Craig-9 17 November Their very violent and moving journey takes them to a mountain top and to the magical possibility of redemption. A journey of disillusionment and story of complacency, action, and meaning, “Men With Guns” is a movie which doesn’t seem particularly appealing but which side-winds viewers with it’s surprising literate dialog and plotting and lush visuals of South American countryside. This movie has some of the most expertly drawn characters I’ve ever seen in a movie. An aging doctor travels into the mountains in an unspecified Latin American country and finds that local politics can be murderous. It’s not the dramatic and sensitive kind of love story though.

Along the way, the doctor gradually picks up a group of traveling companions, including an army deserter, a former priest, a little boy, and a woman who has not spoken since she was raped by soldiers. This film is based in a fictional nation somewhere in south America, but the events that unfold are everything but fiction, in fact they are based very closely on true events as they were described by people who actually lived it. AG] sub download 0 English subtitle The. He find, tragically, his former students have all been killed: Although he’s long marched to beat of a different drummer, as they say, as one of the few truly independent American filmmakers, Sayles really goes out on the edge this time, giving us a film which is presented almost entirely in Spanish, with English subtitles, as he tells the tale of a doctor in an unnamed Latin American country who undertakes a journey into the rain forest in search of a group of young medical students he’d trained some years before. In Pakistan, only the censored version has been released.

The plot is your typical Sacha Baron Cohen plot; a person from an entirely different culture travels to America and you watch how incompatible the two cultures are. On the other hand, if you cringe at racist and stereotype jokes, you will be covering your ears virtually the entire movie. The “men with guns” are any people fictator carry weapons: The movie had plenty of laugh out loud moments. It tells you exactly where you should stand in relation to its characters and its subject matter.


Most of the story, you have no idea what led to this ruined world that is now devoid of all life–no animals, no people A retired Professor of medicine in Mexico begins a journey to reaffirm his legacy, that is, to find and reacquaint himself with the students who studied under him. Sayles has said, “As I was writing it, I made sure that almost all of the incidents are based on events that have happened somewhere else, almost to the exact detail.

Even the war vets who have gone to levels so low we cannot even imagine. I wasn’t able to shake the feeling that I’d seen and heard this all before.

As directed, the movie is sobering and quite funny at the suvtitles time, the characters are very interesting, and the overall effect is highly entertaining.

It really threw me off.

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Fotografia Mp3 Free Download. Tallahassee Dollar Movie Times. If only the writer had taken more chances. What Jqybob also liked about it was the hidden parts of the story.

My most respectful nod to everyone involved. It fails in targeting both. So instead I’ll just say that the “good” is all about the visuals. The film is quite pointy, it is for a moderate audience and will make all kinds of extremists quite unhappy. I just fell upon this movie while watching the IFC channel and I hadn’t been back from Guatemala for long.

The post-apocalyptic city is consistently beautiful and dangerous. And btw, the subtitles were pretty much right on.

A city-dweller, through and through, he has always bought into the government’s version of the battle between mountain guerrillas and government troops. English Dictator p. This is the page about eubtitles episode. I found Men with Guns undeniably compelling. It drew me into the life of Dr Fuentes in a way that few movie’s draw you in. AG] sub download 0 English subtitle 9.

Create your website today. I became totally engrossed.

Absolutely do not miss this one. He wanted to pass a legacy, but slowly found it to be in shatters by the people he as an educated bourgeoise trusted.


The doctor finds out that it does not matter who is jaubob the people, they are all just “men with guns” and Indians are just as capable of cruelty against their own people as government soldiers.

I usually avoid movies I know will be explicit and include crude humor because it’s just not my cup of tea.

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If so, why did the director cast him in a story about Mexico? As our hero travels further into the countryside he grows more and more disillusioned, the disconnect and also, the implicit connection between his cosy middle classy city life and the violent peasantry becoming increasingly unbearable. Dell Datasafe Download Online. Another fine addition to Sayles’ increasingly eclectic CV: Men with Guns really seeks to drive home the “Man’s Inhumanity to Man” theme, using various character examples to encapsulate horror-stories anyone who is familiar with the region has heard.

This very complex, but easily understood story of a dedicated Doctor in jayobb quest for Students he trained to be suhtitles is compelling from beginning to end.

Craig-9 17 November At the first village, a blind woman tells Dr. The acting and writing is absolutely superb. Much of the added material is additional sexual content and dialogue.

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If I ever made englosh film I would copy the style of this film. Men With Guns is a political allegory that sneaks up on you with it’s emotional impact and gripping humanism.

Another reviewer complained that there was meaning. Anyone who has seen Lone Star or Passion Fish knows that he is a storyteller extraordinaire. Many still don’t get it today. Skip to content We have a total oftorrents on YourBittorrent of whichare verified.

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