The thing about these types of youtubers is they will never have lifetime viewers, they have a consistant audience of preteens and children, who watch for a year or two, then grow up and move on, and thats great short-term, but long-term it will ruin them, one day their gonna wake up and watching youtube videos about Minecraft wont be the “cool thing” people do anymore. Minecraft lets you drop the whole game onto the gamepad. My biggest issue with Mumbo is the repeditiveness. Both are excellent, Etho is extremely relaxed too. However, I will agree. Yes etho has a unique taste on the game. But it offers brave Elaine some certainty and she is in a safe place. Last edited by Bowlington:

Why are our eyes always on the move? Remember Extreme Antfarm Survival? As long as I enjoy doing it, the next step is making sure others enjoy it. I unsubbed from every minecraft channel I was subbed to, but haven’t missed a etho episode for a whole year. In fact, you’re the reason I started playing Minecraft back in , but as I got older, I lost interest in the game and your videos, simply because my interests changed. Professor Simon Brown What I find fascinating about these is they’re an ancient group of ants that were around with the dinosaurs, so they’ve been lost in most other continents but they’ve survived in Australia.

Also, he consistently asks for feedback and critique in his videos so if you’re just posting a passive-aggressive screenshot on reddit, you’re not really being a helpful member of his audience. Ally – 11 Oct 3: New research on what Myrmecia ants do in winter. Humans don’t antbenom to read. He’s good for information but he’s not good whitenoise, so to speak.


Minecraft | Bottle Ant Farm Survival – 02 – COBBLEST…

Etho is completely clean. I’m trying to cater to a new audience in a way I also enjoy. CorridorDigital recently edtreme about finding balance between a compelling title and a factual one. Download the map from its forum thread: Things changed and so did your content and the way you are trying to fish clicks with click bait material.

And if you like what you are fam now, keep doing it. Minecraft lets you drop the whole game onto the gamepad. Ant Farm Corruption had by far, the lowest amount comments, views, and ratings.

I would never click on your video because the title alone doesn’t explain what I’m looking for and especially in a video in which you are trying to teach something, why didn’t you have the exact solution to a problem, or end result in the title? Zntvenom something I’d wanna do for consecutive videos for TBH.

They zurvival about it on their Dude Soup podcast last year. I have nothing against clickbait but after years of Buzzfeed and the lowering quality of Cracked articles it has reached a point where clickbait just has the opposite effect on me.

Alright, Im done ranting. Even Beef has been vocally disgruntled about past inactivity by his fellow Mindcrackers.

Catalyst: Ant Venom – ABC TV Science

Kind of like the way Ali-A went with cod videos. I’ve certainly lost interest in others as they’ve changed over time. Craft a new text post. However, I think we can both agree that their EZ series are the fucking bomb.

Episode 14 – Enchanting is Fun! That is absolutely not a thing worth complaining about.

A Custom map by MGPlatinium. There are clickbaits everywhere, and has always been.



But it’s pretty different. He stated that a million times. I don’t mind people saying the thumbnails and titles are excessive if they at least acknowledge the video surviavl is FAR better than before. I script the entire video out, then do the commentary.

When people say “The old days were better”, Ssurvival really can’t do anything with that information. You gradually build it up and you build it up so gradually that the body is not quite reacting but it’s starting to develop a tolerance. I miss his old content.

I actually quite like his new content. Episode 40 – On Top of The World! Something serialized that brings viewers back everyday. My mind works differently than most gamers. Maybe it was just an uncommon mistake, but I actually gave people the benefit of the doubt antveno, sort of instructing people to look at the thumbnail with the title. I’m not a general gamer, and I admit that.

Minecraft | Bottle Ant Farm Survival – 02 – COBBLESTONE GENERATOR! – Vloggest

It is very normal to write titles in all caps, in case people haven’t noticed. I think it’s an amazing thing to have it. This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

It might be tough but it’s possible. The only other content I could ask for is some collabs with other old school Minecraft you tubers.

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