When I picked the book and started gazing at the content, I was a bit sceptical if I would learn anything new. He notes that mythological fiction is very popular as it is fantasy rooted in familiar traditional tales. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All in all, action is important and in most cases inevitable. Even for readers who just enjoy studying the significance of mythology and who are particularly interested in studying the effect mythology has on the lives of people – this book has something for them too. Certified Buyer , Kolkata.

View all 3 comments. There are numerous good examples drawn from mythology to understand business management. Basically, Devdutt had decoded mysteries that it could have taken many a scholar a lifetime to unravel. Not the kind of book you read specifically for business insights, but it does give you an alternative way of looking at things. Political needs were placed over Draupadi’s security”. However, you can change your cookie setting at any time by clicking on our Cookie Policy at any time.

This certainly qualifies as a book which has changed me forever in some way.

To give an example, the fact that cow-slaughter came to be considered a terrible crime in this country is not so much for religious reasons but because in the not so distant past, the cow played an extremely important economical role. There are ideas on how to be a better person and a better professional which makes one contemplate.

I preferred his articles. Jan 07, Shakthivanilla Saraboji rated it liked it. I really admire the way the author has driven home this thought. A nice book which blends mythology and business in a creative way.

Lists with This Book. It tells us what is valued in the organization. When you think of mythology and management, it becomes very difficult to connect the two. Indians view busindss in a circular fashion. Not because it is difficult to comprehend.

Asha Singh is now reduced to nothing more than a cold nod by the garden gate. What makes them a villain?


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Seqson also has some really well drawn illustrations and ‘points to remember’ sort of dvedutt which are very catchy. To ask other readers questions about Business Sutraplease sign up. He also unequivocally proves that through power of deductive logic busienss abstract bodies of knowledge can indeed lead to practical, ready to use in daily life, insights in even so materialistic pursuits such as business.

Books by Devdutt Pattanaik. It amalgamates theories of management with stories of mythology. Devdatt, deep dives into the intricate symbolism of Hinduism and expertly draws out the metaphorical equivalents of business from the abstract ritualistic practices from the Vedas, Upanishads and the Puranas. Communicated symbolically through the stories, symbols and rituals of India, which have been transmitted across the subcontinent for centuries, Business Sutra reveals a radically different approach to management, business, goverance, leadership, even economics and politics, that India seems to have forgotten, and the world has overlooked.

He can be reached at abhijitbhaduri live.

Devdutt Pattanaik

Modern education and training systems ignore the age old belief, that knowledge can never only be given, it must also be taken. He notices dance as part of religion.

I dip my bowl into the eternal wisdom they have, whenever I thirst for knowledge and guidance and they have so far been reliable companions. Beliefs explained with logic This book gives insights into Indian thoughts, Which in general seems illogical but this book helps to find out the logic behind. Asha Singh a few months later.

Praying to our Gods is not simply an attempt to secure good fortunes for ourselves but to expand our human potential, a conscious effort to become closer versions of our ideals, our Gods. Unless you like a little bit of mythology and are inclined towards spirituality this may not be the right book for you 2.

Business sutra by Devdutt Pattanaik

It should be read in bits and pieces and be savoured the way it is meant to be. Asha Singh entered the shop, produced her coupons on the counter and insisted on redeeming their value in gold jewellery items.


Thousands of years ago, mythology anticipated the conflict between business and the environment, between development and sustainability.

I also like the importance attached to actions and consequences rather than judging outcomes as good or bad. What is the dharma of business? Are you Indra — chasing success, or Vishnu — with success chasing you?

Well that made sense. I jave finished reading this book today after so many days devddutt reading and taking a break, business sutra by devdutt pattanaik is a book which helps understand the mentality of indian people that has been shaped through generations after generations in this society.

Add 3 Items to Cart. It is one of those books that I call A.

Business sutra by Devdutt Pattanaik

At the heart of the book is a compelling premise – if we believe that wealth needs to be chased, the workplace becomes a rana-bhoomi-a battleground of investors, regulators, employers, employees, vendors, competitors and customers; if we believe that wealth needs to be attracted, the workplace becomes a ranga-bhoomi-a playground where everyone is happy.

A Handbook of Hindu Mythology [5] ; Jaya: Devdutt has consulted Star TV network on mythological tele-serials like Mahabharata and Siya ke Ram ; these serials have challenged conventional views of the narratives and opened up new avenues of interpretation. Business Sutra is more than an Indian approach to management. The writer draws out some ideas about what is ‘Indian’ and what is not. The way the concepts are graphically explained is the second biggest strength.

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