I own the first season of “The Wire” and have watched the first three or four episodes. Still I definitely see Simon’s point. While I appreciate Simon’s desire to respect his audience’s intelligence and hope that they would get it, this was, again, the first hour of a series attempting a denser, more complex form of longform narrative than any drama that preceeded it, and one that, again, had to teach you how to watch it. And in the third major movement of the hour, Kima puts Bubbs to work at getting to know the crew they’re going after. Might be better to wait until seeing the whole season before listening to it. Season 3 Jon Hamm interview Mad Men: Because the show proceeds at such a measured pace, because it has so many characters and stories going, and because it so often refuses to play by the normal rules of TV storytelling, it took a while to really appreciate how great the show was.

A co-worker who had the commons sense to enjoy the Wire long before I did overheard my near constant raving and sent me this link. BUT, I felt so dumb when I was watching this. Because the show proceeds at such a measured pace, because it has so many characters and stories going, and because it so often refuses to play by the normal rules of TV storytelling, it took a while to really appreciate how great the show was. Grey’s Anatomy, “Piece of My Heart”: Its pretty cool reading comments from the newbies since I started watching what seems like a long time ago. But as a faithful reader of your Battlestar Galactica episode analysis, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to finally start watching the pilot. Bubbs is yet another character on the show who’s never quite what you expect him to be.

This would not be the last time Simon would ask Price to use a scene from that book in the show, and in this sepineall it improves on the original, where the incident was being described at a later date. And personally, I’m insulted when people think I need to be pandered, think I’m just a dumb lazy viewer.

Everything else in this country gets sold without shooting people behind it. One of the most frequent recurring features of hero narratives is the gathering of the team, whether it’s the Argonauts or the Magnificent Seven or the Justice League.

What I want in iOS 6. Several people pointed out to me that “It Takes Two” was the signature summer song in Simon’s “Homicide: I’m loving sepinwal writing and the complex, realistic plot. I truly appreciate the effort and investment of time which you put into this project. About About Corporate Privacy Terms. What a multi-layered bit of education that went down without the need for even a spoonful of sugar.


Breaking Bad finale, revisited Breaking Bad: What did everybody else think? Idris Elba is an extremely compelling screen presence and so far it appears that Stringer’s Avon’s consigliere just because Elba sucks all the oxygen from the room when he’s in it.

Daniels, loyal servant of Burrell though he may be, understands just as well as Jimmy how stupid this raid is, and he gives Jimmy opportunity after opportunity to bag on it without being so obviously insubordinate to Daniels, and Jimmy refuses. Same rules as established last week. His three cops have just done something completely FUBAR, and something that has terrible racial overtones, even with Carver present — note how he refers to the high-rise residents to Daniels — but what can Daniels do?

I feel stupid just listening to you Flight of the Conchords in concert review American Idol: Pretty scary, eh, kids?: All I can really say is that what seems somewhat simple even redundant at first does ripple out into much bigger waters.

A lazy metaphor for everything from strategy to power structure since whenever. Top 3 performances All TV: Top 4 elimination All TV: Back inI would say it took me at least three or four episodes to get even a tenuous grasp of who all these people are, what they’re about, to whom they owe their loyalty, etc.

This is far, far from the last time on this series that we’ll see one of the good guys do what is easy instead of what is right; that’s “The Wire. I’ve watched the first two episodes and I thought it funny how you said The Wire teaches you how to watch it cause my reaction after the pilot was one of indifference.

I was hoping they would reveal McNulty is actually half English, or some such.

Twitter Updates Twitter Updates follow me on Twitter. Posted by Alan Sepinwall at 7: Theresa – It’s probably best to avoid the commentary tracks altogether until you’ve watched all the seasons as there are spoilers littered liberally throughout, some middling and some major. Ditto D’Angelo, who gets to close the episode. Live Another Day revival in Even before he gets to discussing the season sequences, Andrew gives away some major plot developments from both this season and the future, so you may want to bookmark it for reading much later.

This actor is v good, but his American accent makes me crazy see: I’m late to the party, but oh, did this show get me at “Hello,” or more accurately, at “This America, man.

What’s Alan Watching?: The Wire, Season 1, Episode 2, “The Detail” (Newbies edition)

On one side is Burrell, who just wants this Barksdale mess to disappear and is setting Daniels up to fail by ensuring that he gets assigned all the aforementioned humps. We get our first semi-human look at the detail’s target when D’Angelo takes his son and baby mama, Donnette, to a neighborhood barbecue hosted by Avon. What did everybody else think?


Bubbs taught him well. But the acting is just terrible in some places.

‘The Wire’: Links for reviews to every episode

That seawon provides our first glimpse of one of our new players, Slim Charles played by Anwan Glovernew muscle brought in to help fortify the Barksdale crew, and the episode introduces or in one case reintroduces several other figures who will be key tne this season. I like the mundane approach, as it’s more true to life. The show reinforces my own cynicsm nicely, but I’m not learning much.

Some fans complained that the fifth season featured dialogue that was too didactic and on-the-nose.

Michael Giacchino and Bear McCrea There’s also the duo of Herc and Carver, Kima’s crude, knuckle-headed and knuckle-dragging Narcotics partners who enable Prez’s assault on the kid by deciding to go down to the high-rises in the first place while drunk at 2 in the morning.

Bunk cursing under his breath and threatening his corpse to not come back a murder, lest he get stuck with an unsolveable case. Not sure I’d have caught that; I love knowing that detail. Friends pay tribute to Tim Russert’s thunderous sp Anyway, sorry for hijacking the thread. As a surprisingly helpful witness by “Wire” standards explains, Snot Boogie played in the local craps game every week, and every week after a few rolls, Snot would grab all the money in the pot and try to make a run for it, and someone would chase him down and beat his ass and take the money back.

What did everybody else think? I’m half-tempted to keep a weekly tally of Dominic West’s most explicitly British line readings. I might try your suggestion and cram a few more into a marathon, because I definitely look forward to growing accustomed to this show’s cast and style. Doctor Who, “The Unicorn and the Wasp”: This is the former; scroll up for the Veterans edition if you want to freely discuss things to come.

Councilman Tommy Carcetti Aidan Gillen:

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