The way most tutorials are written you are correct. Took long enough though…. Sometimes new branches are created, then you need to say precisely onto which branch to push, and you need to use git checkout to switch between branches. However, so many of our decision makers are so distant from the results of their decisions, and so removed from empirical truth, so distorted and disfigured by social and political pressures, that the quality of decisions in many organizations is simply execrable. Several projects are running happily without my intervention, I only participate in them for my real work, statistical consulting. GM makes three times the amount of cars that Renault makes, and I will make fun of my crappy Saturn any day. People who like to get shit done without the tooling getting in their way. A clever hacker decided to see if he could defeat the system by using SQL Injection….

Instead the better action would be trying to learn how git is used as git, why it works for the developers using it, and forming a conclusion afterwards. I suppose I am spoilt by this. I would argue everything from terminology to failsafe conditions could do with some renewed thought. Secondly the poor cli syntax: That could be annoying. Let it help you. As everyone else is say, yes this is old.

The example I showed is not what google does today it now also offers git for code hosting, see the group effectsbut why they chose to use Mercurial:. You will therefor end up with funny readings from time to time.

I find commits important. And smart error and warning messages, that respect the user. Git makes it easy to rewrite published history you can even do so remotely!

I agree it may seem like overkill if you have been treating your VCS as a glorified file server that you use for backing up work in progress. We also left a bunch of third party stuff in svn because it just made more sense to not have every version of every binary on every clone of the git repo. As for not reverse engineering the protocol, I know everyone hates that but we were trying to protect what little business model we had.


The Linux and Gnu communities deal a particularly unfortunate, and highly influential attitude towards how people should use and develop software — yerman not everyone subscribes to it. And lief only way to avoid them is not using the tool directly, but using some program which uses the tool. Versions are linear, with the odd merge. Due to asxf I think that promoting git over equally powerful but easier to use solutions is a problem for making free DVCS systems become the de-facto standard — with the goal of replacing all unfree moviee tools from VSS over Clearcase to TimeMachine.

For a company to keep a central repo of their expensive IP, requires someone to mpvie it so no idiot can rebase the history into oblivion. That is probably one of developers worst nightmare. Oh, right, you give write access to everyone? But it is a massive improvement over SVN, especially for distributed open source development.

But I think that these are already far too many commands. I wrote some of my reasons and wishes herein our previous discussion here: It has been two years when I moved my colleagues onto git and github.

All the others have safe defaults. Or, if you can prefer, you can make all your changes in the same branch and then pull that into master, this might be good if you are using github. UI is waaayyy too hard.

Especially with larger teams changing the work flow is a very big deal. Thanks for voicing these concerns, and I believe git is slowly moving toward being more user friendly.

SQL Injection Fools Speed Traps and Clears Your Record

You could have a look asrf Mercurial. Comparing Subversion to git is like comparing a single-speed bicycle to a Jeep Wrangler or notepad to Microsoft Word. But git makes it pretty hard for normal developers to harness the power of the model while Mercurial makes it really easy, giving all the safety and convenience without the pain of git.

There is Linus and there are his lieutenants. Even using eGit in Eclipse is still complicated. Not to mention that this is an invalid argument. Git gives up Someone on hacker news summed this up: Suddenly you have two versions of mostly the same changes floating around, which everyone has to join by hand and change all the code they based upon that.


Ubuntu – Paquets logiciels dans « bionic »

When using a DVCS and getting used to even the basics, going backwards is like 1–13 a trip back to the stone age. SQL prepare statements move work if the programmer was wise enough to use them. Was bash a walk in the park? The very defensive counter arguments from self proclaimed powerusers, is very shaky. The traffic camera photo was taken in either the morning or evening and is too grainy to make out whether or not the suspect adf is a Q or not.

I doubt any programmer would be dumb enough to not do any type of variable validation before running an SQL command. Being able to show a diff between your commands and those I consider mostly sane. Honestly, I rexl not read very single word of your post.

So the really interesting question is, why is Git so popular, when there is an equivalent but better alternative? I work a lot with check image processing similar to mobile deposit on your phone and when images are captured by a camera, the first thing done is finding the object you are trying to read.

10 things I hate about Git | Steve Bennett blogs

Crappy documentation I agree that the man pages do not lifs sense to a new user. The only thing which bugs me a little bit is merge commits in history. I experienced that first hand a few times:

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