Garden Secrets – Hidden Letters. It was the big lull before the storm. Preparing for an early night. Dit is mijn dag! Would you hit it? Om over de liedjes maar te zwijgen. Love, you are so egocentric you only think about self-love and you Hope, you left Life in the lurch many years ago.

Help Win My Bet. Hou jij van vrouwen? Er lopen weer kevers over hem heen. Wie houdt niet van de Tomaat , of Solanum Lycopersicum. War and Peace never stopped quarrelling and Flora and Fauna were ruined by the ignorance of all the others. Framat 10 oktober

Money and Barter and Give and Take worked in the Treasury.

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Het kruis onder de harde waterstraal kon even weken, terwijl zij begon te boenen op een van haar schorten. People go home to have their supper and prepare themselves for the dance later in the night.

Zand happen Auto schoonmaken Vaffanculo! Buiten spelen, vliegen vangen hoog in de lucht, en weer terug naar huis. Show them to me!

Die braken af en bleven geknakt op de grond liggen. De rest van het jaar trouwens ook nauwelijks. Tuesday, December 21st 1st Newsletter July Nederlandse versie – zie onderaan de engelse tekst We are launching a newsletter!


Verken je nieuwe buurt. Sunday Night Sex Show. They are called barbei vegetables and grow abundantly in our garden, we do eat them with pleasure.

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RoRoo 9 mei He was delighted and felt proud. I’ve forgotten who he was, Wisdom or War. En ook dit jaar zijn we weer verbaasd dat we toen niet logen. Saturday, May 21st De oude eik name of author: De gasten hieven zojuist opnieuw het glas. Wat niet opgaat wordt gedroogd als wintervoorraad.

Cups and balls trick. Er groeien weer paddestoelen op z’n bast. Better shower once in two days, briefly. It is not hard to imagine how, in former days, women were standing next to each other bending over scrubbing their linen. Walking through the streets around noon is like watching a third rate movie, over exposed and without any figurants.

I enjoyed my days of solemnness immensely, although I could not ignore the blisters on my feet and the weal on my shoulders.

Handenvol basilicum gaan in de soep, de pesto en het yoghurtijs. Arafat and Milosovitsj are on the stairs now, both waving with their familiar arrogance.


Although I did catch up with my condition, I felt my calves with every step. Leuk om te weten.

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They have to see that we are dead serious, that we are fit and able to rule the World, with one God, one Faith and one Community of Love. Op z’n Russisch Skatboard-truc!

The next course will be announced. Author Write something about yourself. Separate from the rest of the enclosure, the “Alcazaba” or Moorish fortress had its own entrance, which is closed today because of later barbbie. I still wonder if I have been dreaming.

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I was alone and wondered if I would survive. Earth nodded approvingly, her arms resting on her bulging belly, ‘Yes, if Brdelaar won’t learn, she’ll die. De wilde aubergine lijkt namelijk op een kippenei.

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