Well, if you are attacking this level by trying to detonate the uppermost TNT via the chute from the far right, then it seems to make a big difference. I prefer to take out the front with the yellow bird and then smash the red bird into the horizontal wooden plank holding the bell, which unsettles the structure and tips over the stones into the TNT. All the best Andei p. Of course I do almost everything by gut since us cattle have rather extensive digestive systems. High Yellow Bird arc to crash through wood and one of the ropes holding piggie. No special trick really.

Used same, strategy , I like it to knock the squares of that tiny wall down the chute or just enter the chute directly or off a bounce. The best situation is to break that triangular piece and have yellow bird fall into the chute, and some other debris hit that stone pillar so it falls into the trench unimpeded. Hi — kathy everything is fine on my side hope you are doing well too. Not sure how, same 2 shots as always. Potential ONE Bird solution. Pretty forgiving one-bird strategy similar to those above: I will leave this level for a while at k until I see that one bird solution.

I guess I am not very lucky with the falling debris, yet I keep playing it. Used same, strategyBlat first tower with blue bird, drop pink bird on the fairy lights of the far complex. I have not had the lowest left pig die zngry a one birder yet. Yellow bird over top to triangle with small wheel on top, should knock it and fall and hit stone column at right, which will fall and hit TNT and take out right seaons.


ONE Bird solution, but lop bird high, to come down on large pig with stocking cap. Liam You are correct.

Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Walkthrough Winter Wonderham Level | AngryBirdsNest

Send wintfr bird in a steep arc to go through the hatted pig and through the vertical plank to its right. I only have k this way so far, though. With the first bird, you want to send it on a low trajectory so that it hits the small square, bounces, and then hits the wreath-containing block.

A word of advice on this one — be patient.

You have to get two things exactly right. Our 3-star walkthroughs for these levels are below.

This was how I did it, except I sent the red bird to the vertical stone block. Any ideas what did i do?

Pink bird high and long to just between stone peaks, should lift them to fall on pigs and present 3 Star — 85, I think Rovio might be trying to teach us patience, but this is the wrong crowd for that!

Managedthis way, potential for more. Obviously more is possible. Shoot the 2nd bird one block over the blue ornament. Beware of flying cow chips! Oops mumsie42 sorry,thought we were in the pub Lol! The One Bird solution I gave hits at the middle of the towers, so it takes out that secure little pig at the lower left. Very softly toss a Black bird onto the icy slope below, using its explosion to throw stones into the Egg. Hope all is well in your world.

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Level 1-13 Walkthrough

I usually restarted with less levvel 40k but was playing around with the 2nd shot a bit so I was flinging sexsons whatever my score was. Hey schattiphoto great score, been tracking your excellent progress bravo! Red bird high arc into top wooden triangle with stone wheel so it falls to the right and knocks stones into tnt.


So what does this mean? I played this level at least times yesterday until get score above k. And those two pieces can also block the stones from hitting the TNT.

Keep at it sunshine â€ĶI finally got the one birdie. Not sure if I mentioned how I shoot that yellow bird: My score is with two, and I would be more then happy to have a two bird with a little bit of a better score!! I finally hit K, but with two birds. For complete details on how to obtain each of the Golden Eggs and for lveel video walkthroughs just click on the respective image below to be taken to that page. I got my 1-birder this way also for angrg By the way, I got my 96k with only 37k after first bird.

Second shot just above blue wintr, triggered just after impact to pop the horizontal snow block at the base of the tower. My one birder to the middle took almost fifteen seconds for the collapse to truly start.

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