Any viewer should be prepared to laugh pretty hard; feel tense; get grossed out like they would at any halfway decent horror film. Throughout the film, the blocks spell out the titles to all the segments with each of the segments ending and beginning with a focus on, or a fade into, the color red. Adam and Simon’s guns suddenly jam and then unexpectedly go off, killing the pair. Top Moments From the Oscars. Even if, like me, you only really enjoy or even understand a handful of these twisted works of art, The ABCs of Death is a commendable effort and easily worth a couple of hours of any degenerate’s time; while I can’t see myself watching the whole thing again in a hurry, there are certain chapters that I’m sure I’ll revisit many times over in the future. As of Thursday, January 16, , Kearns was convicted, and on 5 March , she was sentenced to 90 days in jail and probation for three years. Samurai segment “J is for Jidai-geki” Takashi Nishina Gertrude, an overweight woman, wanders the streets of France as people everywhere taunt her size; she is haunted by images of thin attractive women.

Retrieved 21 October They are not all winners, unfortunately. Tokyo Gore Police Vampire Girl vs. E is for Exterminate. Ann segment “N is for Nuptials” Manon Beuchot I think the protagonist represents what most males could do in terms of being turned on under pressure. Ann shouts “Damn you, Shane! Nothing particularly remarkable here.

Share this Rating Title: Z is for Zetsumetsu Extinction.

The ABCs of Death (2012)

Tallerico, Brian, 33rd ed. U is for Unearthed: Rashidi Beck Ganger segment “D is for Dogfight”. The short was originally titled Y is for Yeti. Eyes segment “L is for Libido” Teguh Leo P is for Pressure: Audible Download Audio Books.

Salaryman 2 segment “Z is for Zetsumetsu” Yoshio Komatsu Many reviewers criticized the film shorts’ unevenness. C is for Cycle.


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She goes down to the basement, finds a plunger and returns, revealing that a dead fetus is inside. Melling plays up the furry sex undertows for all he can, while giving the segment deaht feel of a cartoon in live-action. I will say this is a take of that subject that while may shock is not necessary being serious about it. The Libldo of Death Liz Harvey Melissa segment “Q is for Quack”.

Retrieved October 10, I is for Ingrown. Ant Timpson is an old buddy of mine from way back. Similarly pointless and silly is T Is For Toileta silly bit of children’s nightmare come to life that really didn’t affect me.

Don’t ask, and don’t bother. Strangeluv segment “Z is for Zetsumetsu”. L Is For Libido is an absolutely skin-crawlingly vile and I don’t mean in a good way, horror-movie-wise tale of torture that includes, among other things, the Crash -like sexualization of amputees followed by men masturbating while watching a child get raped.

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It brutally kills and devours the child’s parents before lunging at the ljbido, revealing it all to be a nightmare. The ABCs of Death is another anthology of short horror films, albeit one with a decidedly different approach than the conventional collection of gore-stories. E is for Exterminate comes from actress Angela Bettis, known for parts in films such as Toolbox Murders and the title roles in May and the tv mini-series remake of Carrie Retrieved from ” https: He is sucked in and finds out he has been sent back in time to the night he heard the sound, he was the one who made it.

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A is for Apocalypse. Did you see the press release? A man has trouble sleeping, finds a shadowy hole in his backyard and emerges to find another version of himself sleeping in caet bed. Kyra Zagorsky Lainey segment “V is for Vagitus”. I think the protagonist represents what most males could do in terms of being turned on under pressure.


W is for WTF is another meta-episode set around the making of an episode. But when it works, it works quite well: Were directors assigned letters for their particular segments, did you draw them out of a hat or did you request specific letters?

Miss Yumi segment “F is for Fart”. She takes his hand and is shown to have died in a drug den. A large proportion of the if are either frustratingly weak guilty parties: Epilogue Men segment “L is for Libido” Cansirano Will the movie ever be lihido dvd like the other dafthouse films?

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The film features a brutish prisoner being operated on and strips of his skin removed and taken away for purposes that are never clear before he makes an escape in a bloody massacre. A mysterious man named Dr.

White segment “V is for Vagitus”. The former begins interestingly enough as a tale of a deaht and destitute woman trying to care for her children, but it ends in a pointlessly schlocky shock vignette involving pets something that is actually handled far more viscerally yet intelligently in the silent D Is For Dogfight.

Trivia Sheila Kearns, a substitute teacher, abcd convicted on four felony counts in January for showing this film in class to her students. Eisnener cuts back and forward between a kid in high school and out on a hunting expedition accompanied by the school janitor who is revealed to be a paedophile.

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