English male soap opera actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain English male stage actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain English male voice actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Holliday Grainger: Member feedback about Nicola Walker: Dominic Carter is an English actor. And events take an even more extraordinary turn when a large sum of money, which her husband Paul lost in a pension scam setup by the Albion bank is left on his doorstep by an unknown caller. They were formerly branded as USA Network until when the name was changed to take more advantage of the Universal branding, but continue programming as that network does like a general interest network. Dalziel and Pascoe is a popular British television crime drama based on the novels of the same name, written by Reginald Hill.

Invited to stay at the deceased’s house by his attractive widow, Dalziel believes all his dreams have come true, until her son goes missing, the housekeeper ends up dead in Epping Forest and an insurance investigator with a tip-off about an insurance scam regarding the family’s newest business venture ends up drowned in a nearby lake. Dalziel and Pascoe investigate the disappearance of a young girl eight years ago, when another girl disappears in mysterious circumstances. Member feedback about Monica Dolan: Meanwhile, as Koler is released, she is informed that James Westropp, thought dead since , is still alive, and after a little persuasion from an old friend with a grudge, decides to hunt him down to finish him off. Season 8 Episode 4. Contributors Become a contributor. Screenwriting career He began his television career writing episodes of Kavanagh QC. However, he is soon distracted by the murder of local solicitor David Brewer, who is found tied to his chair, with his clothes torn and knotted around him.

Dalziel initially suspects Stevie Earle, a man who suffered severe acid burns during an accident at the factory four years ago, for which he never received any compensation. Warren Clarke[1] 26 April — 12 November was an English actor.

But, as ever, events fail to go to plan when Dalziel’s car breaks down and he finds himself amidst a river funeral procession. His most high-profile TV roles include Det. Having persuaded Pascoe to marry the long-suffering Ellie, Dalziel finds himself with the opportunity to whisk himself away on holiday while Pascoe is on honeymoon.

As they track her to a disused flat, they discover that Eddy Somers did not really die in the crash — he is dead in the flat, with a needle full of highly-powered morphine stuck into his arm.

Monica Margaret Dolan born 15 March is a British actress. Flora Spencer-Longhurst topic Flora Spencer-Longhurst born or [1] is an English stage and television actress. As the final piece of evidence slowly falls into place, Dalziel heads to a showdown between father and son-in-law. Natalie Jane Anderson born 24 October is an English actress, singer and model. Suspecting they may have a serial killer on their hands, the trail leads straight to the doorstep of the accused — Sam Fallowfield — only for the pair to find apscoe house trashed and gay slurs written all over the wall.


Billy was a comedy character who believed he was a direct descendant of Robin Hood.

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As Dalziel hatches a plan to get everyone out alive, little did he bargain for a trigger happy police officer pointing his way. Eoft Halfpenny born 15 July is an English actress. Soft Touch 24 Jan Member feedback about Claire King: Vannstone is found dead in a seaweed bath at a local spa.

As well as all of his regulars, Dalziel also happens to be in the pub at the time, and is forced to keep quiet in order to prevent his cover being blown. As each and every one of the local’s lives come under scrutiny, the discovery of Benny Lightfoot’s corpse beneath the remains of a sunken house prove to be the final clue in identifying the killer.

Meanwhile, as he’s still stewing over the kidnapping of student Penny Wilson, he manages to persuade the ACC to let him continue with the case on daliel basis that he manages to achieve a result with 48 hours.

Martin Wilkie, a soldier with the local army regiment, is found dead in a pig shed on the wedding day of one of his closest colleagues. She is a supporter of Sheffield Wednesday F. Meanwhile, Dalziel is forced to face up to his personal demons when he arrests pazcoe ex-wife’s son, Boris, for drug dealing at the club. And then a link to Kenneth Barbour’s drug money comes to light. The series is primarily set in the fictional town of Wetherton[1] in Yorkshire, and “follows the work of two detectives that are thrown together as partners.

Career Coulson was born in London. As he pushes his boss to discover the real truth, Acst is angered at the fact that Pascoe doesn’t trust him, and decides to play it alone. Member feedback about Christopher Fulford: Member feedback about Craig Parkinson: Otuch the HTML below. He later played starring roles in the Dutch TV series De co-assistent —10 and Bloedverwantensupporting roles in the Dutch films Costa!

She was a hairdresser for six years, before studying acting at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts graduating in tohch Member feedback about Amy Robbins: My dad thought it was a ridiculous thing to do.


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He began acting at an early age in school plays. Career Bolam first appeared on screens in the early s, initially in television shows such as Z-Cars and the Northern social realist films A Kind of Lov Club owners Sft and Sophie are soon put in the frame when club manager, Snake, is found suffocated in his office, with tabs of ecstasy laid on his eyes, and regular E.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The death of Georgina Webster, a young business woman who falls from her horse during a fox hunt, turns out to be more than an accident when the leader of the hunt is sent a letter to that effect. Meanwhile, businessman Steve Pitt is slashed casr death with a knife in the kitchen of his restaurant. Abuse of the TV. Member feedback about Colin Buchanan actor: Having hot-tailed it back to where he started, he faces a series of unfortunate events, including: Deciding it is time to return to work, Dalziel books himself a week at the spa in an attempt to find out the sogt goings on.

Sfot, category A prisoner Charlie Walker has managed to escape from police custody, and is determined to prove he wasn’t responsible for the murder of his wife, Kate, which he was convicted of – although no body has ever been found. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. One of her grandfathers is Italian. Plot summary The plot ajd Dalziel and Pascoe’s investigation into the suicide of local businessman Palinurus ‘Pal’ Toucb, who has killed himself in similar circumstances to those of his father, who shot himself ten years earlier.

He is sometimes credited as M.

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Chris Mattis Lidija Zovkic However, she eventually opted for the Open University[2] where she gained a first-class honours degree.

He’s feeling his age and is worried about pascof future to the Natalia Chevlikin Katy Cavanagh-Jupe After being kept late by “The Fat Controller”, as Ellie so bluntly puts it, Pascoe and his wife finally head out on their romantic weekend break to meet up with some old friends, only to find a house full of dead bodies and his best friend nowhere to be found.

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