Well, I think we should all say thanks to Dongryong for making Taek watch “those” video with him hahaha. Z January 16, at The hints were too obvious that people think some of them are plot-holes like R D I hope that we see a nice development in their relationship in the last episode Guest January 15, at Sung Deok Sun Hyeri struggles for attention as the middle child in her poor family while also carrying the burden of her th ranking in school.

Can someone please explain to me how a baby faced cutie patootie like him can turn into such a sexy man in a blink of an eye!!!!! An ex in relationships just means you were loved or wanted once too I ain’t even mad. Julia First of all, scientists seem to believe the human brain is still developing even after early 30’s. Times may have been a little simpler, less technological, but still just as challenging to get through a typical day of life in the late s. For someone who wasn’t even really interested in this drama when it first started, I’m going to miss it terribly after tomorrow’s finale. How can we not love this guy?

Agatha January 15, at 1988 a middle child, DS always wanted the love and attention that was lacking from home. Besides divine kisses, sweet persona, cute demeanor and winning attitude, Taek has a certain mysteriousness that pulls people in. Their differences compliment each other well for nurturing a relationship to grow together. We return towith Deok-sun and Husband dramaool. I never have picked a ship for any of the Reply Series so it doesn’t bother me who she ends up with as long as it’s a good story.

Dramscool like i’ve been cheated! Like how DS asked for JH permission back in high school days. Dong-ryong offers to change the wedding cake to a birthday cake, but Jung-hwan tells him to leave it as it is because he has an idea. Damn, this boy is a closer.


REPLY 1988

But then wedding music begins to play, and Dad steps out in a tuxedo and walks down the aisle toward her. I cried for JH when he confessed then backed out.

I don’t know, was it the chiseled chin? I can’t think of a drama in recent memory where the friendships just seemed so REAL. She had nursed quite episkde crush on him in her younger days, but he gave her practically no indication that it was reciprocated.

He is such an awesome man and most of all a human being. She crushed on all the boys in her neighborhood, but Taek was so close to her that the spectre of dating him as a teenager actually scared the hell out of her when it was a possibility despite the fact that she kind of made the first move. Also, in the later episodes, it was revealed that the husband had many girlfriends before he married DS.

Still can’t believe he lose or give up? I’m both terribly sad and extremely happy. People were blind by their own ship and their confidence in their ship that they are now calling all sorts of names to this wonderful, amazing and touching drama.

I’m a JH shipper, but I totally agree when a commenter said weeks ago that she couldn’t keep on rooting for JH when he refused to play. Second, he asks what Bora considers first place in her life. Yoo Jae Myung Supporting Cast. Not that Deoksun doesn’t deserve him, it’s just that she’s not the right one. D I hope that we see a nice development in their relationship in the last episode I hope he finds his happy ending with another girl who deserves him.


Kween Ramyeon January 16, at 2: Urnaa January 16, at 5: We, viewers knows his love and pain becos we are viewers of the story. And in ep 10 she did agree to take responsibility for him.

Jung-bong and Mi-ok meet for another date, and when she sees him talking about samgyupsal so animatedly, she suggests he quit studying law and do something foo-related. He swooped in like a man and did the damn thing.

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It’s funny I always knew that it would be Taek, bec previously in soompi the writer I think says that he thinks of Taek, but because of all the Jung Han shippers I had my doubts. Sung Dong Il Supporting Cast.

He knows what he wants and goes for it so he wins and deserves the girl he loves. Guest January 15, at Agh, why do you always cover up your heartache with jokes? I repky, in retrospect, whenever it comes to DS, he was always straightforward in his own Taek-ie way compared to JH.

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