He then pulls out his sword before the Viking falls to the ground, dead. Inside the city, Attila and two men sit, eating a meal. The Ninja dodges and breaks the spear in half with his sickle. Pot then motions for the rebel to move into the house while Pot frees his knife from the dead guard’s back. Shaka turns around and tries to run away. The Waffen SS leader examines the still-burning corpse, and then yells “Deutschland!

Do not post links to copyrighted video content TV Episodes, Movies. Attila draws his bow and fires at Alexander, but the bronze cuirass shatters the arrow. He quickly runs out of the trailer, leaving the Taliban boss inside. The Gladiator pulls out his sica, and the Apache pulls out his war club. Season 1 Episode 7 – Shaolin Monk vs. As Washington’s men commence a charge, Napoleon hastily reloads and is able to fire Grapeshot from his cannon, which kills one of the chargers and knocks the other one down. I wasn’t really interested in this one though. The other one sneaks up to the entrance of the room the Spetsnaz soldier is in and throws another grenade inside.

He enters another building and keeps his AK up and ready. A Pirate – the merciless high seas marauder; versus a Knight – the armored battle tank that crushed infidels underfoot. Narrator as Drew Skye Earl White While the Mongol is stunned, the Comanche grabs his War Hawk and buries it into the neck of the Mongol.

The blast rocks the hillside as Roosevelt and the gunner quickly turn the Gatling towards the area of the blast. LZ71 Follow Forum Posts: Breaking and Exiting – Movies Feb 25th. The Samurai falls into a ditch below, losing his club in ehaka process. Joan and her last knight charge up to William on two separate sets of stairs.

He looks toward the sky, and then looks down to a bloodied prisoner tied to two horses, who is about to be pulled apart. Wallace swings his claymore at Shaka’s axe and knocks it out of his hands.


Want to Make a Cult Classic? He hears the Ninja and turns to see him spinning the ball and chain from his kusarigama.

Deadliest Warrior S01 – Ep08 William Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu HD Watch – Dailymotion Video

The Mongol is saved by his lamellar breastplate however, as he angrily thrusts his glaive into the ground and pulls out wllace arrow. If in doubt, do not use. They aim upwards and fire, one which comes down in Hannibal’s shield, and another which sticks in an unlucky Carthaginian.

One Khmer Rouge takes out his stick grenade and lobs it at the checkpoint’s guardhouse. The Green Beret leader puts on his night warfior goggles and pulls out his Beretta pistol. I tried to watch one of these episodes and it was way lame.

The Spartan tries to stab him with his spear, but the Ninja kicks the shield and runs away. While he is still stunned, Roosevelt grabs Lawrence’s keffiyeh and wraps it around his knife-arm and stabs Lawrence in the stomach. The Taliban member outside fires the rocket, unaware that the I. He pulls it out and allows the Ming Warrior to fall to his death.

The Samurai begins to savagely hit the shield with his kanabo, and manages to chip off a portion of the shield, injuring the Viking’s arm. Vlad dodges another swing from the Zhua and draws his kilij, slashing Sun across the midsection as he recovers.

He swings it around a third time, but at the Spartan’s leg. He gets up and signals for the rest of his team to continue into the building. However, it is soon apparent that both soldiers were killed by the C4 blast.

wallce The battle starts with a band of five Musketeers making their way through a forest. The Spetsnaz soldier makes his way to the bathroom and cautiously opens the door.


The sniper quickly vacates the area, hauling away the sniper rifle while the spotter crawls to avoid any further engagement and takes his AKM assault rifle. As his opponent falls, Washington casually cleans his sword and stares towards the horizon. Shaka manages to stab Wallace in his waist, forcing him to stumble back. It strikes his leg and forces him to the ground.

Deadliest Warrior Season 1 Episode 8

He looks up and sees the Knight with his morning star in hand. Hide ads with VIP. The Viking swings his axe at the Samurai’s back, but the Samurai’s armor manages to prevent the axe from tearing into the Samurai. He then frees himself from the net and throws a tomahawk, which sails past the Gladiator’s helmet. Netherscourge Follow Forum Posts: The SWAT team captain sees them and shoots one with the sniper rifle, causing the other to flee.

The two fight hand to hand, but the Gladiator kicks the Apache to the ground. Season 1 Episode 9 – IRA vs. Whats supposed to be on next week? Now without a gun, he calls for the other IRA man with him and tells him to make a run for it.

List of Deadliest Warrior episodes

He quickly sets up the detonator and then hides in the back and waits for the Israeli Commandos. Given the order, the Macedonians load and fire the ballista. Dadliest opens a closet door and sees a hand holding an AK The third man struggles to catch up, but is stabbed from behind by Frank, who emerges from a dark closet with the Bowie knife.

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