Kluke and Bouquet argue where to go next when Zola tells them that they have to refuel the Mechat. As Bouquet enters the area with the Hippopotamus statue in it, the others fight Nene who brings out Chimera. They even managed to detect Bouquet’s invisibility as they advance toward the ruins. Shu heads out to the wetlands at the edge of Logic. Meanwhile, Delphinium and Matilda engage each other in battle which ends with Matilda having Zephyrus teleport her away from Delphinium and Deathroy. Bouquet brings out her Hippopotamus shadow to turn into a ball.

Zola tells Jiro that he is opening his weak spots while he attempts to power up. Rosekstan’s forces still try to breach the wall as Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi arrive at the nearest village. Takakuwa, Hajime Sound Director. Gilliam receives word from Delphinium that the Gran Kingdom strategic refueling base was attacked and heads over to that area. Rosekstan begins their attack on Rudolph’s war machine. They are attacked by Dolsk, a red-haired shadow user sent by Nene.

Shu has some trouble when Tonto steals tomatoes, potatoes, and apples from three local farmers and Shu had to pay for those. They managed to make a hasty retreat to the surface. Donna and Reina then perform while sucking the life out of some of the townspeople. Noi places the artifact in the area and it unveiling a shuttle called Mast Driver and its pyramid-like platform.

Shu ends up going into overdrive which starts to make the grounds unstable, but lets himself get beat due to the pleas of Tdnkai, Bouquet, and Marumaro. PV English dub version. Meanwhile, Bouquet and Marumaro have met up with Kluke at the area where Primella’s vision of her took place.

Blue Dragon Lists of anime episodes. While traveling to the Sealed Grounds, Zola explains that the Sealed Grounds are a set of ruins relating to the Soldiers of Light as Andropov spies on them. All three find themselves prey to a Rosekstan fleet. Attempting to settle his debt by saving Heliut, Legolas sends Shu’s party to demolish the pyramid after speaking to Mayor Heliut the IV.


Episode 2 Blue Dragon Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu vostfr Noi

While the kids are napping, Kluke tells Noi on how she was treating the injured following a great battle and that one of the injured was Andropov. Daner shows Noi an artifact that Conrad’s group had found. Besides stating that he is looking for Kluke, Shu tells Andropov about what happened to Albarose and that General Logi’s whereabouts are epixode. This does not fare drzgon with the villagers, who flee into their houses.

She tries to repay his kindness, but keeps messing things up.

Blue Dragon Tenkai No Shichi Ryuu Episode 8 part 1

Conrad takes his soldiers to head to the west side to gather others that will fight Gran Kingdom. When the town wanted more of the dish, the town was thrown into chaos. But a red dragon appears and decimates the Rosekstan forces. The anime was originally scheduled to run for 51 episodes, but was extended into a dragn season. Marumaro and Saber Tiger managed to get through every trap and barrier to gain a new power.

Bouquet and Hippopotamus try to on the riddle of the 5th page. Shu and Andropov get into an argument which is broken up by Bouquet.

List of Blue Dragon episodes – Wikipedia

Shu and Blue Dragon are sent to the nearest town to find a blacksmith to make a replacement part for the Mechat and also to get supplies. Rudolph’s presence starts to become known at the battle as he uses his city’s defenses to fire a powerful laser which petrifies Mikhail and rises a giant wall that does the same to some of the gyuu on both sides causing them to retreat.

When Marumaro wants to fulfill the prophecy of the original Saber Tiger wielder, he has Saber Tiger remove the guardian statues from the top of the other Devees’ houses causing the other Devees to get angry and chase them.


Jiro and Zola fight Todd and Bishop. While underwater, Shu notices a green plant and they head toward it while evading giant killer fish. AdventureComedyFantasySupernatural.

When in another dimension, Rudolph unleashes winged creatures upon Shu causing him to unleash Blue Dragon. Rosekstan’s forces still try to breach the wall as Shu, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi arrive at the nearest village. I’m falling asleep”, and then run off with Kluke in pursuit.

Episode 2 Blue Dragon Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu vostfr Noi РVid̩o dailymotion

Shu led a supply raid on a Rosekstan airship, then uses a blue version of the Black Shadow Type-Four to fly Bouquet to the crater. Using a Darkness Defense Medallion on them while the airship provides cover, General Logi leads the other Shadow Wielders off the airship to the rnglish below. Dtagon Popularity Members 10, The mysterious woman before now known to be named Lotarus is shown to be one of seven shadowy dragon from the castle in the sky.

Blue dragon to be hero episode 45 eng dub hq flash r season 2 5 english dubbed part 1 duration 14 53 this images belong to owner blue dragon tenkai no shichi ryuu episode 36 english blue dragon tenkai no shichi ryuu 09 dan episode 46 castle azure 22 27 blue dragon episode english. Delphinium withdraws her shadow as Deathroy uses her to unleash Chimera.

The other shadows are unleashed to help fight them. They encounter a mysterious childNoi, who has the power to revive Shu’s shadow counter-part Blue Dragon, and save her from the pursuit of a red dragon.

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