And those days in Kaduna, Zaria, Jos, on sets, smooshed five to a backseat in cars on the way to the next location, five ladies to a bed in hotels while one actress watches the Zombie Apocolypse on DSTV until 2am and another has long midnight calls, the times you sit around watching people saying their lines over and over again, the banter and the long conversations that happen behind the scenes, while waiting for the last scene to wrap. Hindu – An African Extra Vagrant. Zango on Facebook profile or this 4. Because of the crisis, we had to leave Kano to shoot the film. The character of Ibro took on a life of his own. According to some Kannywood fans and actors, Adam A.

Abbas Sadiq working the aisles. A cewarsa, tsunduma cikin harkokin siyasa da taurarin fina-finan suka yi wata alama ce da ke nuna cewa sun daina nade hannayensu wurin sha’anin shugabanci ko da ba za a ba su ko sisi ba. Adam Zango started as a Musician and gradually he triumph in to becoming one of northern best hip-Hop Hausa singer. Ali Nuhu and me on set Mutallab, August You can see more photographs at Kannywood Scene. According to some Kannywood fans and actors, Adam A. Zango is a popular Hausa actor who stems from Zango, Nigeria and appears in many Hausa films. I was still too shy to talk to him, as you can see from the below photo of me grinning like an idiot while Ibro eats in the background.

I liked the idea. But the director fulfilled his part of the bargain, and we had a brief minute interview. But mainly, right now, I want a working translation that I can feel confident working with as I write about the song. Update 24 November His acting in Hindu was one that has never been done in the history of the Kannywood. There was no script.

Adam A. Zango [ – Kannywood, Fina-finai, Hausa Movies, TV and Celebrities]

Kannywood Scene also lists a few awards that were not on the original list: Fever has come to my body, Fever so hot. And I realized he made people laugh in the midst of all of these horrors In October there was even a Ibro Likitan Ebola poster floating around on Twitterand that perhaps it is this laughter, these stories, these songs, these dreams of ordinary people in ordinary and extraordinary times, hauas are what help us. Ali Nuhu and me on set Mutallab, August Fever has come to my body.


That day, Ibro had somewhere else to be. I scroll through old albums. I said I would do it, if I could get an interview with Ibro. Wannan shafukan na waje ne kuma za su bude ne a wani shafin daban. He brawls and weeps and shouts and complains and dances on a million different screens. I recently received an invitation to the Kannywood Awardwhich begins at 8pm tomorrow, 23 November in Hsusa.

2019: ‘Yan wasan Kannywood za su iya sa Atiku ko Buhari cin zabe?

Sai dai Mika’ilu Gidigo ya ce duk da yake taurarin fina-finan Kannywood na iya sauya alakar masu zabe amma masu kada kuri’a za su fi,m mutumin da suke ganin yana da cika alkawari ne kawai. There are many posts I have wanted to write, but I put them off because there is always something else I am supposed to be doing.

Posted in African cinemaHausa filmKannywoodNigerian film. Mallam Muhsin Ibrahim, wani masani kan alkaaari Kannywood wanda kuma ke alkawxri da fina-finan a Jam’iar birnin Colonge na kasar Jamus, ya ce akwai yiwuwar jaruman Kannywood su yi tasiri kan masu kallonsu wajen zaben shugabanni saboda yanayin wayewa da sanin ‘yancin kai da ilimin Amurkawa daban yake da na ‘yan Najeriya.

Of course, the poetic language of the song makes it a bit more difficult to transcribe than ordinary language.

Misali, har zuwa ranar zabe, Beyonce ta fito fili ta goyi bayan dan jam’iyyar Democrat Beto O’Rourke a zaben majalisar dattawan jihar Texas – sai dai sanata mai-ci Ted Cruz ya kayar da shi. This fever has captured the lovers. We will keep laughing, even when, perhaps, we should be crying. But more than anything, it was community.

At least none that I was given. Ni ma ina kaunar Nafisa — Adam A. Eating on set of Ibro Ya Auri Baturiya.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Table of Contents Adam A. I had written throughout the last four years of my PhD programme, even through the defense. Although not quite hauxa at some point, Adam Zango barely call Ali Nuhu by his name because of his humility. The baturiya was just a symbol hauxa be played with and mocked—some of the funniest scenes were discussions of the baturiya, where I did not appear but which were made possible by my token appearance elsewhere: Adam Zango started as a Musician and gradually he triumph in to becoming one of northern best hip-Hop Hausa singer.


In Kano, there was a familiarity, in my own small community that spilled over to the alkawarii public once people began to recognize my face. The character played by Ibrahim Maishunku is named Salim in the film. I dislike taking pictures in conference settings under muddy lighting, and the flash on my camera is broken. Because of the crisis, we had to leave Kano to shoot the film. Nausa married with 2 kids.

Zazzabi ciwo mai kuna. Sickness of love, sickness of passion, Fever a sickness that burns. On set of Abbas Sadiq film, Jos, Ganin yadda ‘yan fim a Najeriya suka shiga harkokin siyasa ta hanyar nuna goyon baya kara ga ‘yan takara, ga alama za a zuba haus don ganin ko taurarin fina-finan Kannywood za su haua sauya akalar zabenmusamman idan aka yi la’akari da cewa takwarorinsu na Amurka, sun ji kunya, sakamakon yadda ‘yan takarar da suka mara wa baya suka gaza kai labari.

‘Yan wasan Kannywood za su iya sa Atiku ko Buhari cin zabe? – BBC News Hausa

I just tried to keep up. Alkaluman zaben tsakiyar wa’adin mulki da aka gudanar a Amurka a makon jiya sun suna cewa taurarin fina-finai da mawaka ba sa iya yin tasiri wurin ganin ‘yan takara sun ci zabe. Like any fan, I have watched dozens of his films—playing in the background on Africa Magic Hausa as I would write in my room or in the little kiosk where I bought yoghurt and bread when I lived in Kano. One of the brains alkawadi the award is filmmaker Hamisu Lamido Iyantama who suffered a great deal at the hands of the Kano State Censorship Board fromand whom I have blogged about a lot in the past.

Ga Fili Mai Doki. On set of Jidda, Kaduna, January

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