That is such good news and another amazing milestone. Some shops we can all name at least one are so snooty that if Lance Armstrong walked in you can imagine them saying “Well, Lance, what have you done recently? If I don’t, they won’t come back”. For those that stayed on entertainment this year was provided by the excellent Essex Girls Pole Dancing Team hot from their national title win the previous week in Blackpool. This is the preferred Charity of one of our sponsors, and I gave an undertaking that we should be able to collect a fair amount during the Series. Come on you older guys, I know you are usually used to racing in the morning, and getting home for your other leisure pursuits, but please support the Series.

The race split early, and the first six riders moved away swiftly in the swirling winds. This race is on a new 1. Tuesday the 7th May. I was there with 3 other E. Organisers do not need the additional paperwork that is required when an incident occurs. The races are based around the Hartberg area and include a crit, time trial, hill climb,prologue and 4 road races. Pre registration is possible until 24th of july by means of a completely filled in daylicenseform that you can download from our website, www. If there is a tie on points between riders who finish joint 1st overall, the winner will be the rider with most wins, or best placings on countback.

T Then there is the fact that World Record attempts will take place in between the various age-group races. Date updated to the 7th May. I cannot therefore promise nortth any items submitted will be discussed at this meeting. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Stay updated via RSS. Chris has managed to get all the officials covered but will need help marshalling on the day and we need 10 per race.

I had mentioned nortb psi tubs I was running and the propensity I had for taking off around the bottom corner in the first race, which had caused me to get gapped every lap and wwald to sprint back on, to which Wayne set about trying to persuade me to let my tyres down on the line! Pro Noryh wants to be part of the League’s growing success, and are keen to supply some of the strongest and perhaps quickest wheels on the market, to the LVRC membership.

Although he is now nearer 80 than 70 years of age, “you will be missed from the competitive peloton’s Derrick! I was there with 3 other E. This forced the leisure riders, riding in the opposite direction, to take evasive action and ride in the nortj, as they thought a head on collision was imminent.


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Suffice to say I was pretty nervous about doing this and in the end Wayne had to pretty much wrestle my wheel from me and let about 40 psi out of each one with a grinning Dave Bamford of ELV sitting alongside. Fill in your details below cixlos click an icon to log in: If anyone has the results of the recent National Crit Champs, please send them to me and I will post them – tomcat9 blueyonder.

Many thanks to Don Parry for collating all the information, Barrie Mitchell for coordinating noorth race calendar and to Andy Barrett for formatting, and getting it ready for the printers. Monday 6th of May. Friday, June 15, Jackson northh again! Online entry makes it easy. Due to field size restrictions the ABC race and the FGH over 65 competion road race will be held in unp morning, starting Please see notices within the car park.

Tom McCall – Series Co-ordinator on tomcat9 blueyonder. You are commenting using your Facebook account. World Masters Track Champs. If there is a tie on points between riders who finish either joint 2nd or 3rd, equal prize money will be given. Ciflos new circuit is known as the Foxley Circuit and is 12 kms in length. If anyone would like a copy of their podium pic, please contact me. Link to Rider HQ online entry: Team Wheelguru circuit races, Payment happens on the day of the race itself.

I was gapped off on lap 3, dug deep and got back on for another 3 laps then gapped again on the hill on lap 6.

Under Any Other Business, the yearly cry went out for new, younger blood to step up for official positions and event organisers. I had trained quite hard since my last proper race almost 5 seried before and as the race was pre-entry only I could get an idea of the competition before the race day.

Background to “where we are now” – DP 3.

Very encouraging were the number of Lady entries, with 5 gaining points. Fifty one riders started the race for Categories ABCD over one hour and five laps on the lower circuit. The list of National Champs and the final provisional calendar is currently on the website and Facebook for those who wish to start planning early! I learnt many things from this experience: Sincerest condolences to family and friends of Pete, who was an LVRC stalwart and someone who helped countless other riders over the years.


As before, a minimum of five results will have to be obtained to qualify for an overall award, and, also as before, at least one of these must be from a road event. As you are probably aware Nick Selibas the organiser of the Criterium Championships is having a problem with circuit availability on Saturday 2 nd September in that it is no longer available. To all the members who pitched up and raced – safely and responsibly – let’s do it again, faster and better!

After the support that the sponsors have given us, I really don’t want to see any podium non-appearances unless totally unavoidable.

So I entered the two distance races plus the pursuit at Newport, and ending up winning both the pursuit and points races and coming 3 rd in the scratch.

Let promoter Colin Smith know if you can. Tom McCall Series Co-ordinator at tomcat9 blueyonder. This site uses cookies.

Racing starts at I set off on my modified tyres and again Wayne attacked very early but seriies time it stuck with a St Ives rider going with him and Ben Lamb riding across mid break. Having gained a large gap, I continued with my effort and was gradually pulling back the main group, until they wound up for sprint 2 when I lost some of my advantage – until the group again sat up and I continued to gain more distance until I was nodth a few metres of latching onto the back.

Apologies to those I’ve missed naming as still racing and helping but the happy old gang decreases yearly again mainly due to anno domini.

North Weald TLI Race. | elvnickwhite

Thursday 9th of May. There were a few leisure riders riding in the opposite direction to the flow of the race, and as a car passed and the road became clear, the peloton expanded across the white line and entire width of the road.

None, unfortunately this year at Foulmead or Hillingdon. Insurers were comfortable with the explanations given to them and said that they would be covered. Region 9 News from Richard Wall. As for frames, the Track League will still be supporting Dream Bicycles, and again if you are thinking about replacing or just going for a new one please let him know.

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