Will have been removed from the possible returnee list. June 26, 8: The black guy will be one of my favs as well. And ohh my goodness….. Murphy Callanan July 16, at 5: Glad my favorites Helen and Amanda are safe!

Im losing my mind. Alyssa July 18, at 2: At one time in the HOH room Germ was washing his face in the bathroom and Kaitlin told him not to wipe his face on the hand towel because they all use it to wipe their hands, face, and mouths after brushing their teeth. But, GinaMarie, less is more! The black guy will be one of my favs as well. Big Brother 15 – Episode 24 by Quirkydude.

Please let that conceited bitch get nominated. Justified July 17, at A good copy will be posted sometime tomorrow. And though production may alter who this is, the fact brothre it is all in secret is awesome.

Skip to toolbar About WordPress. Every feed sale helps this site out! Helen and Judd are floaters, the MVP twist might limit floating to a certain degree, but it will still happen. He is no frank, that is more of a diss to frank than a compliment to him.

She came off as arrogant and obnoxious, yet after meeting some real bitchy girls, Jessie actually seems pretty sweet and nice. CommitMe July 16, at 9: I qujrkydude McCrae, but my main concern is him getting sucked into an alliance with the alpha males, he would be at the bottom if that happen.


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Anyway, I came home, popped on the feeds, and it appears the house is also having one of those days. The things I do for bi daughter! Jeremy is the second to jump and wins the Ticket. I think me and you will work well together. This sucks so bad! Big Brother 15 – Episode 21 by Quirkydude. They both have WAY too much makeup now!

How do you peps already remember their names?

Big Brother 15 – Episode 30 by Quirkydude. Rob July 16, at 9: Big Brother 15 – Episode 20 by Quirkydude. Bug sounds like Spencer did well and Andy came out with a slight black eye. I hope to have it posted by Midnight Eastern time. Back to Andy, still bored, still not talking. It was supposed to be held today but GinaMarie postponed the event until Friday?

Big Brother 15 Episode 1 Pizza Boy Delivers and the Never Not Pass

It could go either way. On another note, quuirkydude the MVP nom wins veto. Ok Kaitlyn looks just like an actress. June 26, Are you the publisher? Then they quickly change to another camera. The other houseguests obviously underestimated him. Sambella July 16, at Im guessing the DR crew probably asked Jesse who she thought epislde the prettist HG was …but I am curious to see what her real personality is like on the feeds.


Thanks for supporting Big Brother Archives. How about targeting the people that have been a quirkydued to live with before going after a decent human being.

Anyway, what else can we talk about… ohhh, feed switch…. Episodd July 17, at 5: Signed up for the live feeds. Big Brother 15 Feeds are ON!

Kate July 18, at 8: Big Brother 15 – Episode Aaryn and Kaitlin are already quite educated, as to makeup. Probably not going to help for the live feed sales, but I will let you know when the feeds are worth turning on. Tags Big Brother 15 big brother 15 spoilers. Who replaces him or her? Kate July 16, at 4: Funny how she swallows everything Jeremy tells her hook, line and sinker but continues her super grudge against Howard.

I also heard the HG talking about wondering what happens if a HG has to go to the hospital….

Big Brother 15 Episode 1 “Pizza Boy Delivers”

Big Brother 15 – Episode 23 by Quirkydude. Big Brother 15 – Episode 18 by Quirkydude. Peggi July 16, at

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