Planet Green Valley 1: What characters would like to see in the Joes or Cobra? Auto-seal self-inflating ultra-wide stance rear tire. I feel like it’s a race whenever I post anything. Filecard Information Contributed by: Joe Customs Finished Projects.

List View Grid View Darklon v1 Hisstank Late Night thread I wonder if Repeater has a stu stu stutter. He’s been waiting for over a month for his head to arrive via a friend who’s casting my original one. A Real American Hero Vol Golobulus Nemesis Enforcer Royal Guard.

Playing in the dirt with heaf Littles. Joe Sigma 6 Toys G. Note that the Collector’s Club did not have the full supply of the Iron Grenadier Ground Assault at the convention and, as a result, many sets were later mailed to the attendees afterwards. Find More Posts by CobraOfficer Originally Posted by Tom-1 I hope you get eaten by a bear or something. Joe Comics Readers Club G.

Joe 25th Anniversary G. Find More Posts by donmagic. Now you can own every piece of painted G.

Modern Era vehicles for sale cheap. Easy Customs and Upgrades. I need Iron grenadiers!


Find More Posts by jmc Selling my entire collection on E-Bay. Beach Head Dial-Tone Dr. LOL What did you use to cast it?

What characters would like to see in the Dzrklon or Cobra?

Easy Customs and Upgrades. Selling my entire collection on E-Bay.

MH 228 Custom Darklon Head Cast for Use With 3.75 Gi Joe Marvel Comics Figures

Joe 25th Anniversary G. Filecard Information Contributed by: Mark Bellomo Community – G. A Real American Hero Vol Dwrklon figure lot fs. Find More Posts by lancea. It’s not the size of the gun, it’s what you DO with it that counts.


Great design and execution. Joe Electric Trucking Set Tyco. Joe Pursuit of Cobra G. Ultimate figure lot fs. Hisstank Late Night thread Joe Command Team Recruiting Thread. Find More Posts by xSwamiJayx. Joe action figures released since are the many guns, backpacks, helmets, and knives that were included with the figures.


Originally Posted by Nirvana.

Darklon and his Evader by EduardimusPrime (pic heavy) – Page 3 –

Joe Sigma 6 Toys G. Collectors’ Club Exclusives Footloose v5. Nirvana a state of peace Join Date: This is the greatest Darklon custom I have seen!

Mean Dog Phantom X R. I love this modernized version. Recent Off Topic Threads Inhumanoids! Recent Threads Playing in the dirt with the Littles G. Send a private message to EduardimusPrime.

This made me chortle: Originally Posted by USAgent. I’m in for the game, and this time I’ll check my inbox daily, since I never got an e-mail notification for when my orders were PMed to me last time. Joe 25th Anniversary G. But this is awesome.

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