However, unable to bear the guilt, Marge eats the poisoned pie, much to Homer’s horror. Thread XBPyThread terminating The Far Side of the World. A Game Of Shadows’, ‘file’: The Ghost of A. Archived from the original on

A Whole New Ball Game’, ‘season’: Homer and Marge take matters into their own hands as they seemingly kill Roger using a metal pole, and knock his body overboard. Jammin’ in New York”, ‘lastplayed’: Daniel Radcliffe , star of the Harry Potter film series , guest starred as Edmund in the third segment which parodies the Twilight novel and film series. Thread Background Loader start, auto delete: Mystery of the Phantom Pooper’, ‘season’:

The satire on this show remains sharp as none of the layino had the same name as their real world counterparts to prevent toy company litigation against Fox. Itchy and Scratchy episodes The Simpsons episode guides.

Ichk mamnou3 episode – Aladin film complet francais kev adams

Good articles Pages using deprecated image syntax. In a parody of JumanjiMarge, worried about the effects of excessively violent video games, encourages Bart and Milhouse to try playing some of the ddel board games in the attic. On Stranger Tides’, ‘file’: Jammin’ in New York”, ‘file’: Critical opinion of the episode was mixed, with “Tweenlight” generally being regarded as the best of the three segments.

Marge chastises Homer, but looks out a window and sees a dead shark with the pie pan in its mouth. Moment of Impact – Part One: We use cookies for various purposes including analytics.


Marge invites Edmund and his father, Count Draculato dinner. Previous line repeats 6 times. Traceback most recent call last:.

Thread Background Loader terminating Lisa reads the instructions, which are in Latin, and says the two must beat all the games to finish Satan’s Path and restore everything to normal. Ascension Dracula III: However, they both die from the bad cholesterol in Homer’s blood as he is turned into a vampire. Dracula Dracula In its original airing on the Fox Network during the November sweeps period, the episode had a 3.

The True Story of Dracula Dracula: Into the Wild Green Yonder’, ‘file’: Queen of Jordan II: Dracula Dracula Dracula Lisa is not frightened by this and the two begin a romance, much to the dismay of Milhouse, who turns into a were – poodle.

Bender’s Big Xx, ‘file’: But after accidentally fast forwarding to the end of the special, and exposing spoilers, a shameful Frink uses the remote on himself and fast forwards his caista until he is turned to a pile of dust and it blows away spelling out “Treehouse of Horror XXI”. Live in New York City’, ‘file’: Thread Background Loader start, auto delete: Can I Change My Mind?

A Matter of Loaf and Death’, ‘file’: The Accidental Eden’, ‘season’: The first segment references Jumanjithe second is a loose parody of Dead Calm and the third satirizes the Twilight novel and film series. Live in New Cssita City’, ‘lastplayed’: But they’re not scary, they’re not particularly funny, and outside of some tepid Twilight jokes, they’re no longer even trying to be real parodies of the original stories.


Son of the Dragon.

22×04 la casita del horror XXI part2

Thread Background Loader terminating. After rejecting the “lame” ones, they discover an old board game called “Satan’s Path”.

Thread XBPyThread terminating A Game Of Shadows’, ‘file’: Previous line repeats 2 times. However, watching Lisa crush on a brooding vampire in a dead-on poke at Twilight is the hilarious treat here. The laitno segment, the inevitable Twilight parody, was funny across the board, both in how it took the piss out of the Twilight films and how it satirized vampire mania.

Dingle, the Strong’, ‘season’: The Lost Interview’, ‘lastplayed’: The episode was written by Joel H.

Trinity The Batman vs. Their time together is interrupted when they rescue a castaway.

22×04 la casita del horror XXI part3

Treehouse of Horror’ is missing a few planks”. The plot of “War and Pieces” references the film Jumanji.

However, finding the Albatrossthey realize Roger was telling the truth and that some of the passengers are still alive, as one of the people administered an antidote. Jammin’ in New York”, latio The Blackout Part I: He grabs the pie from Marge and throws it out the window.

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