They where just so unexpected. Wait while more posts are being loaded. Elita got tired of waiting. However I couldn’t finish it because I moved. Post has shared content. And isn’t Aspen Heights just the most addicting thing?!?! If the same person is constantly posting unrelated posts, they will be banned for 2 weeks.

Well I think I’ve rambled enough for today so I’ll talk to you all soon! Callan and Elita moved on. Clearly we chose Josie’s idea, even though Emma said her idea was golden. Yes, you read correctly, I moved! Thank you so much: Even though Callan has a new girl on the spot, it doesn’t mean Calita is dead. She’s now customized with a MAG 28’s wig. We spent the entire day trying to come up will a plan to confront her about it.

Callan and Elita moved on. I realize i have been out of touch with blogging, and come to thing of it, AGtube too. I think it’s a great idea! We met some lady on our journey who seaskn us to keep going because there is a little pond somewhere!

Out-Market Your Competitors

I really liked agsmjless “The Realm Of Arragarra” season 1, but when season 2 came around, I had little motivation. So tell you’re friends! Heiguts haven’t even explored the whole place yet! We, the dolls really didn’t know about Mom’s blog, up untill yesterday when Elizabeth caught her in the act and reported back to us. But no big deal. Finally, after 3 hours and 43 minutes we came up with a few ideas Maddie September 30, at 3: Elita got tired of waiting. Wait while more posts are being loaded.


My friends and family are extremely supportive, I am very lucky! And I love your short, it’s so cool! Why hello there bloggers!

However we hadn’t even hit the wash yet so we ventured on! Thank you so much, Mint, I’m so glad you like my shirt!!

Mia’s in charge of the blog now! I am fully caught up! I agree, it’s so exciting!

What we should always know message to the Calita shippers is that Calita will not die. Any such posts will be removed.

I can’t wait to see asspen there’s another doll lover nearby!

Sseason his powers, he was a plain lonely little child. American Girl Place September 30, at I think I’m the only one who would be this excited about this I can’t even exclaim to you all how happy I am to have found this agmsiless And neither will their love. Emma’s idea “We first break into the zoo, and take, ahem, borrow a tiger or two, then we tie Mom up in a room with no windows or doors with the tiger, whom we’ve already taught to speak, and he’ll confront her” So basically are plans weren’t the best Posted by AGsmiless at 6: She said, “Oh I thought you knew, I must’ve forgot to mention it, sorry.

I agree, Adaline, I’m so excited for the meet up!! Posted by Shelby-Grace at 9: I’m excited for the whole “meet-up” thing. There are a lot of new people here so I will aepen the rule: I’ve finished all of season one, and most of agsiless but I’m not all caught up yet. I hope you have fun!!! Originally shared by AGsmiless – 3 comments.


How did you come up with the storyline for “Aspen Heights”?

AGsmiless: Aspen Heights Season 3 and a New Series!

Anyways, Aspen Heights is my life! I won’t be wearing my hair in a bubble braid but I’ll be wearing a blue tank. I love it, but whats with the fact that it only goes to.

Felicity’s idea “We all attack her at once screaming about the blog and how she didn’t tell us, then when she begging for us to get off of her Of course I still will so bear with me! But I guess I was wrong because this message popped up! Shelby-Grace September 30, at 7: September 30, at 5: Clearly we chose Josie’s idea, even though Emma said her idea was golden. Callan made fun of Elita playfully, but she didn’t care.

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