Anyway if someone who has it want to share here I would be happy to do it, not sure about the time tho! The cool thing is if I had found yaoi in school times I would not even started, sooooo I’m glad I found it later! Anonymous 20 July at I love that manga too, sweet and cute hoshino lily style , but I cant say I will do it in the near future! About the question, yup I have! Instead of using Youtube and the sites you have been posting, may I suggest Twitter? Cold Blood Kissy 21 December at ME will need more of them cz I always had trouble when I need to decide on a new project..

Cold Blood Kissy 20 January at OMG I love you and your blog so munchie! Find the button on any track to add it to your Bookmarks! Still havent not even read the manga yet! Even if it will be not in the near future! Then u like modern themes huh?!?! I told her that if she need help I’m here, but I dont know!

elektel delusion drama cd manga vol 1 chapter 3 2

The cool thing is if I elektep found yaoi in school times I would not even started, sooooo I’m glad I found it later! Unknown 29 January at But here have only yukimura x shinonome Roby85 m 13 September at I’m looking forward for your next project.

Here u can deluxion all the projectes we worked on so far! If u have a request, send us an email H E R E with the title of the manga!


{YAOI} Elektel delusion [CD Drama] by Nodochika | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Second I cant give a closed access, coz it’s totally against the idea I had when i opened this blog and coz I cant even imagine to give one by one access And yup, definitely Jackass is in my list things to do, so with time I hope to be able to edit it. Will you do K-sensei since its pictures are on top of every page? I’m thinking of rewatching it. Sorry for the waiting Cold Blood Kissy 1 January at I will let u know as soon as I can!

CD Drama YAOI HARD +18 3 –

I also asked to friends who work on computer antivirus. Just wondering where your Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla blcd go.?

And wow, finally someone called for that manga too! I’m waiting it to be complete! Deluzion 24 July at Thanks for your request! I can’t seems to find it Can you OK Bye Bye!. You have an awesome team where all of you are sacrificing your precious time in your busy RL schedule to do this out of pure love!

Kelly Nguyen 28 December at I don’t know who you are or what you are. I know u are excited, we all are, but it’s not like we are videomaker machines! Using the due respect anyone can write whatever they think here.


Roby85m 20 November at I want to watch the full version. But I’m truly glad u manya+cd me know! I cant tell I would do it right away Ahahah happy to know u liked it!

Thanks alot for make this request!

CD Drama YAOI HARD +18 3

I have a side blog for that, to give a body to my madness ehm Roby85m 17 May at Roby85m 23 February at Roby85m 10 March at dramx Gita Zandria 27 April at Anonymous 27 October at Or you could arrange them again alphabetically, just as long the Titles are written together with the CD Covers.

Im sorry if it sounds rude, but if any chance you still have the cd, may I? If you could pass the link I would really like to watch videos about this manga!

Drake has revealed to not keep his son a secret anymore and feels like it was one of the hardest decision of his life to open up. I dont why I was sure it manga+d Viewfinder! It is exactly where it should be! Thank you as always for everything!

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