At least that had lolis, too. If not for the Lapis and Nacht banter it would have been stupid. The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Kyouya deciding not to transport Kiseki safely, and murdering her instead. I see what you mean about the Xs still being there. November 28, at Yeah I know Kasumi was working on the music but she What was wrong with having massive ones across her eyes? The heretics will burn.

What the actual fuck? You half-assed the world-building, the character development and the plot, and you decided to replace that with filler? That scene with an embarrassed Lapis is one example of the many cute Lapis scenes on offer in the light novels by the way, all of which were lost in the perilous journey to becoming an anime. Star Twinkle Precure Episode 4. Were you not entertained? This, really this, this summed up my whole opinion on things as a LN reader. Silver Link are such fucking faggots.

What was wrong with having massive ones across her eyes?

AntiMagic Academy 35th Test Platoon | Netflix

Sword Art Online Alicization Episode Vantage, have you had time to catch up with Asterisk at all? All of the foreshadowing is completely gone — Kyouya was supposed to have more ppatoon time in Volume 2, and appearances in Volume 3 and 4.

Why are they doing something meant to fill up spare time? I would abuse the whole studio, sadly. The anime opening did say they would meet in a new world right?

Zntimagic what was the purpose of doing it in the wrong order if there would be a waste of a beach episode either way? I see what you mean about the Xs still being there. All of them are wonderful side characters, faults and all or lack thereof.


AntiMagic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon” Episode 8: Two Alchemists

Kirin and Saya pairing up did feel slightly ad-hoc in the novels, especially as Saya was initially dead-set on going with Ayato and they had to keep the two lolis relevant somehow. November 27, at As for my appreciation, well, the first five lines of the LN that I read felt so much more powerful compared to the relevant scene in the anime.

Just show the Chairman giving him Nero in an after-credits scene, that alone should be enough to at least save some of this. Where you insert Spoiler Content Eg: Are you for real?!

Then the God Hunter fusion with Lapis, and hopefully a short fight against Kanaria. They bothered to have Kurogane ask Sougetsu for permission to use his Relic Eater too. Such a thirst for revenge.

Innocentius is a perfect Relic Eater for him, because it describes him perfectly — he sits casually in his office, playing everyone both inside and outside his school like plaroon on a chessboard while he sits back, relaxes and watches in amusement.

This is a one-cour show with no money left! It makes no sense rushing through all these volumes and have it all come to a screeching halt before Volume 5 and pad this shit out with a 35tg episode from the Short Story Volume that released this Monday.


Season 2 Episode 8: The heretics will burn. Come to think of it, the only radical thing they did right was to make Suginami Suzaku a loli. Are there even any inhabitable beaches left after the Witch-Hunt War? Hayato is nothing more than a secretary and personal assistant in this anime, instead of one of if not the most powerful characters in the series. Did you guys get dropped on the head as a child? His hospital platoonn is necessary to explain how and why he ends up as he does in Volume 5 — and when he anttimagic appear then, the stuff you learn antimagkc the previous volumes about him means you can immediately tell that something is very wrong, and shit is about to go down.

No-one is even watching this show any more except for the light novel readers and harem fans!

Golden Wind Episide When he leaves they show one of the Kiseki torture scenes how long she can tolerate a poison overdose before it kills her. Are you for real, Silver Link? November 28, at Silver Link are such fucking faggots. Kami no Puzzle 2 Episode

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