This film recounts the ill fated lives of Kripa Sindhu and Sita. Ayan, an ad director, visits a palace-like house for shooting his new ad. A visit to Golaap Colony in search of a prime suspect leads truth-seeker Byomkesh to many secrets, which were uncalled for. Super Star Movies. Hotstar Comedy Fantasy Movies. Christmas in Kolkata gets celebrated by people from various spheres of life, who all are connected by a common thread of karma. Hotstar Bengali Free Movies.

Chitra feels her husband Gagan is unsocial unlike her. Skip to main content. Comedy Horror Free Movies. Hotstar Free Movies. What happens when she fails to return home from work one night? Will this lifetime unite them? When Shaon had lost all hopes from her marriage with Antor, fate decided to rewrite their story, quite unpredictably. Super Star Comedy Fantasy Movies.

Reckless Shamyo gets in an unavoidable situation, when his random selfies with Uma during their train journey goes viral.

Bhooter Bhabishyat () Bengali in HD – Einthusan

This adventure thriller traces the journey of Kaka Babu and his nephew to Egypt, to unearth the mystery of the pyramids. Byomkesh reaches a coalmine for investigation, to find an account of sinful events, waiting to be served to them. Manoj is in need of money. Hits of Bhloter Chakraborty. The story portrays the journey of Zulfiqar Ahmed, who is murdered by his closest friends, to fulfil their own sinister motives.


After finding his students have committed a brutal crime, will an aged teacher compromise with the judicial system or speak up? Will he succeed in his mission? Chirodini Tumi Je Amar mins Romance. bhabiwhyat

Hotstar Comedy Free Movies. Can she cope up with the culture shock that welcomes her in the city?

Being a look-a-like of the king of Jhind, Gauri Shankar pretends to be the royalty, while the real king goes missing. Will love overcome the obstacles? Four directors team up with their ideas to turn them into a movie of four short stories with ‘Death’ being the main theme.

How will they bhabiehyat up after being banished from their town? Bhootwr family where everyone is at loggerheads with the other welcome Dhananjoy as a household help, not knowing his real identity.

Byomkesh Gowtro mins Detective. A simple yet unique Mrinal Sen film, Interview is about a man who wants a Western suit for an interview but returns to his roots by choosing ethnic wear. Abir defies him and challenges to win over his love.

The love-story of Tapash and Rina whose sentiments ultimately wins over all odds to ensure these true lovers live happily ever after. A precious emerald gets stolen from a temple that leads to a series of parallel investigations finally unmasking the culprit.

Siddhu has a sad past who falls in love with Pooja, whose father is unhappy with Siddhu’s past. Investigative journalist Shivangi reaches Kurseong in search of a missing girl, with a cellphone as a keeper of untold secrets. Be a inline of their journey. Narsingh tries to reinvent onlone life by visiting his native place, but gets embroiled in illegal affairs. Super Star Horror Free Movies. A saga in the times of man made misfortune depicts the tale of a village life, hit by the thunder of a social disaster.


Three different stories blended in a single movie, are brewed and connected by the exemplary Bengali beverage, Chaa Tea. Was their marriage just a compromise? How will they convince their kins? Skip to main content. Srikanta meets Pyaribai who is his childhood love Rajlakhsmi. Things complicate when a commoner challenges him.

Chitra feels her husband Gagan is unsocial unlike her. Super Star Comedy Fantasy Movies.

Bhooter Bhabishyat

An unusual love story blossoms between a rich industrialist and a poor girl, only to face the threats of destiny. How will they get along? Boxtv Fantasy Free Movies. Super Star Comedy Horror Movies. Deb Roy Dialogue writer. Byomkesh overcomes every obstacle while searching for the truth behind the murder of a rich businessman and his bodyguard. ComedyFantasyBhhabishyat.

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