Movie and TV shows to see. Rome could never defeat Hannibal. Well, if Vin Diesel wants to star in it, it had better happen soon, before he also grows too old to play the part. Matthew, Vics,Avalon, Andrew, Alex glad you all like it, guys, I hope the movie will happen and not just remain Vin’s unfulfilled wish: Jaccstev August 12, at 5: He has been in pursuit of another very similar ideal elephant, but I don’t think anything as appeared yet. The Punic Wars” so has anyone seen it if so do let us know about the level of knowledge in it and how fictious is it

It’s cool how you talk about celebs and Hollywood stuff. Matthew, Vics,Avalon, Andrew, Alex glad you all like it, guys, I hope the movie will happen and not just remain Vin’s unfulfilled wish: Because of this, and judging by my cousin and a few other people who have played that game, he’s probably very smart and knows alot of the time period. Lynda Young August 13, at OK maybe good and nero shouldnt be use together Also you could watch The Fall of the Roman Empire which is pretty much the same storyline as gladiator. Yeah I figured that. Lately I have seen Kingdom of Heavens it was very nice one so is there any other if so do let me know. Search for ” Hannibal the Conqueror ” on Amazon.

I really can’t comment to much on the subject as I haven’t really studied the History or Geography extensively. The title of Caesar came first, and he was elevated to Augustus as the first “emperor” of Rome. Insane-should be a laugh anyway. Audible Download Audio Books. What do annnibale think? Web Wiz Viesel 9. Constantine the Great II. Reagan directed towards reporters at a White House press conference, mids.


If he hadn’t grossly misjudged the toll the Alps would take on his troops, Rome would have been completely destroyed and we’d all be speaking some derivation of Phoenician today.

La trilogia di Hannibal the Conqueror di Vin Diesel in lavorazione? – IMDb

Anonymous May 12, at Originally posted by Ikki Originally posted by machine Theres another movie called “druids”. Cheeseboy August 12, at Its not based around the Punic wars, but it involves romans, Poms and savage North men. Well, historically, Hannibal had a personal Elelphant called Curus Cyrus. And if we are talking Carthaginian epics, I wouldn’t mind watching some epic on their famous queens Dido or Salammbo, since I grew up reading books on these rulers: Feature adaptation of the popular TV series.

Really I have seen some of its promos as well and fell it’s a very good one so if any one has any link to it do provide. Jaccstev August 12, at 5: Lynda Young I also love me some epic: Cannae is good though.

Hannibal marched down the Italian peninsula, destroying as he went. Alan No, no, not Lecter, not a fan of that monster The only problem with Gladiator is the innacuracies with Marcus Aurelius and Commodus. Geof no one knows when and if fi,m manage to do this, he’s been planning it for a decade almost.

Rome could never defeat Hannibal. Well this meeting was exceptional. And there’s some chance that there may have been some mixing with local North African Berbers just google Berber pictures and you’ll see they look a fair bit like say Zinedine Zidane Andrew Green August 12, at 5: I have seen it Augustus Caesar also.


Cavanaugh August 12, at 7: It would be a wonderful, beautiful, thing to see a movie about hannibal.

Hannibal (disheƱvelout)

Anonymous August 13, at 7: Vin Diesel who had been a director before he became an action superstar has been developing this project for many years now, and few days ago he left an interesting and intriguing update about ” Hannibal The Conqueror ” at his Facebook profile which might suggest that the movie is finally moving forward. Matthew Rush August 12, at 3: I haven’t heard enough about this man to really know whether or not he’s good though I did find Riddick to be visually compelling.

HBO did a series called Rome. One of the memebers believe that all the blacks in North Africa were just sold off, killed, and replaced and thats his explanation for them not being in huge numbers there. Medeia we all love historicals: In there was a Italian film, “Scipione l’Africano”, dedicated to the final fase of the second Punic war battle of Zama: Search for ” Hannibal the Conqueror ” bin Amazon. But evryone knows that the maine actor of the antique civilisation in the south and east mediterean was african and not a light one but the dark one.

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