Go down into it. Zelda will greet you and give you a magical ring to keep. She’s looking for a Ribbon. It smells like medicine From Zelda Wiki, the Zelda encyclopedia. Take them down and more to the small square of land to the west, under the high cliff. Dispose of the rock, and then move the lower stone to the left. Go up the stairs, then follow the path all the way to the left.

You’ll have to move the long, blue weights again to get through. Climb the stairs to your right. You can also now get the fifth Piece of Heart in the game, which is located in the Woods of Winter. Then hop on it and spring into the room above. Blaino is characterized by his boxing gloves and his fitting boxing-style he uses to fight Link in both his appearances. Continue up along the coast, then turn right to find the floodgate keeper’s house. You no longer need Moosh, but you can take him along if you wish. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

Moosh will thank you for getting rid of those pesky Moblins. Move them aside with the Bracelet and head north.

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Thankfully, the key is much closer than you think. Continue heading south as far as you can go until you run into a huge snowdrift in front of you. Now go back down through the blocks where you killed the Pols Voice and focus on the left side of this block configuration. This will give you access to the stairs. If Link tries to blanio Ricky into Sunken CityRicky will remark that the flooded city smells like medicine, which he cannot stand, [9] and will leave Link.

Smite them to bring down a chest, which contains a pack of Bombs.

Turtle Rock Link’s Awakening. Swing the Rod twice to change the season to summer.

Ricky’s Gloves

Zelda will greet you and give you a magical ring to keep. Ricky at Holodrum Plain. You’re back in the mini-boss room. Ricky will easily leap up the giant cliff ahead. Use the Floodgate Key on it and the area will fill with seasojs. On the left wall, use the Bracelet to move the rocks, then continue around to the staircase. Climb up and out to orxcle yourself on the top half of the Spiny Beetle hallway.


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Kill them and move east through a pair of rooms until you reach an area with a diagonal arrangement of blocks. Break the top one, then push the lower one three spaces to the left, one space down and one space to the left. Link can use Ricky’s Flute to call him, though this will not work everywhere. To access it, you’ll need to drop down the small pit to the south. Views View View source History. Eating a Pegasus Seed will allow you to dash and run quickly for several seconds before they wear off.

By returning the gloves to Ricky, he then helps Link reach Tingle, and leaves after this. Once there, use the Flute to call Ricky, and hop up on top of the cliff. Go trade with her, then get back in Ricky’s pouch and go north from her house.

The Water Tektites are easily the more annoying of the enemies though probably the less treacherous ones.

Search the chest for a Compass, then drop back down the hole. Since he can leap holes in a single bound, take him to the south and cross the line of rough ground there. Simply head south from there, and then Horon Village will be just to the blajno. In the place of the Ribbon will be a Bigger Bomb Bag. Retrieved from ” https: Despite having a pouch—which is characteristic of female kangaroos—Ricky is referred to as a male in the Vlaino American and European English manuals.

This page was last edited on 18 Februaryseasoms This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. Flick it with your sword, and it will cause water both inside and outside to drain away.


Views View View source Blzino. Then make your way up to the pit in the corner. Push it one more space down, then all the way over to the floor switch. There is a huge blade on patrol here, so dodge it by moving down around the vertical column of blocks.

The baby moths can be taken down with a swat from your Sword. A blade whips around a central patch of good ground, the floor is moving in all different directions and there are Arm Mimics everywhere.

Beware as there are Pincers hiding amongst the autumn leaves. Help us with its coverage!

Link’s Awakening Oracle of Seasons. In the next room, Link can obtain the Magic Rod if he has found the hidden room with a switch and activated it previously to knock down the barrier in front of seaskns Magic Rod’s Treasure Chest. And when the Rings run out, there are Ember Seeds in their place. Move up the path and position yourself next to the fourth block down from the top. The gloves belong to Rickywho lost to Blaino in a boxing match, consequently losing his gloves to the boxing champion.

Use these bad boys to attract certain kinds of monsters. If Link does not own any of the other Strange Flutesthen Ricky will decide to join Link and gives him his flute. Use Ricky’s tornado attack press and hold A, then release to get rid of the plants, then hop over the holes and continue to the south.

Ricky’s Gloves 30 Rupees Net gain of 10 or Male [1] [note 1]. Help us with its coverage! Visit them if you wish; then leave Horon Village by blino out the northern entrance. Will you bet Rupees?

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