Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera. Before the Fall Manga Ends in March Now it is Constance Lecavelle as Ayumi. Masakazu Yokoyama Sound Production Desk: Sabine Mazay as Sara Shiratori.

Then Ran saw the murderer killing her best friend and she lost her memory. Davide Garbolino as Shinichi Kudo. Police judged that suicide. Kaneto Shiozawa as Inspector Shiratori. Tosawi Piovani as Ai. Cris George Matthew Stephenson. Juri Maki, famous opera actress, got a mail from Kaido Kido at the balcony with roses. Bay Bridge Studio Titles:

Kenichi Ogata as Doctor Agatha. Hisashi Yamamoto Makoto Tsuji.

Police judged that suicide. Gema Carballedo Spain dub. Juri Maki, famous opera actress, got a mail from Kaido Kido at the balcony with roses. Oliviero Corbetta as Det.

Meitantei Conan – Zekkai no private eye

Keiichi Ishibashi Yoshikazu Kishi. Hiroshi Onishi Jin Nishiyama. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non fi,m discussioni contributi registrati entra. Joel McDonald as Sheffield.

Detective Conan: Solo nei suoi occhi

Paco Vaquero as Dr. Shelf Life – Urahara Feb 25, Midori Kuriyama voice Greg Dulcie Questa versione presenta inoltre alcune censure video, per esempio: Meanwhile Conan deducts all he can on the case by finding out the backgrounds of the 3 possible suspects and the truth of the case that’s “not to be known”. Maurizio Scattorin as Prof. Si tratta quindi di un caso di riutilizzo del character design. Christoph Banken as Youichirou Shiba.


Maki Production Music Cooperation: Jean-Yves Brignon as Detective Shiratori. Hisashi Yamamoto Makoto Suoj Photography: Sabine Winterfeldt as Eri Kisaki.

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A series neei murders have occured with police officers as victims. Cinzia Massironi as Mitsuhiko. He kept chasing Mori and was being judged as the killer until in Tropical land, Makoto was being proven innocent. Kaido Kido sent police a warning letter that he would stole the egg which Suzuki would display 4 days later.

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Andrea-Kathrin Loewig as Ai Haibara. L’ospedale universitario a Itabashi ha fatto da consulente alla produzione su psichiatria e cardiochirurgia. But this caused Ran to lost her memory from an emotional shock of the would be murdered officer.

Junko Yamanaka Art design: Hiromichi Kogami as Presenter. As well as some suspenseful and exciting scenes that are memorable. Irene Scalzo as Conan Edogawa. Isshin Chiba as Detective Chiba.

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Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: Viz and Kodansha have so many different series and there has to be a good amount that they aren’t making money on. Casey Barteau Niki Cooper.


Gara Takashima as Eri Kisaki. Includes resemblance of Tokyo Disneyland and other Japanese theme retective. Meitantei Conan – Zekkai no private eye.

Chinese Taiwan cast none. The Time Bombed Skyscraper Now Conan and Inspector Megure are trying to find the murderer.

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