Bring it or one of you leaves in a body bag. Toby returns to Rosewood still angry at Spencer and helping Jenna again although he suffered from her in the past. A wrench is thrown into the We can only hope it’s Mila Kunis. She was spying on someone, but won’t tell Mona who and says she has to leave. She asks Faux Norman if he remembers their friend who told them about Room 1 — and its great water temperature. Garrett gives Caleb a court order to obtain his computer as says someone is hacking into the school’s files and he traced it back to his IP address. After Spencer finds a text message on Melissa’s phone, she suspects that the caller is Ian.

Besides, he doesn’t share information about guests. They initially refuse, and after a tense therapy session, their parents ask that the girls end their friendships with one another. Spencer then shows her the video of her coming into Alison’s room and says she thinks the police need to see it, but Melissa threatens her. Mona shows Hanna an incident report from when Hanna shoplifted the sunglasses, sent by “A”. When it’s on, i’m at college -. When they examine Hanna’s car, they discover “-A’s” phone on the ground, which had apparently fallen out of their pocket when Hanna hit them with her car. Ian tells Garrett he’s “going down” and pulls out the camera. Aria finds an application for a boarding school in Vermont that Byron has left for Ella.

Jenna undergoes her eye surgery but the effectiveness of the surgery is still unknown for the time being. Rosewood high hosts a father daughter dance and the girls make plans for their prettty.

Delshows June 22, You can watch from episode 1 to episode 3 with 2 or more players providing the video. The girls freak out and leave before they can tell Dr.

Archived from the original on January 12, While spying on him in his front yard and seeing how protective he is over the shed in his yard, she and Emily decide to break in.

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The Black Swan leaves through a side door and the door locks behind her. Emiliy offers to be her date, but she is not “dressing like a dude. Ezra gets offered a job that would require him to move.


While reading a training transcript, Emily realizes the caller seems likely to be “A’s” helper. Hanna worries that her mother is keeping a dangerous secret and is determined to protect her at all costs, which leads her to an uncomfortable meeting with Detective Holbrook.

Hanna notices a piece of paper inside the dolls from the box. The girls’ parents request they see a therapist, Dr. Spencer and Emily make plans to visit a nearby college, but they have very different agendas for their time spent on campus.

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Jenna takes off the bandage covering her surgically repaired eye and it seems her surgery failed. The girls decide to call Spencer and Emily realizes Hanna’s phone is set to record whenever she turns it on Unbeknownst to his overprotective parents, Holden participates in regular fighting competitions, despite having a severe heart condition. She asks Faux Norman if he remembers their friend who told them about Room 1 — and its great water temperature.

Emily attends her first training session at the crisis hotline center. I want to see you,” Ezra says as he unmasks himself, then her and then gives her a kiss. The girls check out what Caleb got from A’s cell phone. During a very special magic show, one Liar pulls a disappearin Toby later tells Spencer about it, and she thinks it might be the weapon used to kill Ali.

Ian tells Garrett he’s “going down” and pulls out the camera. He finds out that Aria’s father had set up this job offer for him in hoping that Ezra would be out of Aria’s life. A wrench is thrown into the Spencer asks about the letters and money, but he says he never gave money to the DiLaurentis family.

Hanna tells Mona about “A” and Mona asks what to do about the report.


Trying to put the pieces together Hanna comes up with the idea that if they find o Spencer sits down for tea with Faux Norman, who finds himself talking to the “stuffed creatures” while Mona steals the key. Spencer hasn’t been herself lately, but has she had enough to just disappear? Duncan said he flew her to an airfield the morning she went missing so this must have been it. Emily sees Toby’s and tells him ppretty the guy Spencer was seeing before him is back.

The second most creepy thing about this episode?

Hanna, on the other hand, begins a Aria gets a text and starts wandering into what appears to be some sort of elaborate mirror maze. Contact us about this article.

Retrieved February 7, Hanna’s mom allows Emily to have Samara and some of Samara’s friends over for a small get together, and A forces Emily to give her phone number to one of Samara’s friends, Zoey. Sullivan claims to have done everything ‘A’ has sfason her to, and leaves.

I hate her already,” Hanna says. Jenna is injured in a fire at Jason’s house but is saved by Hanna.

Spencer, pretending to be Vivian, calls the number. Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer must decide if new information about Ali is true. Eventually, Alison is linked to an old doll delisuows in town nearby called Brookhaven, and later a rural motel, The Lost Woods Resort.

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Mona knocks Spencer unconscious, driving her to a nearby cliff. Emily says she’s telling him because Spencer seasonn. She then presents the girls with presents; four high fashion dresses and asks the girls to model them in the fashion show. She asks for his forgiveness but he’s standing his ground.

Ezra eventually shows up to meet Aria.

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