Interest in these events was revived in the English Renaissance and led to Boudica’s fame in the Victorian era. The Celtic women, and men, would have been dressed up elaborately. Therefore i have done a great lot of research over the years and read and watch anything I can find on the subject. Just knowing that the girls were raped was enough. Cerialis escaped with some cavalry into the camp, and was saved by its fortifications. Roman Sergeant Angus Wright The result was contrary — so much so that his kingdom was pillaged by centurions, his household by slaves; as though they had been prizes of war.

Retrieved 5 July The troops gave no quarter even to the women: King Prasutagus Emily Blunt Was this review helpful to you? I found it difficult to watch. We are not sure what sort of music they had in the 1st century, but we know that music, poetry and storytelling was an important part of Celtic culture. She was believably tough, yet believably naive in her struggles with the overwhelming forces of Rome.

An estimated 70,—80, Romans and Subtihles were then killed in the three cities by those led by Boudica, [7] many by torture. Retrieved 9 September Steven Waddington as Prasutagas was wearing a virtually identical costume to the one he wore in the production of Ivanhoe.

Agrippina Andrew Lee Potts No one has to know all these details but it’s not like one is asking the director to move a mountain just to show subtiltes cooler actual tactics that we would have seen had we been watching the battle I’d say it was largely Alex that pulled the rabbit out-of-the-hat with this, but the actors portraying the daughters, the druid, Dervalloc, and the other main characters all made worthy contributions.

Cerialis escaped with some cavalry into the camp, subtitlfs was saved by its fortifications. There is a belief that she was buried between platforms 9 and 10 in King’s Cross station in London, England. There were a number of warrior women in 1st century Britain, though Boudica was the only one mentioned in history.

Anyway, the fighting was well wwarrior, but teh ending was too abrupt and left the viewer wanting to know what happened after the battle.

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This film is without compare in its strengths and weaknesses and I’m wholly at a loss to classify it or say exactly how one should appreciate it. She is a striking and accomplished actress who valiantly gave it her very best shot, but as was sibtitles case in AD 60 when Boudicca faced Suetonius Paulinus, the effort was doomed from the start.


But from the vantage point of someone who isn’t horrified by incorrect costumes and hairstyles, I thought this was an excellent movie with many striking scenes. Full Cast and Crew. Standard Roman field punishments e. It’s hard to know what to think regarding the Roman characterizations, but my impression from history is they may be reasonable, especially Claudius, the proconsul, and General Suetonius.

Retrieved 9 January The battle scenes were large and animated but unengaging.

Their graves were usually in a wood and not marked on the outside. Londinium was a relatively new settlement, founded after the conquest of AD 43, but it had grown to be a thriving commercial centre with a population of traders, and, probably, Roman officials.

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The infantry with him were all killed—only the commander and some of his cavalry escaped. Top Ancient Rome Movies.

The only Romans that appear to have more than a few decades on them are Claudius and Seutonius. Boudica was probably the ruling queen of her tribe anyway, but the Romans only accepted a man in that position and made Boudica’s husband who was much older than her and died of old age, not headaches!

An undemanding movie set in historic rural England. In general, all of the casting was very good and the actors all made the most of their roles.

Not bad, not great lilitha-1 14 October Historians will tell you different. Also, as someone who doesn’t watch ER I have not pigeonholed the excellent actress Alex Kingston into whatever character she plays in the show.

Archived from the original on 10 March These are within the budget, are exciting, and allow our actors to carry the production with their acting skills and their very presence.

Two stars because this is actually unintentionally quite funny at points. The rest of the movie was a poor man’s imitation of “Braveheart”, and a bad one at that. The TV film was Ok,obviously what happened in the tv film may not be at all accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions Q: It is years before the birth of Christ and Rome is the new superpower of the ancient world. But it can’t be described, laughed at, and appreciated as a bad B-movie, there are quality stirring dramatic moments there and any humor you see in it is killed by the prolonged gang rape scene, which is not a gratuitous addition but a serious, queenn part of the historical accounts of the real Boudicca. The producers of the film obviously haven’t read any of that, or the actors and actresses would at least have worn costumes and hairstyles more appropriate wadrior the period.


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There would not have been an army of the great unwashed, at least not before the battle. There is nothing that I can write about this poor quality production which would recommend it.

Steven Waddington as King Prasutagus. The great anti-imperialist rebel was now identified with the head of the British Empireand her statue [55] stood guard over the city she razed to the ground. Their diet consisted mainly of meat, cheese, bread, cakes and apples and berries, maybe some leaves were used as vegetable garnish. The actors are all great in my opinion, they do not falter sbutitles miss a beat. Nero is made up for a silent movie and, given the script, its boucica pity that it wasn’t.

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Alex Kingston does a fine job all credit to her. Well, wxrrior was made for cable, so I will not bash the TV-series-like visuals. The producers wouldn’t even need to read about this, but could have asked any Welsh person the right name.

Man With a Plan. The women wore two piece dresses – a wide shirt of linen or wool bokdica together in the middle by an elborate belt, and a full skirt. Suetonius considered giving subtitlws there, but considering his lack of numbers and chastened by Petillius’s defeat, decided to sacrifice the city to save the province.

The villian all points to Nero, but it was Claudius who went in and started the invasion in the first place. In fact, no clichee was left untouched.

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