As he goes back to take care of his mistake, the janitor stops the elevator that is carrying him upstairs. This is not one of them. He climbs to Simon’s office using a rope outside the window and kills the executive. This is something we need more of. He leaves his car running, leaving his coat and gun inside while he runs in to retrieve the rope. It just stretches credibility to a limit. But in fact it was just boring.

The timing was right, the film came out in Her scenes of walking wandering the dark, rainy streets of Paris are chilling to watch for film lovers. But it interested me, and kept me in my seat, how I knew things may unravel as they should in these films, and I found myself having to root for someone in a sea of anti-heroes. Then everything starts to go wrong. No explanation was given for the sudden appearance of the grappling hooks and rope which are seen at Florence’s feet as she tries to find Julien at the office. Perhaps paratroopers never sweat.

Elevator to the Gallows is a film noir of sorts, though with a very French, lyrical quality.

As he does that, he is about to leave to meet Florence Carala, his lover, at a cafe on Boulevard Hausmann. Gaplows Moreau plays an unhappily married woman who colludes with her lover Tavernier Maurice Ronet to kill her husband Jean Wallfor whom he works. There isn’t a lot gaklows dialogue in this film, but the actions say it all. Elevator to the Gallows is a great film and even better, has a short running time!

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When Julien was being questioned by the police he could have proved he was stuck in the elevator all night by elevayor how he dropped the flaming Gauloise pack down the shaft its remains still had to be there and take his chances that the cops would still accept that his victim had gwllows committed suicide and his night in the elevator was just an unfortunate coincidence. Nice plot, nice atmos, nice score a la Miles Davis. Ventura as the inspector Cherier, who figures the whole mystery.

Florence, who happens to be looking to the street sees the car go by, but she notices there is a woman on the passenger’s side.

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Louis Malle made his striking directorial debut in this French film, “Elevator to the Gallows” inwith the script cowritten by him and Roger Nimier. The plot goes like clockwork til, having left the building for the weekend Julien Maurice Ronet gets in his car, starts the engine then spots a glaring clue he omitted to take care of. I have a feeling this may be the kind of film that will play better on multiple viewings, and for now I’m content to eubtitles it was a very well-spent trip.


This is something we need more of. He leaves his car running, leaving his coat and gun inside while he runs in to retrieve the rope. The pulp novel influence is clear, characters that we don’t care about because they don’t really have personality except those completely unbelievable run around doing stuff pretty much because they need to only to keep the plot going.

As for the lovers, in French flicks we know people love one another very much eleevator because they’ll show it but because they’ll talk endlessly about it. How can you make a leading lady anything but glamorous?

The absence of the now necessary action scenes is also wonderfully refreshing, and the plot sybtitles thorough and intelligent. As the lift starts nearing the all important floor,Tavernier is suddenly left trapped and with no where to run when the buildings lift is shout down as the staff close the subtitlfs block down to get set for all having the weekend off work.

It’s just one of the many wonderful things about Louis Malle’s excellent picture. Whilst Moreau unforgettable face does open this fantastic film,the rest of the cast easily deserve equal praise,with the sadly under rated Maurice Ronet giving a terrific performance as Julian Tavernier who along with showing a chilling precision of executing the murder is also able to show an increase feeling of dread as the walls of the lift start to close in on him as his fear of getting found really starts to take its toll on him,and also gives the audience of great sense of isolation.


In fact, the plot is rather thin, leaving room for a suspense tenseness in the elevator scenes and later in the interrogation scene, superbly lit ti, b narrative musings by the calm Moreau, or c troubles of the kids. The labyrinth story focuses first on illicit lovers Florence Carala, the restless wife of a corrupt arms dealer, and Julien Tavernier, a former war hero working for Florence’s husband. These narratives are handled well, along with the typical police procedural, and it leads up to an ending that may not necessarily have a message to it.

MisterWhiplash 26 August Small gripes, but they really did not spoil the movie for me. It is surprising to the best of my knowledge that this is the only complete original film score he produced. Style is there of course and I detected minor references to one or two American “noirs”.

With her sorrowful eyes and pouting intelligence, Jeanne Moreau makes a vivid impression as Florence and gives her obsessed character the necessary gravitas to make her journey worthy of our interest. To be fair, Ronet Tavernier adds nothing by remaining impassive throughout. The boss’s wife, the cause of all his trouble, who is waiting anxiously in the street for him to be back from the job, sees instead a couple riding his car and recognizes only the girl–not the man driving–and logically suspects infidelity.


Yes, I killed him. The atmosphere of ‘s Paris, a truly beautiful actress, a well-balanced plot and the ultimate Jazz soundtrack, recorded in one go by Miles Davis.

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I kept wishing one of Hollywood’s noir masters like Nicholas Ray or Billy Wilder had gotten hold of the material first. It looks like there might be a few clever twists but they never come, no, the clever cops work it all out and the silly chumps leave incriminating photos to seal their fate and by the way, who took the photos anyway?

Just as Julien is about to set off ,he has a look back at the building Tavernier gets a feeling of terror running down his spine when he notices that during the rush to get back to safety he had accidentally left the grappling rope hanging outside the room where the murder had taken place!. Malle weaves a fascinating story of fate and random circumstance.

So, while Tavernier is stuck in the elevator trying to get out, some punk and his girlfriend steal his car and go for a joyride.

And when he realizes it, already in the street, after the thing has been up there for ten min. However, the great director Louis Malle goes even further with his minimalistic approach to sound, lighting and dialog. The old man has to be eliminated if the lovers are to aspire to a elevxtor together.

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Rightly seen as a bridging movie between the classic film noir cycle and the nouvelle vague, Malle’s movie is in truth straightforward on narrative terms. Improbable, okay, but entertaining with it. The unpredictable and original story is fantastic, the screenplay has many plot points until the very last scene and the performances are top-notch.

But the most blatant thing is the lack of smarts in the story. An amoral young couple, sullen and resentful Louis and free-spirited Veronique, enter the scene tangentially and get caught up in their own deceptions with a boisterous German couple whom they meet through a fender bender.

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