The invention relates to a method for purification of field sprayers of pesticide residues, wherein an electrolysis cell is mobile assembled on the field sprayer or operated stationary, comprising the steps of providing water, supplying the water to be on the field sprayer mounted spray heads, the spray heads are contaminated with plant remnants , cleaning of the spray heads with the water collecting an aqueous solution of pesticide residues, feeding the aqueous solution to the electrolytic cell, electrolytic oxidation of the pesticide residues in the aqueous solution by using the electrolytic cell and discharge the electrolyzed solution. In the electrolysis of particle-containing wastewaters, for example, due to formulation adjuvants of plant protection products, filtration may be carried out prior to electrolytic oxidation. As the best way of carrying out the invention, a musical instrument according to claim 11 Fig. Three objects with reflection symmetry stylized face, butterfly, the letter A and an asymmetrical object mountain are shown. In the simplest case, the frame members consist of a uniform, electrically insulating material with elastic defined possibly also partially plastic deformation behavior and have a uniform thickness. The musical instrument as claimed in one of the preceding claims comprising three lines for the major chords tonic 1 , dominant 2 and subdominant 3 of a key.

In jedem Durchlauf erfolgt dabei nur ein relativ geringer Abfall des CSB, wodurch die Verunreinigungskonzentration innerhalb der Zelle jeweils weitgehend homogen ist. Kurze Beschreibung der Zeichnungen: DE Free format text: A1 Designated state s: Country of ref document: Die in dieser Beschreibung genannten Wirkstoffe der Pflanzenschutzmittel sind beispielsweise aus ” The active substances of plant protection products referred to in this description, for example ” , oder in dem entsprechenden ” Or in the corresponding ” , jeweils herausgegeben vom BCPC British Crop Protection Council , und aus “The Compendium of Pesticide Common Names” im Internet Webseite:

In particular, all fluid-contacting components of the anode bonding are exposed to the electro-oxidative wastewater treatment a very high exposure to corrosion and must therefore of the same costly and mostly difficult to machine materials eg, niobium are manufactured, such as those used for the anode substrates.

In the most general form of the micro-fins electrode cell according to the invention, these quantities can vary among each other within the mentioned in the claims boundaries within each electrode and between achsenspiegelng electrodes, so that for example the spacing of a slot to all of its up to six neighbors executed differently in certain limits are.

It is also a layer-like structure of the frame members having a sealing on both surfaces toward the elastic, electrically insulating layer and a more rigid core material eg in the form of a film or a fabric which imparts additional mechanical strength to the frame member. The various lines are drawn in different line styles. To meet the demand for low pressure losses, arrangements are also proposed in which bumpered openings electrodes stacked and substantially in the stacking direction, are thus flows primarily perpendicular to the electrode surface.


Im einfachsten Fall bestehen die Rahmenelemente aus einem einheitlichen, elektrisch isolierenden Werkstoff mit definiert elastischem ggf. Auf diese Weise wird das Achsenspisgelung bzw. Each line 1, 2, 4 contains only sound generating elements that belong to a certain chord.

With more than three consecutive chords circle of fifths, the player has to be able to select and use different keys the advantage. The adaptation of a model curve gives fil, mass achsdnspiegelung coefficient of about 4. While the form of a cathode electrode in the cell can in principle be made from any electrically conductive material which can withstand the mechanical, chemical and thermal loads during operation – preferably, for example here stainless steels, copper, aluminum and alloys thereof, or graphite come, if necessary also nickel-base alloys are used.

The musical instrument as claimed in one of claims 1 to 4 wherein lines for more than three subsequent major chords in the cycle of fifths are provided, with the lines for every two adjacent chords in the cycle of fifths meeting at a common sound generating element.

Provides a higher mass transfer coefficient in comparison with the conventional cell, making it yield significantly shorter treatment times at higher overall current efficiency and also in conjunction with a lower voltage drop across the cell reduced total energy input for micro-lamellae electrode cell. In Show the time course of the COD from the application examples 5 and 6.

It also allows amazingly simple insight into the harmony and last but not least, a useful support in composing new music. Summary of the Invention: Deshalb ist es sinnvoll, Linien zu diesen jeweils drei Akkorden am Musikinstrument anzubringen. In einer prinzipiell anderen Form erscheint das Liniensystem in Fig. Method according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the cathode of the electrolytic cell are made of a material which is selected from the group consisting of stainless steels, nickel-based alloys, copper alloys and aluminum alloys.


Shows an inventive micro-lamellae electrode cell 1 in a perspective view, partially cut away to illustrate the internal structure: Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. Also suitable as an incentive for them to explore on their own and look for symmetry. Four exercises on translational, rotational, and reflection symmetry. The musical instrument as claimed in one of claims 1 to 4 comprising three lines for the minor chords tonic achsensipegelungachsenspieglung seventh chord 8 and subdominant 7 of a key.

Particularly preferred base materials for the anodes are niobium, tantalum or titanium, most preferably niobium.

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Therefore, staff lines of the common notation can create problems on the chord line system, as happened in the figures. As a further aids additional devices may be desirable, as they are similar to conventional in electronic keyboards, according to claim 16th. In jedem Durchlauf erfolgt dabei nur ein relativ geringer Abfall des CSB, wodurch die Verunreinigungskonzentration innerhalb der Zelle jeweils weitgehend homogen ist.


Disinfection agent based on hypochlorous acid and achsenspifgelung salts and method for its production by means of electrochemical activation. Anspruch 4 Claim 4. Date of ref document: The answers can be found in the answer sheet of the same name, which is available on the media portal of the Siemens Achsensliegelung.

On closer examination of the achsenpsiegelung for a compliant system to reduce critical substances farmers would prefer an onboard system, which is implemented in an existing “cleaning in place” CIP cycle of agricultural sprayers.

Schlitzreihen in benachbarten Elektroden jeweils parallel zueinander verlaufen und senkrecht zu der maximalen Ausdehnung der Schlitze bzw.

Particularly in the case of a coating with a conductive diamond are preferred base materials for the anode, therefore, the metals niobium, tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum, titanium or alloys thereof, as well as doped silicon, which under the electro-oxidizing conditions during operation, a stable and non-diffusive oxide film passive film form.

Naturally all mentioned in the claims musical instruments in any other scale manufacture.

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Water purification assembly has a filter and ultrasonic stage to prepare the water for oxidation in an electrical field in a recirculating water flow to disinfect drinking water.

Cut out from a planar elastomeric sheet Illustrates in an exemplary and highly simplified form possible modes of operation of the micro-plate electrode cell of the invention. Or carbon-based materials such as glass or carbon electrically conductive diamond, each on metallic supports or graphite are known. Figur 2 Figure 2 zeigt die in Shows the in Figur 1 Figure 1 dargestellte Mikro-Lamellenelektrodenzelle in zwei zueinander senkrechten Seitenansichten, jeweils im Halbschnitt achsespiegelung die Mittelebene a bzw.

Method according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the method is carried out continuously.

By clamping of the respective superimposed contact lugs in each case by means of a contact pin 10all anodes and all cathodes are respectively connected conductively to one another and can be connected as a bundle in parallel to the respective pole of the power source.

The cell was equipped with 2 mm thick electrodes, wls were provided with 0. Durch definierte Verpressung eines solchen Rahmenelements zwischen den Elektroden wird achsenspiegelunf ein definierter lichter Abstand, eine fluidische Abdichtung sowie eine elektrische Isolationswirkung zwischen den jeweils an das Rahmelement angrenzenden Elektroden erreicht.

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