All you need to do is add a grill to the chiminea to get some steaks or burgers going while you enjoy the fire with friends and family. Fire pits are not as attractive but they do allow a large number of people to gather round, and sort of occupy their own little or big area. Read our full review of this chimenea. Other options for increasing the fire safety of your chiminea, regardless of where you put it, is to choose a chiminea with a built-in grate, or buy one separately. In fact, it is such a durable item, that the manufacturer gives the go-ahead for it to be used in a commercial setting as well as residential. We should mention, that the Blue Rooster company has a great reputation for chimineas in general, and they have a number of great designs to choose from. Build a platform with them, then place the chiminea on top.

The grate is the doorway to the oven and is typically made of mesh. They are more heavy-duty than their clay cousins, however, this does come with somewhat of a higher need for routine care and maintenance. Metal chimineas tend to weigh much less than clay, making them easier to transport. It weighs in at pounds and is 49 inches tall while measuring 22 inches by 18 inches at the base. Our Review of the Best 2 Clay Chimineas. This is a more standard looking chiminea in terms of others you might see, and a great model in its own right and well reviewed to boot by the majority of people who own one.

Cast iron build, view, rain cap igon chimney Notes: Irkn will contain the fire and catch any stray embers or sparks. The grate is the doorway to the oven and is typically made of mesh. The reviews of the Corona, overall, are just slightly more glowing no pun intendedand we believe charmxte Corona is a better model, although it is slightly shorter.

Visit the Blue Rooster website here. They are not vulnerable to cracking but are vulnerable to water damage, so make sure you cover yours in the off season or long periods of inactivity.

They are also much safer than fire pits since they contain the fire, rather than have the wind blow the fire around and inevitably into your face. This puts our contender somewhere in between the two, making it an extra portable and contained fire implement that balances the best of the two worlds.


Chimenea’s & Fire Pits

It features a degree view into the chamber, protected by a steel mesh. Clay chimineas, as you might expect, have been known to crack a lot easier if they are jostled or bumped a lot ie.

Build a platform with them, then place the chiminea on top. Metal chimineas have several advantages over their clay cousins, and this is largely due to the elemental factors of the materials used to build the chimineas. The best cast iron chimineas should not only light up your patio and keep you warm at night, but should also provide some kind of decoration whether you are using it or not. It will demand a commitment from you in terms of the maintenance, but if done right, it will reward you time and time again by being one of the most beautiful and reliable models of its kind.

It can take up to three to five standard sized logs or charcoal as fuel and lends itself to some light grilling should you be in the mood to roast something up.

Many a house-fire has been caused this way. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. With moderate attention and care for this chimineathe hardened powder coat finish along with the cast-iron build and stainless steel hardware will ensure that you will be enjoying this chiminea for years to come. The Corona features a steel protective mesh to keep embers secure, while sporting a rain cap for extra protection and a luxurious degree opening in the fire chamber for an all-round view of the fire dancing within.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. More on this matter closer to the end of the article. That said, we were first smitten by the intricate designs found on the Casita model, irno is pyramid structure and the sun design work shown below.

Modern Cast Iron Chimenea | Charmate | Gasmate NZ

They are, although heavy at lbs or so, possible to move without breaking, as they are made of cast iron. Similar to the Hummingbird model, Oakland Living likes to dazzle us with quaint and eye catching designs embossed into the chiminea.


Check price on Amazon. Despite the design alteration, you can still clearly distinguish a body as well as a chimney or funnel in this case rising from it.

View Sonora on Amazon now. As well, it is a fact that some chimineas get hotter than others. Aha, but it is also cheaper, my friends, by a fair shake. Featuring a lovely bronze hummingbird design and a sturdy yet portable build with an antique bronze finish, this model is great for accenting outdoor spaces of any kind.

These are durable and well-crafted as well as being lovely to look at with the fire flickering inside. The details are incredible! Bronze build, pentagon shape with detailing, view Notes: This is coupled with a slightly more compact design using a shorter chimney, to make it one of the most portable and easy to maneuver chimineas out there.

In fact, it is such a durable item, that the manufacturer gives the go-ahead for it to be used in a commercial setting as well as residential. That said, we know that not everyone has the space for both a concrete or stone patio in addition to a wooden deck.

Cast Iron Chimenea | Modern Style | Charmate NZ

Some folks can afford a chiminea, but their space is severely limited. Cast iron build, heavy duty, easy access for lighting and cleaning, grilling accessories included Notes: This includes cwst very heavy duty tall, large, and extra large models for your yard.

The thing to know about the Casita is that it will be a heavy-duty chiminea. This will create an effective and fire-proof barrier between the source of the fire and the wooden deck.

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