Angey Aazam visits and scolds Rukayya and asks her to stop playing with her emotions. IA zarur chalti rahay gi baat cheet, yahan b aur fb pe b.. SZ, Thank you for replying to me on the other thread…as requested here is my two cents on Sannata…I loved it!! Bahaq-e-roz-e-visaal-e-dilbar, Ke daad mara gharib Khusro. Danish Taimoor did an adequate job, but I was never really able to warm up to his Azam. Notify me of new posts via email. Hopefully this next lot will have something more interesting. Ab I hope you will not disappear on us and will make time to join us here.

Whilw sannata was on , As a writer ive gone through conflicting phases of euphoria, extreme depression, joy n extreme sorrow… Throughout the play there were multiple reactions i received… It was a unique genre of storytelling so not everyone cud understand it… New kind of style go through phases of trial n error… So there must be parts of the story that cudnt reach as they shud hav… Like Like. Shauki finds Babban in city, but old and ill Babban refuses to identify himself to them. Salaams SZ, beautifully written review, your deeper exploration on Ruqqaiya and the responsibility of a baby put on her while she herself was young was profound. Saba Qamar was good, her voiceovers were fabulous. Yeah do watch it if u r tired of typical dramas.. R, yes, though her character made for a fascinating study, again I think that constant takrar about Pari was really annoying … yaar Ruqaiyya, kabhi kabhi andey tamatoron ka bhi hisaab pooch liya karo! LOL bali ki bakri!

Salaam hai aap ko ke aap ne sabar se dekha aur na sirf dekha balkey appreciate bhi kiya … Like Like.

Seems I missed out on a good serial. After arguments he marries Pari and Pari due to her disorder pretends to be Rukayya. Who was the dayan here? And of course thanks to Sannata met you and Atty and RJ so all good stuff! Talking about last episodde.

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The Muajza, the miracle. The presentation was sooo poor… I was like wth lagest. The director Kashif Nisar did a fabulous job in narrating this very complex and nuanced story.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here There are only few episodes that show Naseeban attracted to a soul that lives on a tree. To often we take character actors for granted, but here Tipu deserves a huge round of applause.

As for the ending. Salaams SZ, beautifully written review, your deeper xry on Ruqqaiya and the responsibility of a baby put on her while she herself was young was lahest. Otherwise it was very good drama Like Like. Under which situation she lived with babban. Band kirchiyon and bikhri hui khoobsurat guriya ki tarah haseen dayan… Woh meri Pari thi…!!

Also, does only Pari die or both Pari and Ruqqaiya because in the end of the episode, it shows Ruqqaiya suddenly waking up. Boht acha lga k sirf masail discuss nae kiye unho ne, balkay un k solutions pe b baat ki. As you can see from our comments and discussions we loved discussing these very complex characters and tried to understand the reasoning behind their actions. Sanhata used every harba under the belt!!.

I agree it was way too dragged out and too boring. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Honestly ap k warm welcome se jo apnaiyat mehsoos hoti hai, us ka jawab nae. So yeah, a huge thank you to you all! Neelam goes to Haveli to meet Apa Bi who is paralysed. You always epizode a good care of your fans n this make us to miss you jb koi review nhi ata.

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And no need to thank me at all… it was my pleasure. I felt Naseebans track was key because this sets the genre. Rukayya asks why is she saying so. In honour of the day I meet my beloved who has lured me so long, O Khusro! And sannzta, a round of applause for Saji Gul, the writer whose story invited so much discussion and opened up so many avenues of thoughts. Bht achi actress hai, ab modeling pe km concentrate karen tau acha ho Like Like.

Agr ap k review ki waja se koi ek b motivate ho gya tau achievement ho gi. Arrey wah aap ne iktney sciencey aur literary, donon andaz main co-dependence ka explanation diya hai. Aap to bilkul meri behen nikleen. I think ye writer aur sannata team ki bohat barhi kaam-yaabi hai…. I shall keep my heart suppressed if ever I get a chance to get to her trick.


Rukayya goes back to Haveli. Years sannxta by and young Rukayya gets mature at episofe very young age. For instance, this last narration that I have cited above. Yaar ab aap tau sharminda na karen …all you guys make this so much fun and your observations always make me look at things from another perspective and haan thank you for always bringing in that much needed dose of levity to all our heavy duty discussions… warna tau Sannata ka sannata kaafi heavy episose sa tha.

I think the get up person was a episove fail here, be it Haryali bibi or Naseeban. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Sajal has the same issues as far as make up and hair goes. Nadia Afgan wa s great as was Nargis Rasheed. He asks her friend Neelam to search for Pari. N provided us all the platform to interact…. No wonder her mom in law was so bezar with her — I would be too! I agree with FA about the connection to the main track and why it needed to be there, but the way it was dragged out had no impact on the eventual turnout, except to pad the episode count. Eposode required Address never made public. It has been suggested sannnata this article be split into multiple articles.

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Meanwhile in hospital Rukayya gets her heartbeats again and opens her eyes. Apa bi sahi kehti theen… Ruqqaya ka naam, Ruqqaya ki gurya, Ruqqaya ka d ulha, Ruqqaya ka hasad aur phir Ruqqaya ki maut bhi… Sab cheen liya Dayan ne….

Maine kuch pics dekhi.

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