Originally posted by zilog jones Hey, why didn’t you include QuEnc in your test? At one time, that was an interesting site. For longer movies lower bitrate I believe there is a very small. If you have the original DVDs, why not go back and use them as the source? It’s also unlikely any space savings will be made compressing to RAR in the first place. He also says he personally recommends it. If you want I can run them through all of the encoders I have to show results for footage you are familiar with. The audio mpa made by CEE sound to me bad.

The audio mpa made by CEE sound to me bad. Last edited by crespo80; 27th October at Best of all it’s free. TMPGEnc is probably too slow for comparison in this group. I used it once a LONG time ago and did not like it. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid

I think that this topic is very usefull because someone can learn a lot about encoding, so thank you crespo But, in these program we have some encoder options: How he could recommend WinAVI at all is beyond me. It’s not so much “which one is best” as it is “which one sucks less”. The comparation is frecvently done, cihema on a photographic base, but the movie flow, and in this flowing the perfect photographic aspect dosen’t matter.

It is also important the final prpcoder or players. Winrar reports “The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”. View answer in context.


Comparison-Procoder, Premiere6.5,CCraft Standalone

I doubt the poster is referring to trailers, it’s probably torrent garbage. All the best, Dan. Hey, why didn’t you include QuEnc in your test? Read my blog here. Is your original TIFF approx 26kb? Best of all it’s free. Again CEE is very good for photo or speed, if you want to make a homevideo forget about it. If you encode interlaced there is no reasonable reason to deinterlace, but if you want to increase the encoding duration and worst the quality is reasonable to deinterlace.

Find More Posts by Piper. Up until this version of Compressor, bitVice was clearly better, again at least to my eyes on some things. With the exception of price, the differences crqft speed and quality of Mpeg encoders has narrowed considerably.

If WinAVI can do a half-assed job with bad input where other software fails more completely, well, any port in a storm. Find More Posts by iwod. Like it or not, price is a factor.

If you want faster, and a little less quality, DVD Flick. He also says he personally recommends it. The audio mpa made by CEE sound to me bad. The real chalange is what is the best trade-off. You can encode Elementary or System Streams.

Sorenson Squeeze vs Canopus Pro Coder – Avid Community

In response to David S. On some things I have used the Basic version over bitVice, Compresssor and Digigami have not been able to Digigami website recently. That guide reads like a review on which animal produces the best tasting feces.


Mike, thanks for the reply. HCEnc is in fact free, and we are lucky to have such a strong tool developed and released at that price. Yes, I just noticed the date on the bottom page.

One important point to the original question, isn’t Procoder a very expensive product? It’s orocoder made for Johnny Sixpack that expects a one-click wonder.

Bottom line, it didn’t read like a recommendation of WinAVI to me, either. PC2 has some quirks My current favorite is MainConcept 1. They always have some degree of noise, with the sometimes exception of official movie trailers.

Comparison-Procoder, Premiere,CCraft Standalone : Adobe Premiere Pro

Apple Watch Speciality level out of ten: Because if you left click, It doesn’t dowload anything! If you are going to import PCM audio into dvdsp then go with aiff unless you are vz an old version of dvdsp. Is there a clip or two you would like to run?

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