Pussy Galore.

Toshiro’s performace was great, simply great. In retribution, Zeus kills Acrisius and orders Poseidon to release the last of the Titans, a gigantic sea monster called the Kraken, to destroy Argos. She is best known for portraying Krystle Carrington in the s ABC prime time soap opera Dynasty, a role she played from to The name is derived from a diminutive of the Latin ursa, which means “bear”. Back then we could believe Mifumes wide-eyed look of disbelieve at ‘culture’ of the Wild West as well as Bronsons inability to comprehend his ‘partners’ culture. All the main cast members fit their characters superbly with Delon standing out as the handsome villain dripping with evil.

It was a hit at the box office, though Andress elected not to appear in the sequel, The Vengeance of She Sign in to vote.

The film consists in a satire of americanization,[1] and it was referred as “a milestone in the evolution of Italian self-identification”. No film Revolvy Brain revolvybrain works Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. It was the top-grossing movie musical of Two desperadoes Link and Gauche with the help of some professional bandits and Mexican outlaws, rob a train which was carrying gold guarded by union soldiers, but also on board is the Japanese ambassador who is heading to Washington D.

In a interview she said “I think my image, especially to Americans, is that of a femme fatale, a man-eating woman. Andress, the third of six children, was born in OstermundigenCanton of BernSwitzerland to a German couple, Anna, a landscape gardener, and Rolf Andress, a German diplomat who was expelled from Switzerland for political reasons. Sometimes Gauche or Link rapid fire their pistol, like a machinegun, implausibly mowing down a half dozen.


Bronson is double-crossed by Delon and left for dead. Link reluctantly agrees, but he realizes that Kuroda will kill Gauche immediately, preventing him to extract the location of the stolen loot from his former partner in crime.

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When she was 18, she married the year-old writer-director Pierre Gaspard-Huit, and he cast her in several films, including Le Masque de fer and Kali Yug: Linda Christian topic Linda Christian November 13, [1][2][3] — July 22, [4] was a Mexican film actress, who appeared in Mexican and Hollywood films. Wounded and disarmed by Link, Gauche tries to appeal to Link’s greed, but Link decides that the dying samurai’s honor is more important to him than learning the location of the stolen money, so he kills Gauche.

A samurai warrior, Kuroda Toshiro Mifune sets out to retrieve the sword.

The book is subtitled The Women of James Bond. Linda Evans topic Linda Evans born Linda Evenstad on November 18,is an American actress known primarily for her roles on television. In the novel, she has black hair, pale skin, and according to Bond the only violet eyes that Bond has ever seen. Forced out of retirement to investigate the deaths and disappearances of international spies, he soon battles the mysterious Dr.

To ,ovie Toshiro Mifune from ‘The Seven Samurai’ and Charles Bronson from ‘The Magnificent Seven’ riding side by side as if they were in some kind of movie time warp is quite entertaining irsula the east-west contrast is done well. The worst thing is that it also is very misleading yrsula the average man who thinks he’s in for a real treat the moment he spots the film in his video store.

The actual name outoaw the drink as well as its complete recipe was mentioned on screen for the first time in the adaptation of Casino Royale. Considerable and spectacular musical score by Maurice Jarre Lawrence of Arabia.

But during the last part of the robbery, Link is left for dead after dynamite is thrown into the car where he is.

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The ineffectual Brad Pitt ugh! Red Sun works nicely as a film because of the interesting if antagonistic chemistry between Bronson and Mifune. No, who is plotting to disrupt an early American space launch with a radio beam weapon. Utsula and his African companion, Matakit, go by train to bring the gem to Kramer.


A shrewd tsar and a visionary. Musetta Vander recreates the Ursula Andress beach scene. She is Gauche’s woman, and a participant of a bawdy house. In it was mentioned as Ostermundigen.

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She studied art in Paris for a year, then went to Rome, where she did jobs such as nannying children. Nothe first Bond movie.

Mifune is so stolid he makes the usually stolid Bronson look relaxed and it’s not easy to see Andress made-up like a fashion model trekking through the Rockies actually the Spanish country-side and still take any of this seriously.

It’s an improbable blending of standard Westerntongue-in-cheek and chop-socky.

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By then, a remorseful Sam has had enough. Link rejects Cristina’s offer to become lovers and look for the gold in the place she believes it might be hidden, and takes her back to San Lucas.

It’s not to often that you get to see a gunfighter and a samurai fight on the same side in a “traditional” spaghetti western. Undaunted, they begin to plan another robbery Derek starred along with Ursula Andress and Aldo Ray. Still, it’s worth watching, if only for the incomparable Toshiro Mifune. Kramer’s workers discover a huge uncut gem. Actress Diana Coupland dies at 74 10 November As a result of starring in Dr.

The trail leads him to the underground base of Dr. Link Stuart Bronson is a ruthless outlaw, and co-leader along with Gauche Delon of a starriny of bandits. Member feedback about Sex with a Smile II: Werner van der Zyl. No was voted 1 in “the Greatest Sexy Moments”. Retrieved 10 August The movie flows well, increasing momentum for the kinetic final act, which contains some pictorially dramatic scenes.

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