She asks him what he got to seeher in this condition and she pushes him and he catches her. She turns away now, immediately after the man who holds her heart tells her that he hates her. How can you stay silent like this? August 26, at 9: Arnav is restless in his room and he is getting flashback whenKhushi is ill-treated. Ek Jashn , and any new series that may or may not eventuate from it, will undoubtedly be canon. Mamma would have wanted this , Anjali says, and his features soften.

Manorama comes down there and tells her tostop crying and to get ready as guest must be on there way. Now she will do whatevershe wants. That, my friends, was very quick of Aakash. Garima is also acting likeconfused soul once she gets happy and next moment she keeps down thephone. She turns away now, immediately after the man who holds her heart tells her that he hates her. Are the formalities over? Arrange one wedding and get the other for free!

All because of you. Guest starts coming to the house andAnjali while climbing the stairs feels dizzy but Arnav holds her andtells her to to take care of herself and Anjali asks him what he ishiding from her. He hates himself so much more than he hates her. He hates what he has become. You may have cooked, but no one in this household will eat anything made by your hands, understand? Because I hate you in English this time. I will try my utmost best to highlight which views I had pre-EJ, and which have formed or changed post-EJ.

Your heart must have been at peace, seeing me orphaned again. There Khushi fights with her devi maiyyatoo. This one mistake changed my life overnight! He swallows and takes the box from his sister, nodding slightly.


Arnav brings his hands up to his face, eyes closed as struggles with the battle the Rakshas and Rajkumar wage inside him.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon – video dailymotion

Are the formalities over? August 26, at 9: I found I had a lot to say. I hate seeing you like this and I hate that I did this to you and I hate that I still love you.

He strides down the stairs to get closer as Mami leads his wife to the kitchen, and hovers where he can see and hear everything. Mami interrupts, admonishing Payal for not being ready yet for the ritual, before commenting on her tears. There Khushi and Arnav fight in typical husband and wife way but Iseriously loved there fight. Only he knows about Arnav throwing her out of his window. Because I once believed that you were capable of returning my love.

Mamma would have wanted thisAnjali says, and his features soften. What are you hiding from me now, Chhote? Do you want to know why?

I hate you, hate you! And now, only one thing stands in our way: Aakash makes an attempt at smoothing things over, but Manorama talks over him.

He takes her arms, the conflict raging inside him making him violent. Only he knows about the challenges.

He freezes when he sees his wife. I do absolutely intend to recap Ek Jashn as I am doing the main series. He saw his sister give the sari yesterday … has he simply not realised?

They sit together, with Mami babbling about how shocked the guests will be to find that they have kjushi new brides in the house – Khoon Bhari Taangand that Phati Sari for free.

Anjali tells Khushi to go and she will provide her with moohdekhayee clothes. Do you know, the smile on your features has always taught me to face every difficulty in life with a smile.


Mami in the morning is cribbing abt Khushi and Payal’s moohdikhayee. Arnav pushes her away. Her Chhote returns from a morning jog. When she was moving out she drops down the glass and Arnavshouts at her as if she is following him and she cant leave her alone.

Sections of this page. The Rajkumar believes that he deserves her anger and does her the dubious courtesy of allowing her to express it. Now she will do whatevershe wants. He fears that she was pretending all along.

Garima asks her if her mother-in-law’sbehaviour is fine.

She needs someone to talk to and her husband is one of the few options she has. This khudhi one of my favourite lines ever.

Because I hate you. Payal is looking at devi maiyya and she remembers Khushi and she hastears in her eyes and Akash comes there and she hugs him and tells himthat she cant be more upset with Khushi and he says that eplsode told her tobe more upset with Khushi.

Khushi there picks up the blanket and pillow and wal towards theoutside. Rani Sahiba … I only want you Khushi-ji.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

Find all the recaps here. Payal isabout to keep hand on Khushi’s shoulder Manorama comes down there andstarts taunting her. Garima is also acting likeconfused soul once she gets happy and next moment she keeps down thephone. What will we say?

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