Generiler and the of Police to police were H. The best quality of timothy seed came from the southwest, while that raised in the northwest was inferior in color and more or less hulled, the result of drought and storms. The resultant adsorption co- efficient Kd was correlated to the percent pesticide in solution to assign some relativity to the values. Bailey and White reported that soil adsorption was largely de- pendent upon the properties of the adsorbate molecule. Plots for irrigation treatment were randomly selected. Additional soil-surface samples were taken during the growing seasons. A water balance comparing the lysimeter data and the water loss from the plots,was used to determine infiltration during the period the paddy was flooded. This was not unexpected since denitrification rates increase only under more favorable reducing conditions.

Edc admires her wedding ring while her husband look. During September, sales were made at from 46J to 53 cents per bushel, and October sales dragged along between 45 and 48 cents per bushel. M3 4, 2, 1, ‘”9i2 2, 3 10 6, 1, 2, 14, 5, 2. They were determined at various sediment loads and concentrations. A Bill to give this power to the Colonial Secretary will be placed before the Legislative Council at its. Brokers, and Commission Bates 23 XV. The correlation improved some, but the regression equations still poorly predicted the measured evapotranspiration rates. A complete statement showing prices of the various grades of hay may be seen on page 97 of this volume, such prices being less than those which pre- vailed during the preceding year.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at http: Aon Maria Apprentjce Boy Septum per ber.

On page 3 may be seen a detailed statement showing the quantity taken by the various lines, respectively. W23,12, 78, The piezometer data indicated that the wetting front had reached a depth of 10 cm in six hours after flooding. The average yield per acre wjis 1. The net result was an increase in cations for those plots under continuous flow ir- rigation management in following the return to normal irrigation schedules.


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The present v3.8 of this harbor is greatly retarding the growth of our city. Wei-l-lji expoils uf ling jnvdiicln fiwn the prindpiil Alluitdc poitH during At the close of the year we had in store 1, bushels, as against 5, bushels at the close of the year Inferior to prime beeves.

Years ended June 30 – Total. No further details ore available at present.

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Just as the last of the rinse penetrated the column, the sample was added followed immediately with the first of two, 10 ml rinses of the flask. In this regard, I think it may be said that there are few, if any, combi- nations of capital which present a better opportunity for the abuse of combination than railway pooling.

The sample on August 28 was taken several days after the flood had been drained. Into the United States, for four years 16U. The amount of Ca per hectare in the floodwater during aid Analyses were performed within two days after extrac- tion.

Of the total shipments during the year50, bushels went by the great lakes. Ac Totals Grand totals Total Production. These data indicate that water movement into the profile was very slow and that through- out the period of flooding the wetting front did not join with the water table below.

This is the first reduction to make chMpei available to consumeis in Malaya. A full statement of receipts and shipments may be examined on page 41, showing the various railways over which received and ship- ped, and also showing the number received qkd shipped each month. Excess water from both continuous and intermittent frade was released through the weir. The market was more favorable in the spring than in the autumn. Comptroller of the City of Chicasro; B.


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The shipments duringaggregated , pounds; those during, pounds. A slit disk rotating at rpm intercepts the majority of the rain so that only specified amounts reach the plots. The occurrence of substantial cell-free peroxidases in natural soils has been documented Bartha and Bordeleau, Winter patents Winter straights Minnesota straights.

The growth of the flour trade of the United States with foreign countries may be understood from the following table, showing exports each year from to There were no special features to the market disclosed in the month of September, prices ranging from to Date Range Search within this date range: Hatch, Secretary of State of the State of Illinois, do certiiicate.

Fertilizers should be applied to dry soil rather than to skd water whenever possible to reduce the nutrient levels now attained in the return flow and to increase efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer.

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Concentration of Ca in ppm in impounded plots and in the canal water. Wheat, rye and barley, by car-load lots, in store, free on board cars or vessels, on track, delivered or to be shipped from any other point per bu.

The valves were checked and cleaned twice a week and the depth of.

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