As with almost all faction standing gain, you lose standings via the derived standings mechanics which are covered in “Sources of Standings Loss”, our next topic. If an agent you recently declined a mission from offers you another undesirable mission, you can click DELAY, wait out the four hour timer while you go do something else, and then decline. I went into detail about this earlier so if you missed it recap on the syllabus. Standings can be lost in few ways. Corporation standing does not effect as many systems as faction standings. This agent is part of the Transstellar Shipping corporation, which is part of the Gallente Federation faction. NPC Navies will spawn and attack you.

There are three standard types of missions: Mission levels go from low to high: The logic behind this is that essentially you are working for, for example, the Caldari State and so the Gallente Federation and other enemies of the Caldari start to dislike you. Feel free to ask questions about this bit at the end, it isn’t simple. Each completed mission will raise your standing with that agent and the agent’s corporation and move you more quickly towards the next level. The last thing you want is to be running missions in the middle of a contested low sec region where combatants will shoot at you, or in systems that lie on a busy trade route where pirates will gank you. I am aware this adds up to more than the alloted course time. The derived standing modifier is based on the the standing from the secondary faction towards the faction you work with and the ratio of the sizes of these two factions.

With Social V the completion of each mission chain awards 1. They also give you standing storyyline the agent that gave you the mission and the agent’s corporation, and the agent’s faction.

Feel free to ask questions about this bit at the end, it isn’t simple.


Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. All the plot type missions that you get from the standard agent pool cannot lower your standings unless you shoot faction NPC’s. Since there are many Missiojs agents in Gallente space, choosing this corporation will not restrict your choice of star systems all that much. Agents of that faction will no longer speak to you regardless of corp or agent standing. This may be result of taking missions against that faction or taking part in faction warfare.

In addition they do not have positive relationships with any other faction, making it impossible to improve standings through derived standings. They give out missions whereby either couriering a small item 10m3 or less to a nearby location or giving them Pirate NPC tags will result storgline corporation and faction standing increases. Any time you gain faction standing to an entity except for the epic arcs you gain a loss to other entities that dislike the person you are gaining standings to.

Gaining faction standings fast

Listed are values in percentages. For example, if you gain an amount to Entity A, whom is disliked by Entity B by When people talk about missions they usually mean security missions. They are here for historical purposes only, as well as an optional starting point for designing new classes. For every 16 missions of the same level and faction but not necessarily the same corporation that you complete, you will get a new Storyline Mission offer from the nearest storyline agent of the same faction.

Here are some suggestions. As long as you pay attention you can travel through their space as they will not point your ship but just attack and web. Once you are in touch with the Storyline Agent, you accept and complete the mission in the usual way.

The derived standing modifier is based on the the standing from the secondary faction towards the faction you work with and the ratio of the sizes of these two factions. If you are in a fleet with someone murdering Gallente Federation ships you are totally unaffected unless you shoot them too. This concept applies mizsions a rule to all agents of a faction who are located in a different faction’s sovereign space.


EVE Search – What happens when you decline storyline missions?

You may find yourself in a situation where you have ruined your standing with a faction. There are two main sources of standing loss which are not generally indicated to the player when you start Eve Online.

Anomic missions present a different and higher challenge compared to other security missions. This is to help newbies out with quality information not to get free ISK.

If you are offered a mission but you have not accepted it letting it time out reduces no standings whatsoever. Learn and move on.

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Views View View source History. The rewards are also dynamically adjusted based on past completion data. Agents of that corporation will no longer speak to you regardless of faction or agent standing. Standings can be lost in few ways. You will be awarded standings respective of the levels shown here. All artwork, screenshots, characters, vehicles, storylines, world facts or other recognizable features of the intellectual property relating to these trademarks are likewise the intellectual property of CCP hf.

The mathematics for these functions are listed below on the Syllabus Page on ece EUNI wiki for anyone interested in spending two hours lost in calculation.

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