Arang begins to remember certain memories from her past life that reveal answers to her questions. The entire kidnapping of a magistrate scene had me in tears. The Package This is a pre-produced drama. Create your Like Badge. They hunt with mystical ropes and canes, all of which do the same thing—suck in the ghosts, making them disappear. I guess thats why Lee Junki drop Faith its bec And to think I thought I could love no other character but Miho

I already love the chemistry and the relationship between Arang and Eun-oh, and I could pretty much watch the kings of heaven and hell play badook all day long. We also had to stop for planes passing by overhead, which happened rather frequently. I could do better than that shooting home video. That is so awesome! Saikou no Rikon new! Yes, he was so so handsome in Wolf and Dog. Great Teacher Onizuka jap completed eps. The man goes to Joo-wal to plead with the young master for help, and when the men move to beat him again, Joo-wal stops them.

Eun-oh squirms, wondering what is wrong with this ghost, while she just stares at his pretty face and smiles. The tragic mom backstory mostly made me cringe because the sequence felt shoehorned in and therefore really terribly acted—sudden melodrama dialed up to nine—whereas the everyday comical stuff is great.

After paying the actors and extras, I can see how costs could add up really quickly. Rooftop Prince completed eps. Arang sees her own dead body and challenges fate while searching for answers. Loved his face when Arang started undressing! Number 3 was a warrior who called her out… but dropped dead as soon as he saw bottom-half-only-Arang. Arang and Eunoh realize that the Jade Emperor must have a grand plan.


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Alice in Wonder City TaiDrama: Wow, that was a lot packed into one episode. Arang and the Magistrate Favorite. My Love Madame Butterfly Kdrama: Faith kor completed eps Because there are rumors about wwtch town, and about how every magistrate who goes there ends up dead….

Muyoung sneaks into Eunoh’s room and finds the hairpin and fan with the Jade Emperor’s emblem on it. Jung Joon Won Supporting Cast.

She pouts and sighs that she feels really wronged on that account. They have great chemistry, and the story is just so funny.

A giant net falls from the sky and the ghosts all scramble in terror. May Queen kor – completed eps. Arang and the Magistrate Special The Thousandth Man kor completed eps.

I love everything in this drama, every thing, the music background, the Red epic camera effect, the Gods who look so adorable each other, and mist of all the OTP! Lovely Fashion Lovely Fashion. magistrte

Vampire Prosecutor 2 kor completed eps. I was zrang at the staring scenes that are in the woods and then I was like I would’ve palpitated right then and there. After discovering the hidden basement, Eunoh suddenly finds himself face to face with the woman he thinks is his mother. I can’t wait to watch more of this!!

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Watch Arang and the Magistrate Episode 6. A drama about the careers and love lives of urban professionals. Jade takes one look at the board and plops his piece down I love that the badook board is water and Hades gasps in horror. Putting my hands in the air and yelling woooooo!


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I could do better than that shooting home video. Juwal realizes how foolish he was and feels remorse for not recognizing Arang sooner. The Top 12 Sageuk K-Dramas. Park Joon Gyu Supporting Cast. Big kor completed eps. They cower in fear, which is kind of awesome. Eun-oh realizes that qatch hair pin may be a clue to both his mother’s disappearance and Arang’s murder.

As Eunoh’s love for Arang seems to be growing, Arang tells him dramalozd to love her since she only has two full moons left till she must go back. Jin kor completed eps.

Why else would he be so interested in hearing the girls talk about the rotted moon and the young girl ghosties walking around among the living? Ha, King of Heaven got no game? So I’m not the only one who noticed, hehe. Great Teacher Onizuka completed eps.

She leaves in a huff. But Joo Won and JunKi are two of my favourite korean actors and there are only 4 on that list. Joowal is ordered to kill Eun-oh and bring his body to prevent it from being found as evidence.

She scoffs that the thirsty dig wells—that is the law too, and takes atang step back in defiance. Yoon Joo Sang Supporting Cast.

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