And for that we shall follow the bloody trails of the appellant and those of the other members of the terrorist group. On the basis of the ocular evidence alone not taking into account for the moment the other evidences the prosecution has presented before the court a vivid and photographic figuratively and actually account of the CST events. According to plan, Abu Ali jumped out and anchored the boat to the shore. Baba Filmanad – Rekha Yog. The officer who was shot near the gate of St. He crossed through the train and reached platform no. He asked the two policemen to enter the train compartment because he thought they had taken a position that was quite dangerous. Meanwhile Kasab fixed two nine 9 volt batteries to the wire of the timer in the bomb in the bag.

Short film on gender equality where you will see how parents discriminate there children on the basis of their gender and social norms in our society. The people at the station were frightened and started running in all directions. He was also fair and of medium built. He stated before the court that on the evening of November 26, , he was in his office on the fourth floor of the Times of India Building, which stands opposite the CST railway station. You Can search the videos by its Episode Name, gag name, or simply leave it blank to see all videos. He asked who had fired at target No. See Taare Mastiii Mein – Cockt After some time, he also realised that even the tube and tyre had come off the punctured wheel.

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Nukkad Ke Sher – Gavaskar. She then identified the appellant as the butka man who, along with his tall partner, had entered the Cama Hospital premises by jumping over its back gate.

And the threads on their wrists would deceive the police. Hanif Saudagar PWare some of the passenger witnesses. His job is to make announcements of the arrival and departure of trains on barbaaf public address system.


When baebaad came to depose in court after about 6 months of the occurrence, she was still unable to walk properly. They then signaled to babaad other and decided to open fire. The shot hit Ugade in the abdomen and he fell down. Back in his hut, Waghela told his mother about the incident. When Khiratkar and his men reached near the gate of the foot-overbridge they were informed that the terrorists had already left the railway station. He wanted to take their photographs and, therefore, he went to the second floor of the Times of India Building from where the foot-over bridge is clearly visible.

A photograph showing two persons lying dead or injured was marked Ext. Indian I-dhol – Episode 2B. They left behind the clothes they had travelled in on the Kuber. He said before the court that he had identified the accused in the test identification parade on December 27, Thereafter, Zaki-ur-Rehman gave a satellite phone to Ismail and left. Chunabhai Kit-Kit – Plastic Surgery. It had, therefore, become necessary to fight a war against Hindustan to capture Kashmir.

Kasab listed the different fake Hindu names given to the rest of his colleagues. He told the assembled officers that Date and some other police officers were lying injured on the higher floors of the hospital. It was there in the month of September,that Ramzan started.

On hearing the gunshots he immediately went inside the enclosure where the solar system is installed and locked its collapsible gate. See Taare Mastiii Mein – Rowdy Badhwar Park was evidently selected as the landing site for the terrorists with great care and with consideration of its immense strategic potential for the attack on their episods targets.


There they practiced how to take position and fire with Kalashans. After some time they reached the chowk and found a large crowd comprising both policemen and the public. This particular photograph from Ext. Suddenly, they started firing.

At this, those two persons fired at his vehicle. Kasab further asked where exactly in Malabar Hill.

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Tedhi Medhi Baatein – Avnil Kapoor. In the course of the training, Ustad Abu Kafa wanted accused No. He could not fire from it any longer. One of them was taller and the other was shorter.

Fil 1st Prize Winner The appellant and his associate were, however, not hit and they continued to proceed towards platform No. Ismail also noted down in his diary the hours assigned to each group, mentioning the members of each eil by the names given to them by Hafiz Sayeed. See Taare Mastiii Mein -Gunday He then hid his body in the engine room. He gave the names of the spouses of the elder sister and the elder brother and their respective addresses.

They took a taxi. She and all the patients were frightened due to the continuous noise of explosions and firing. He was aged about twenty-two to twenty-five 22—25 years.

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The bathroom was then bolted from outside. According to episoed, Kasab called Abu Hamza on the satellite phone. Fate seemed to force his every step towards meeting the terrorists and when he actually stood face-to-face with them, quite certain of death, he did not go down without fighting.

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