Every cast member is spot on. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. No i doubt that is true. Well, not excatly , maybe just And now next episode they switch! It make me laugh, it make me feel intrigued and sad at the same time. When she said she had felt pain there, I had always assumed it was her heart breaking or something because of a betrayal.

P August 29, at 9: Remember, this isn’t a guy who started murdering as a self-aware grown adult, he started out as a pawn, a very impressionable kid who likely had no idea what he was getting himself into. Me too, me too! He mocks her so-called beating heart at the sight of Joo-wal and says she sure picked up how to act like a person. Can you smell her? And I am loving all the mysteries at the moment.

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1 Recap

Thanks for the recaps: Eun Oh walks away and then turns to andd a group of ghosts begging for his help to avenge them. Also, the main reason why they give arang the chance is not to find the truth but to solve the mystery of losing soul during full moon.

This is soo Dead Like Me-ish! Also I think the head reaper is related to her as well in some way. And man was that mom scary. Mawiie August 29, at I used to think that it was loose and shapeless, eipsode I have changed my mind now. Or maybe clean her up. I was very desperate to know what happened in the 5th episode.

Arang and the Magistrate

I think she been killed but no answer yet how come her body still remain the same. But maybe his mother is the reason why all those things happened years ago, and they want to kill her because they know now that Arang is ‘sent from the heavens’ to solve this drramacrazy.


In Arang, he comes across as elegant, aristocratic, serious and acerbic.

It’s possibly the best usage of an over-botoxed actress in a role. Maybe epsiode why JW’s ring is lightning. Usually I check out at any bad guy conversations, but I like them.

She is too shrilly, indeed. I like this drama better than Faith. Yes, I love the colour coordination! GAH I soooo want more clues!!! There is more to the plan that the Jade Emperor hasn’t revealed yet. It’s brilliant and blowing my mind. Dol-swe, you have much to learn. Magistratee i doubt that is true. I also wonder if he has supernatural powers himself.

Nonetheless, thank you for the recap! He reaches out his hand to touch her face, and then pulls away and runs out. Tge you for the post. Arang And The Magistrate. Definitely liking that “hair pin” angle. Joon-gi never fails the viewers to attract in challenging new characters and always perfect.

AitM succeeds masterfully at this, while Faith does not. I started watching this show because of SMA, and I must say that she’s going a fantastic job as Arang. They have mentioned while talking together. MsB August 29, at 8: GF you know how to recap a ghost drama well lol. I also used to think that the hanbok was one of the most unflattering traditional costumes I ‘ve ever seen. For all we know she could be a thousand years old.


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He is not an evil mastermind, but very much to be pitied. She calls him golbi-danjimeaning roughly nothing-but-bones, and asks if he wants to return to that, which terrifies him. The mischievous spirit of the woman, Yoon Arang Shin Min Ahcomes back as a ghost determined to find out what happened to her.

Apart from her creepiness, her over-botoxed face was all I could focus on. Arang fan August 30, at 3: This is how you do creepy. I hope so lol. LOL about the doctor thing. How cute is that. The Bang Trio returns in good spirits, now that their days of being stuck between the magistrate and Lord Choi are over.

Eun Oh with blue colors and Arang with pink. I guess they will make him even more likeable in future episodes and it will be super sad in the end. Watch ‘ Arang and the Magistrate ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Sign In Sign Up.

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