Even their wikipedia entry says their website isn’t working. Please dont forget to share as many ppl are waiting in case you get one. Please let me know if you get some info on this! I had watched Azaadi Ki Or back in when in class 3 when our class was taken out to the theater to watch it. Friday, September 26, Updated on I’d also love to watch this movie.

Tips and many more but they could not get this movie so far from original source.. Search for ” Azaadi Ki Ore ” on Amazon. It was so engaging. Will surely share any info about the film when I find it. It appears that there is not much info available on this children’s movie. Prem , that’s an idea to pursue for sure. There were so many instances during the movie where I remember literally bursting into tears just looking at helpless animals were going through just for their survival.

Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. Do you have a blog of yours? Will share with movi in case I find any info. Yes, even i had seen this movie and surprisingly if i were to write a blog on it today – it would be same as yours.

Azadi Ki Ore 1986 Rare Film For Kids Gauri Shankar Monkey Movie Best Sound Download

And it is so overwhelming to read all the other comments and to see such a following! I am also writing via snail mail to Mr. May be someone will read your comment and share about it.


Please, please if somebody knows how I can get this movie let me know. Patelwill do, thanks. AnonymousI think both the comments are from the same person? May be it’s about time I contacted him again.

She says “mein Shankar ki hoon aur Shankar ki hi rahungi” Anonymoushi there. Search for ” Azaadi Ki Jovie ” on Amazon. We had looked in the morning newspaper to see whether the movie that evening would be fill interesting. Please don’t give up, we will surely find this great film and I am positive it will be soon.

I truly am a fan of this movie – i still remember Shankar and Gauri and would love to have a copy of the movie too.

Ashishthanks for your comment. I’m waiting for the day I see an email from them telling me where I can send the money so they can send me a DVD of this film. Like they say, things we observe as a child remain with us forever. ,i producer can make big money and if he isn’t interested in making money, he can donate it to a charity somewhere.

Dear Kanan, I think better to contact Mr.


Too bad I can’t figure out who they are. My parents had it video taped from DD.

Azadi Ki Ore 1986 Rare Film Download

There’s been some very creative work done by many masterminds back then. Brings back good old memories. Many thanks for trying at your local video places. Will definitely contact you when we get hold of the movie.

Dear Friends i request to you all please do the job and bring this full movie back I am also thankful to this blogger.

Gone Krazy Back Soon: Azaadi ki Aor (Towards Freedom)

Thanks for stopping by. Btw, thank you for sharing the links to the sites with other Doordarshan goodies. I need this film. I was looking for this same movie. Thank you for nonkey with National Film Archives. Back then, on DoorDarshanthey used to show a Hindi movie every Saturday at 5: Ishkthat must be a great feeling to finally be able to find the name of a movie you watcy.

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