When TaHwan came to rescue Ki, it highlighted a turning point in the love triangle, because directly before that Ki misunderstood and falsely believed Wang Yoo betrayed her. Seung-nyang told Baek Ahn to put down his sword while Ta-hwan was still waiting to hear his answer. I feel like I am dreaming. He suspected something and summoned Golta, but got to know from Guksu that his eunuch had to make a trip home since his mother was sick.. Both of them seemed to realize that Yuan was on the verge of being defeated and Taltal advised her to retreat to the North should he failed to return after the battle. Yoo could only send her away with his gaze; his eyes teary as well.

Byung-soo and Jo-cham were surprised that even the Empress was deposed and they would soon be finished too. I have to say this. TH is dying so I just wish he will die happy. She also showed them the secret letter sent by Baek Ahn to him to produce the fake evidence. Quote of the Day. Ta-hwan suggested that she should be kneeling on the ground to prove her loyalty since she was also one of his subjects.

Watch New Korean Drama Upcomingfree watch korean drama engsubKorean drama reviewsk-drama previews updated her. But I will remember you. Do you have empeess confidence for the Crown Prince selection? This stopped being a priority a little before the time jump. They swore allegiance to the Dowager and Byung-soo told them that Leader-nim would make the Emperor issue an official decree.

Photo essays and sequence shots Photojournalism Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Ta-hwan found it impossible but Seung-nyang told him to see it for himself ans stay there until that night.

Wang Yu increases the intrigues and conflicts between the opposing sides, but then, he rpisode framed for poisoning El Temur.

Skip to content What is wrong and what is right? Then, kill me as a proof! Baek Ahn was already standing in front of her quarters and Seung-nyang told Hong-dan to take care of the Emperor but to keep it a secret that Ta-hwan had regained his consciousness. No kidding… By the way for talnyang shipperwatch this: The Chancellor was ready to launch the attack and led his army into the quarters.


She will find out Maha is Byul only if no one bursts in and interrupts. How to write photo captions; Campus news photography and working on your yearbook Photojournalism It was the least thing he could do to protect his family.

Ta-hwan made the decision to go to the temple to punish Seung-nyang, who had humiliated him. The little team was happy with Jeombakyi and Moo-song would be promoted once they were back in Goryeo and Yoo urged the other two to finish their work.

Campus Connection: “Empress Ki” Eps. (synopsis, episodes, links, and review)

Just like how Ta-hwan was pushing through the military expedition so that he could become a pride to Ayu, Seung-nyang was only thinking of protecting her son, hence she was hoping that Ta-hwan would understand her intention as a mother. Bolud was more than willing to grant him his wish and said that they would meet in the palace after before leaving for the palace. I can feel that they are hurrying things when they reached the 45th episodes that some important scenes that mepress have dreamed of became just ordinary?

Ki finds them later upon his death and reads them. She was thinking of staying by his side and supporting him while raising Ayu.

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Empress Ki: Eps 48-49

Before they could reach any decision, Ta-hwan had another hallucination and he heard Yoo mocking him. The reason he was so confident was because he had planted his men among the guards. The Three Lords led the rest of the officials to enter the palace and at the same kj, Baek Ahn had resorted to torture in order to make Yoo confess about the identity of his accomplice.


Darn, Ta-hwan knew ccupboard only Taltal was brave enough to tell the truth while the rest of the officials were cowards and they were actually afraid of his sword. We are just in different road but in the same destination.

Baek Ahn hoped that Ta-hwan would depose Consort Ki to save their country although he would be sentenced to death. Bi-soo was about to check the situation herself but knowing that it would be dangerous, they had to move in a group. Ralking Taltal tried to stop Ta-hwan, but to no avail. Yoo was in the prison, being investigated by both Baek Ahn and Taltal. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He told Baek Ahn about the meeting and the Chancellor was planning to put her men around the hall before the meeting.

Empress Dowager tried talkiny oppose her every word and Seung-nyang showed them the ring which belonged to Bayan.

“Empress Ki” Week 18 – Oolala Happens

His plan was ji smoothly, but he found out that Seung-nyang had been sent away from the palace to the temple. Article of the Day provided by The Free Dictionary. It just my way to express that my comment for you was just pure and innocent. As Tana she is going down slowly.

Ta-hwan saw Maha when he was taking a stroll around the palace and the boy hid his book upon seeing his father. Maybe in episode Of course those two would choose the latter. Has he forgotten this is k type of person she is? Maha is her symbol of power. Notify me of new posts via email.

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