Birdie June 18, at 9: Thank you again for doing the recaps so quickly too! That’s why I said slight improvement. I missed you so much! I was captivated through out the episodes. Ju Ina-sshi June 18, at 1: So I have my sympathies with PMY for having to play an ‘innocent’ girl in a drama where almost all the other characters are quite complex.

Ju Ina-sshi June 19, at 9: I feel a bit like a deflated balloon, with all the dramatic tension of episode 11 resolved all too easily. I can do with a literal cliffhanger every now and then: I never did understand why I liked random dramas even if it looks low-budget or the actors don’t look good. Which is what happened. Watch ‘ City Hunter ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Lee Joon Hyuk Main Cast. I want her to find out already!

Is anyone else having a Duh Lightbulb moment here? Oooooh I don’t know!!! It would even be way easy to just hire some people with the skills you need MoMo Love Taiwanese Drama.

I gnash my teeth and curse the heavens and wait breathlessly for the next installment. U know guys, they always do that for US tv shows Like when they tried to bring back the O.

Heh I KNEW he wasn’t going to be able to kiss her as much as it was like being doused with ice kimchidarma water when kimchidrwma phone rang!

I loved the feeling of triumph over him! Let me second your “bwahahahaha” there. That had me clutching my heart Oh My Venus Korean Drama. I wasn’t either, but now I’m a bona fide LMH fangirl. Smile, Dong Hae Korean Drama. This explains the crack-like addiction. As someone who is much older than either of them, I find Ahjusshi’s infatuation sweet and quite believable.


Can’t wait for city hunter to be aired in the philippines. Kimchidrana all she is his self-defense instructor. Celexa June 18, at 8: Hi My Sweetheart Taiwanese Kimchidram. Suddenly by Kim Bo Kyung http: I had an entirely different picture in my mind as I heard those moans. I feel a bit like a deflated balloon, with all the dramatic tension of episode 11 resolved all too easily. He says that he feels their pain, and is doing what he can to find more funding support, asking them to end the demonstration.

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Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap. Adeka June 19, at 7: Page 1 Epjsode 2 Page 3 … Page 5 Next page.

I agree the way they have shown the security operations in the blue house is quite ludicrous. On the Way to School Japanese Movie. Full House Take 2 Korean Drama. And the scene where the looked at each other sans-Yoon Sung’s-blood-transfusion-to-Nana totally killed me.

[Recap] City Hunter Episode 7

You know I actually expected a real bad show and guessed I would probably stick with it for lee min hot.

I’m going to need a couple days to get out kimchidrqma this To really honor Mooyul, Jinpyo would have raised yoon sung the way Mooyul would have wanted and that would certainly include leaving him with his mother. Descendants of the Sun Korean Drama. Find a person in a crowded airport. No man shall maturely accept that he likes a woman or a woman dressed as a man, alien, or some such unrecognizable species within at least one month of the onset of said feelings.


I never said anything about whether I was okay with Jinpyo’s actions. Episodes by LollyPip. Good Doctor Korean Drama.

After that night at Yoon-sung’s, when Nana asked what he wanted for dinner, I thought they looked super duper cute! And yet, SHOW never disappoints us.

Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Korean Drama. Drama Special Series Season 1: Yeah, see, the mask would do nothing to hide his identity from me if I were somehow in this drama world.

I think yoonsung is too good to be with Nana. Then Shik-joong strolls over to the freighter and knocks on its window. OMG I hope he’s not really injured. Lee Min-ho has once again shown that he is the best when it comes to acting plus hotness. Oh Daddy is NOT gonna be happy.

Its not a City Hunter commentary if i dont say this: It’s the point when Candy breaks, but she still comes out being all the more determined. He was woke up by his mother and then he saw Nana. Yoon-sung and Shik-joong hang back while his father receives Young-ju and gunter partner. Myung Wol the Spy Korean Drama. He offers to wash her hair for her, and Yoon-sung immediately overreacts, jumping up in protest.

Love how they used a normal prop for some cool martial arts moves!

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