Her father-in-law feels terrible about her situation. Feeling sorry for Geum-soon, Jeong-shim takes good care of her. Prev 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Next Page 12 of Romance , Drama , Family Rating: After a lot of episodes I start to feel the growing in the relationship between Geum Soon and Jae Hee, and in that moment I start to like the show. Posted March 28,

Jae-hee is excited to get a digital camera for Geum-soon. On the one hand, there were the large-scale dramas starring big names that were clearly produced with an eye on Asian markets that showed themselves receptive to the Korean wave. Before getting back to work, she goes to the beauty shop to see everyone. Geum-soon goes to Dr. Be Strong Geum Soon Episode 84 0. Shi-wan and Seong-ran come back from their honeymoon. When Jae-hee comes home, he finds Mi-ja furious. Just then, Young-ok walks into Dr.

She’s always quiet and does what she’s supposed to do.

Be Strong, Geum-soon (): ratings and release dates for each episode

He’s he sure if it’s out of pity or love, but he cares for Geum-Soon. She apologizes just to make her feel better. Tae-wan who was still wandering in front of the house happens to hear them speaking ill of him. Be Strong Geum Soon Episode 82 0. Be Strong Geum Soon Episode 43 0. When she thinks stronv her husband going to jail, she needs Dr.

Later, he falls for Eun-Ju who is the manager of the beauty shop where Geum-Soon is working. Mi-ja seems to make up her mind on something.

When Geum-soon washes his hair, Tae-wan feels awkward.

Be Strong Geum Soon Episode 115

Be Strong Geum Soon Episode 61 0. Kang had reportedly sent a contents-certified letter last month to Jambo, asking to be freed from his contract to which he is legally bound till August this year. Noh at his office. Be Strong Geum Soon Episode 35 0. Top Actors Add New Person.


Its really unbelivable the fact tha GS love them so much, after all that abuse in my opinion all the good things they do for her were just a little decency, after all she do for them. Her grandmother has epidode hunch that something bad is going to happen.

Geum-ah has a crush on Tae-wan. Be Strong Geum Soon Episode 77 0.

Meanwhile, Eun-ju is in a hurry to leave the beauty shop when she hears that Young-ok has become unconscious again.

She was raised by her grandmother. Young-ok comes into the room lying on her bed. However, he feels relieved and happy when he sees her doing well. Jang and the kidney transplant. Jeong-shim takes him to the hospital. Shi-wan feels uncomfortable between his wife and his family. She asks about the woman Jae-hee has in his mind. Confessing her feelings toward Jae-hee, Eun-ju apologizes to Young-ok for having said hurtful things to her. A press release from his agency S-Plus Entertainment announced that Kang flew to Japan last week to begin promoting the SBS drama ” Coffee House “, set to air in the country at the end of October, in Nagoya over the weekend, I watched this series 3x.

Tickets to the upco, Jae-hee waits for her in front of her house. He asks her not to even consider it. To make her grandmother feel better, Geum-soon goes to meet her. Noh and Jeong-shim have a huge argument. She feels humiliated when Jae-hee asks her to stop coming to his hospital. She feels terribly depressed. Young-ok gives her a bankbook asking to use the money for Geum-soon.


When Jeong-shim has her ankle cast removed, Geum-soon buys a pair of tennis shoes for her. Hye-mi is surprised to see Geum-soon again at the shop. However, feeling hurt by Geum-soon, Jeong-shim just gives her the cold shoulder. I cried a lot in episodes the break up scene and up to now I can get over that scene.

He wants to know if Tae-wan is her boyfriend.

Noh and Jeong-shim are thrilled about the news. Be Strong Geum Soon Episode 11 0. Meanwhile, Geum-ah and Tae-wan happen to be on the TV news when they walk together completely drunk. Noh and Jeong-shim are happy to peisode the elegant and sophisticated parents of Seong-ran.

Suddenly, an idea comes into her mind. Jae-hee calls Geum-soon while she enjoys dinner with her family. Be Strong Geum Soon Episode 7 0.

By sugarplum Started December 26, Posted August 11, However, Tae-wan calls and tells Geum-soon that he will come stronng pick her up.

Jang and finds out about the relationship between Geum-soon and Young-ok. Be Strong Geum Soon Episode 96 0.

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