The day to day lives of three orphaned children who are adopted by aliens that have trouble adjusting to the local culture. On the scheme, Elektra struggles to fit in and is harassed by her violent ex-boyfriend, Matt. Charlie agrees to help Finn organise Alex a birthday party after little interest from the other young people At lunch, Alex is furious to learn that Finn is planning a birthday, which hurts Finn as he takes his remarks personally. The next day, the young people are practising in preparation for their competition against Graybridge as Candi-Rose waits for Valentine’s cards. The Dumping Ground series 5. Mike is told by Joseph about Charlie’s granddad and Mike gives Charlie the letter from her granddad, which she reads with Sasha’s support. Chloe and Joseph taste soup with different flavours and the young people declare the office as quarantine as Mike and May-Li are both ill, but May-Li becomes annoyed by Mike’s complaining, so decides to work. Add the first question.

On the scheme, Elektra struggles to fit in and is harassed by her violent ex-boyfriend, Matt. But when Jody gets stage fright, she begins to feel that she can’t do it. A couple comes forward to adopt the twins, but Toni doesn’t share Billie’s enthusiasm about the chance for a fresh start. Hello Book reader dancer reply to me please. Certain he did something to put her in a wheelchair, Tee and Sasha spy on them while they speak. The young people search for a limited number of tickets to a launch party, with those who do not find a ticket having to go to the forest with Mike and Charlie and Jay forces Bird to give him the last found ticket. Items have been taken from The Dumping Ground and Mike gives the young people until the end of the day for them to be returned.

Denise visits Jody and tells her that Grant is worried that she is missing as she is not with her, so later that day, Jody will have to come over to make herself look like a good mum.

Tracy turns up and asks Ryan to allow Mike happiness on his wedding day for what he does for them; Ryan agrees, but Mike then decide he cannot get married as his wedding has made him lose focus, but Tracy talks him round. Joseph, Caandi-Rose and Floss decide to do the mummy challenge, which Taz, Bird and Jay decide to join in with as well as the last winners, Jody and Tyler, but Joseph wants to find a way to speed up the competition.


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An old woman, Doris, turns up in Carmen’s salon episodde. Retrieved 25 September Tyler finds himself on his dreamm island and explores, swims and climbs, but he isn’t happy when Jody, Ryan, Sasha and Dexter turn up and Ryan and Jody insist Tyler is in charge to find food.

Gorund 28 January Episodee threatens to go to the papers about what Aileen did and when he walks Alice home, Alex and Alice talk about Aileen’s job and that she was poor before and Alice plays knock a door and run. When is this episode out on BBC iPlayer? I don’t like those shows I’m too old for CBeebies. Jungle Run TV Series Sasha goes to see Maureen, but finds another woman there, who introduces herself as Jenny Holmes and her new social worker.

Mike leaves Ashdene Ridge whilst the police and head office do their investigation.

Floss catches Jay taking a cake, but he tells May-Li that Bird has diabetes and May-Li is angry about Jay potentially putting Bird in danger due to no medical diagnosis and Jay vows to never stop taking care of Bird.

Floss spreads the news to the young people when she overhears a dumpiny and Fiona allows Mike to investigate for a while off the record. The Dumping Ground episoode 3. Tracy Beaker’s 13th birthday and as a suprise Cam wants to foster Tracy again.

The Dumping Ground

The young people decide to throw Tyler a birthday party and Mo and Kara work together to pefk a cake, which ends up burnt when Mo turns the temperature up. Floss wants Hilde to teach her Hygge and Jody runs away from the gym to Denise’s when she calls whilst Floss gets Chloe to help make Swedish food for Hilde. Harry Philip Graham Scott departed in episode 12, but returns for a guest appearance in episode Charlie grows worried for Henry when he tells her that she should go alone to their future planned trip to the Galapagos Islands when she is 18 and Charlie is told by Henry he is ill; Charlie wants to take care of Henry.


Views Read Edit View grounnd. Start your search here Meanwhile, Tee is all in a frantic when fitness coach, Zach, asks her out. Retrieved from ” https: Two aliens watch a reality TV show based upon Dani’s life in her house with her mischievous brother and eccentric friends.

Retrieved 16 November Retrieved 6 November Floss falls asleep on the sofa and ends up in the Foundling Hospital. Come Outside TV Series Yousef Naseer last appeared in episode 24 as Joseph Stubbs. Bird and Jay almost decide to keep their room the colour Candi-Rose had it, but let May-Li paint it and leave her so they don’t get ill.

Nevertheless this is a fab, fun-filled show packed with lots of great adventures. Sally tells Tyler, Mike and May-Li that her doctor is pleased with her treatment and she wants Tyler back.

The young people and Mike return to The Dumping Ground to find The Dumping Ground has been broken into and when Ryan sneaks off, the intruder runs into him when he hears Mike and Ryan is praised by everyone for catching the thief. Sasha meets Lou and Ange and is surprised they have dwarfism like her.

Jenny tells Sasha she has to respect people’s privacy and Sasha chooses to ignore Jenny’s request by using her phone. Retrieved from ” https: Additional scenes are shot across the North East of England. Bird wins after using his right hand in snooker as revenge for people not taking their jobs back, which disgusts everyone, especially Candi-Rose. It consists of twenty, thirty-minute episodes, airing in two halves in January and October When Jenny tries to talk about Sasha’s emotions, Sasha insists she is in control and independent and walks out of her meeting.

Franchise TV series characters. Hilde agrees for Floss to help her and Jody struggles to tell Grant about a made up trip in Venice and Denise is against telling Grant that Jody is in care and orders Jody to bring some of her stuff to make it like she lives with her.

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