Looks like the good doctor who allowed his phone call is getting his palm greased from both ends. He tells her that Tara said that she killed JT. However, I fear that she may be digging herself into a hole so very deep that the wings of an angel may not be enough to pull her from the wreckage. Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 9: He agrees, but tells her that he does know Gemma, and she is not going to lie down and just let this happen, and trust me she is not. I could barely contain myself with what happened next. She said that she made sure the pain and anger of losing her baby came down on John full force.

Clay is supposed to be broken out of jail, and he seems to be taking visual cues from another inmate in the chapel. She sewed up the club, she sacrificed her career, she fought Gemma for years, and eventually tried to become like Gemma to deal with things on her terms. He tells Jax that he needs a minute of his time. For every questions show creator Kurt Sutter answers, he gives us three more to contemplate. She says that they found a lot of pictures of her mother, and a newspaper article that described how she died. Sure, she has a few outbursts towards Unser and Nero about her family, etc, but she deserved more. He tells her to get out. This is when Tara shows up.

He also tells him dotomen Gary Putner. So this has to be the end of Tara on the show, right? You see, had those medical records not been fake, Margaret would have told her that she was crazy and that the documents were real. Gemma sits down and spills the beans on every little detail of what happened with Tara. Trust me, I think Jax realizes that. He says that her mother had it as well. He tells her to have a seat; however, he never joins her.

SONS OF ANARCHY Recap: “John 8:32”

Can they get Clay out before it is too late? Jax sits at the table with her and opens up to her about everything going on in the club right now, including the situation with Clay, the Irish, xnarchy the guns. She begs him not to do this, but he wants his answers.


The person on the other line is panicked. She is quite taken aback. He asks her if this is the best use of their resources. Some of you are going to disagree with me, but to me it seems that Tara and Gemma seem to be switching places. He tells her that he has an Irishman who sells KG-9s; a real king of the new Irish Catholic revolution. She tells him yes. She brings up John and his death, Clay and his almost demise, and then there is Nero. Gemma ddotomej the female hero on the show, and everyone else has to be fo whore so that she is set apart.

Lowen tells her that they are 2 weeks away from the trial, and that if she has anymore drama planned, then she needs to know about it right now. Jax needs ddotome take a breath and back up here. Ddotlmen was hoping against hope that the Tara storyline would have turned out to be a double-cross of some kind — that it was a power move she was engineering against Gemma in order to protect her boys from Gemma, but seeason still keep the core family together.

He goes on to tell him about everything that happened to Gemma when she went to the prison to see Clay, and how the guards forced her to have sex with Clay while they watched.

She says that they found a lot of pictures of her mother, and a newspaper article that described how she died. Clay is supposed to be broken out of jail, and he seems to be taking visual cues from another sobs in the chapel.

They head to a back room so that they can have a private conversation. This nameless homeless woman always shows up when there is a truly difficult decision facing someone. Tara tells her that she is aware of that.


She wants the family unit to remain broken so that she has a clear path to do what it is that she wants to do, steal custody of the boys away from Jax and get as far ddotmen from Charming as possible. The Tara plot that has been bubbling all season had seemed more complicated than epusode really was — the end game was that she wanted out, and she wanted to take her boys with her.

All of a sudden, it is like a switch flipped and Jax is starting to get really defensive really quickly. He tells Bobby to call everyone to the table. She cries and thanks him again. He ushers her inside his trailer.

He says that he will deliver him with a shipment of guns, open and shut. So with no evidence left to link him to anything, she had to cut him loose. She was killed in the pile up that was caused by the tractor trailer that killed John Teller. All she needed was something better than the word of a junkie to present to her son, and that he will be the one to prove everything. He tells her that he will be right back, and he closes the door.

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He has the issues with the Irish, the DA, and now finding out that his wife has been lying to him all along and is plotting to steal his children from him. He tells her that it will happen in the next 10 days. He tells her to get out.

He tells him that it is not his call, and that these guys are courtesy of Patterson. This time, we see that she has a gun on her knee.

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