But at one point, Natsu collapses in Sodegahama and Haruko leaves to tend her. Haruko, Aramaki and Suzuka meet by chance at the sushi restaurant, but it is Suzuka’s threat to quit acting if Aki is not re-hired that saves her job. Aki is again fired and Haruko decides to start her own talent agency, “3J”. Masamune Kurokawa 6 episodes, She only lets her daughter go to Tokyo after hearing how much she admired her mother’s singing. Yoshie Adachi 1 episode,

Masayoshi Yoshida 9 episodes, Sansei Shiomi Retrieved 14 December Mizuguchi also finds Taneichi in Aki’s apartment and urges the couple to cool down. Wakaki hi no Masamune 1 episode, But things look up when she finally lands a starring role in a children’s program, which leads to a contract with a juku to appear in their ads. Haruko Amano 17 episodes, Nobuko Miyamoto Retrieved 14 February Natsu also visits Tokyo, revealing a past in which she herself was kind of an “idol”.

When her childhood friend Daikichi emails her with news that her mother has collapsed, she rushes back with her year-old daughter Aki in tow. Hiromi Amachhan episodes, Kasumi Yamaya Yui then finds out that Mizuguchi, a man from Tokyo seemingly residing in town to mine amberis really a talent scout. Suzuka, however, miraculously sings beautifully at the Ama Cafe.

With Suzuka’s help, Aki passes through one stage of the audition after another. Wakaki hi no Haruko 9 episodes, Yoshiyoshi Arakawa Ben Oda 9 episodes, Ai Hashimoto Haruko’s mother Natsu is fine.

Instead, Haruko goes to Tokyo. Asadora 1 April — 28 September But things look up when she episoed lands a starring role in a children’s program, which leads to a contract with a juku to appear in their ads. Hiromi Suzuka episodes, Haruko Amano 17 episodes, Sayuri Anbe 14 episodes, Teppei Koike But their relationship becomes strained when Aki finds out that Taneichi is going out with Yui.


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Wakaki hi no Daikichi 7 episodes, Toshinori Omi Yui holes up in her room and only emerges when Aki arranged for them to perform again at the Ama Cafe she and the other divers started. Yoshie Adachi 1 episode, Views Read Edit View history. Sakuraba episodes, Koichi Taneichi episodes, Aki’s father Masamune also comes to town hoping to get back together with his wife, but Haruko insists on a divorce. Japanese TV and Film. Aki runs into Taneichi, but finds out he has quit his job as a diver. Retrieved 14 February Haruko slaps her when she finds out she broke her promise, but Aki then declares she wants to become an idol, too.

Wakaki hi no Haruko 9 episodes, Retrieved 2 January Told by both Suzuka and Aramaki that she has no future, she returns to Kitasanriku depressed. Natsu also visits Tokyo, revealing a past in which she herself was kind of an “idol”.

Filming does not always go smoothly, but with Suzuka’s help, Aki is able fulfill her role. Yui Adachi 8 episodes, Daikichi Sugawara The concert is then followed by a marriage ceremony featuring three couples: She finds a town suffering: Masayoshi Yoshida 9 episodes, Sansei Shiomi Masamune Kurokawa 6 episodes, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It also won the Galaxy Award xmachan best television episodd of Tamotsu Sugawara 8 episodes, Masahiro Higashide Japan Council for Better Radio and Television.

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Takuma Mizuguchi 68 episodes, Mayu Matsuoka Haruko Amano left the small northern seaside town of Sodegahama 24 years ago and has not returned since. In the end, Aramaki, in part feeling guilt over what he did to Haruko, opts for the better actress over episoee own idol and selects Aki for the starring role. Retrieved 28 September Shiori Kurihara 6 episodes, Episodw becomes a local idolthen returns to Tokyo to try to become a real idol, and finally returns to Tohoku to help revitalize the area after the Great East Japan earthquake.


He says yes, and in front of only her and Mizuguchi, declares he will not let her succeed as an idol in his agency. When Yui’s older brother Hiroshi takes a job at the local tourism bureau and uploads videos of his sister on the town website, train otaku begin flooding the town.

This puts pressure on the two girls, on whose shoulders rest the hopes for the Kitasanriku Railroad’s survival. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Luckily, no one in Sodegahama is injured, but Yui suffers a shock from the tsunami damage.

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Their efforts largely succeed, but election day was bad epieode Aki: Natsu Amano 17 episodes, Tetta Sugimoto She tries to leave town with him but is stopped by Daikichi and the others. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus.

Success as an ama does not come easily: Retrieved from ” https:

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