Retrieved 29 February When Doug’s parents return for a visit from America they make the shocking confession that Doug’s father is ill. Brendan and Ste, Stendan, were the ultimate soap couple and fans were distraught when he left for good. Brendan then robs the club, but is recognised by Malachy. As she leaves, Ste tells Malachy he believes Brendan was responsible for Cheryl’s mugging, after seeing Brendan give Eileen the money. On the night before the journey to the home, Cheryl witnesses Brendan chopping up the definitely dead body of Mick.

Only one month after his first appearance on Hollyoaks , Emmett J. The holiday home explodes and the audience is left wondering whether Brendan is dead or alive. Ste tells Brendan to tell Declan the truth, and Brendan agrees to do so, but changes his mind later. Brendan then leaves Hollyoaks and heads to Dublin. After a night out, Brendan and Ste return to Brendan’s home, where they eventually kiss. CHeryl says she won’t leave without her father. You can find out more by following this link.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. So Brendan can play with that. At that moment, the police arrive and arrest Brendan, having been tipped off by Silas and suspecting Brendan of Rae’s murder and the murders of India Longford and Rebecca Massey previously. Brendan offered him a bed for the night, Walker takes it. Royal Royal News Royal latest.

Scanlan was cast as Brendan by series producer Paul Marquess after being put forward for the role by casting director Dorothy Andrews. Brendan begins a brief relationship with India Longford Beth Kingston. Brendan later tells Ste that it was all his fault and manages to get Ste into bed yet again. Brendan kicks him znd and concentrates on keeping Joel, Cheryl and Lynsey safe.

Brendan Brady

He raises the gun toward them in an attempt brrendan suicide. Brendan then leaves Hollyoaks and heads to Dublin. I hope viewers will be glued throughout the twists and turns as we unravel how Brendan came to be the twisted person we have been watching on screen.


Brendan tells her he has a friend called Danny Houston Darren Day who could help out. Lynsey tries to show the police her online chat with the stranger, but the stranger’s account has been deleted. So yeah, he definitely knows.

Ste & Brendan: Episode 1 – Part 3

The pair kiss but Brendan pushes Ste away and punches him, later telling Cheryl it was because of his pact to God to stay away from Ste and the only way to make Ste move on. Cheryl then invites Macca to stay with her and Brendan. Cheryl suggest they go to a counselor as a last-ditch effort to repair their broken relationship.

Brendan then confesses to his son that he is gay and that is why he left his mother. They fight for the btendan before Joel appears and knocks Warren out, revealing that he wasn’t killed.

Ste & Brendan: Episode 1 – Part 1 – video dailymotion

They have a heart breaking talk in the garden where he blames her lack of action for his inability to be a father or love holyoaks. He offers to hoolyoaks Ste and Doug a business loan for a deli.

Brendan then mutters to himself “In the next life, Steven. Brendan reacts by throwing a confused Ste out. Brendan decides that he wants to be in a relationship with a woman, and sees a vulnerable Lynsey as the perfect one. Brendan and Rae argue, which causes Rae to miscarry her child.

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At the holiday home, Brendan remembers the past there with his father, and it is revealed how he was sexually abused by his father and that his grandmother knew and did nothing. This page was last edited on 7 Februaryat A few weeks later Mitzeee turns up on his door step crying and shaking.

Brendan later threatens Macca, who is not seen again. He sees Steven as a young, vulnerable guy who has no male friends, who hasn’t had a father figure, and who — like Brendan — is a father himself. He makes his move on her, but is quickly rebuffed, and as the pair argue over the coming days, are unaware they are being watched by a camera Silas has hidden in the flat.


Ryan and Amy had just got married that day, but their happy ending was tragically cut short. During an interview in MayMarquess was asked about Brendan and if he was a bad boy. Retrieved 22 December This article may be written from a fan’s point of viewrather than a neutral point of view. Mitzeee quickly makes him see sense before he is able to go through with it and Brendan goes to the deli to make up with Ste. After getting the money Warren threatens to tell everyone he is gay which leads to Brendan outing himself by kissing Ste in the middle of the club.

Retrieved 15 June Cheryl confronts him about the stash of money under his bed.

From EastEnders’ Lucy Beale storyline to the shooting of Calvin Valentine in Hollyoaks — click here to see the most shocking soap whodunnit storylines hollyoas. Brendan, however, double-crosses Danny after discovering he was responsible for the death of Brendan’s former male lover.

After Joel tries to steal Brendan’s money back instead of hurt or kill him, Brendan honors his promise to Ste and lets Joel run away instead.

The whole domestic violence angle does continues to play but in really quite an unexpected way. Doug comes back sgoryline America much to Brendan’s dismay and would like to continue a working relation with Ste in the deli as well as see Leah and Lucas – to which Ste agrees.

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