List of Face Off episodes. Scene of the Crime. Alana and Laney pair up to create a pig from “This Little Piggy. Your browser is out of date. With the final challenge out of the way, the contestants and judges from Face Off’s third season took the opportunity to recollect in a special live event that would also serve as the coronation of the grand prize winner! Nicole, who came back to the show after being eliminated, Derek, who fought on after his twin brother was eliminated, and Laura, who needs this win to jumpstart her career.

Rick faces his future with no regrets, while Eric seems to have a note more sorrow at his second departure from the show. Jason and Roy are also up for elimination due to the jarring paint job and the mismatched animal elements – Snake and Rabbit – in their dragon. West Hollywood , Los Angeles , California. With Rod out of the house, Alana is feeling really low, and her spirits only drop when she gets her assignment for the Spotlight Challenge. The judges love the naturalistic aesthetic Laura and Alana employed for their sculpture, and agree that the movement and color scheme are great. Laura – Botanist attacked by an insectoid Wesen Safe: Also in the top are Laura and Sarah, whose work the judges site as some of the cleanest in all three seasons of Face Off. Close Browser Update Message.

Create two Halloween -themed characters, an evil demon and a good witch, that will perform in a choreographed stunt show.

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McKenzie stands before a glittering carousel and delivers the details of this week’s challenge: As McKenzie welcomes them, she tells them that the winner of this challenge, in which they must use one element from the ivdeobull decor in episoce creation of a brand-new character, will have immunity in the Spotlight Challenge. Adolfo and Lyma had a crisis when trying to open the mold for their Humpty-Dumpty-meets-Lady-Gaga makeup, but Adolfo pulled through and managed to get it in great shape.

But the prize this week goes to Tommy and Derek for of the rules of the assignment with their own, unique vision in an excellently crafted piece. Their assignment, inspired by the upcoming Insidious: After winning the season, Nicole is the first Face Off winner to have been eliminated, come back, and win.


But worries are momentarily forgotten when the epieode step onto a stage decked out to look like a Chinese temple and see their makeups fly through the air in a choreographed spectacle. The Foundation Challenge this week is to create a realistic-looking fight makeup, so McKenzie brings the artists to a competitive boxing gym where they meet their guest judge, Laila Ali. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site.

Close Browser Update Message. Nicole – Princess from another planet Derek – Future soldier with injuries Safe: Retrieved 26 September The challenge this week is to team up with a partner and create a superhero and their sidekick inspired by a distinctive vehicle.

Working with children seaosn the non-profit group City Hearts, Kids Say Yes to the Artscontestants are to create an original movie monster using a child’s sketch as inspiration [18] Reward: Season 1 and 2 judge Patrick Tatopoulos stepped down from his position after the first episode in order to work on Archived from the original on 27 October With the final challenge out of the way, the contestants and judges from Face Off’s third season took the opportunity to videobul in a special live event that would also episodd as the coronation of the grand prize winner!

Laura – Botanist attacked by an insectoid Wesen Safe: Eric – Spyglass C. The winning character will be featured on the Star Wars website in its original form and episde for The Epiode Wars animated series. Rod and Roy decide to build an alien so tiny that he needs a giant robot exoskeleton to help him move, and when it comes to judging time, the panel sees how well the pair worked together and chooses their ambitious, detailed character as one of their top picks.

In teams of two, they’ll create whimsical interpretations of famous characters from Mother Goose rhymes.

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Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. Skip to main content. Eric and Rick chose a rhyme about a crooked man, but when their character comes out twisted and disturbing, the judges place the makeup in bottom looks. Season 5, Episode 3.

Year of the Dragon

eplsode TV by the Numbers. He continues to give them moral support throughout the challenge. Miranda and Tate orf top looks, and sezson wins, overall. Glenn comes by to give feedback on everyone’s projects, and Sarah and Eric worry that they might not have quite the right blend of original and classical elements in their creation, but still they press on.


At Olvera Streetthe eliminated contestants excluding Joe were to create a Day of the Dead face makeup. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat After visiting the steampunk -themed nightclub The Edisonwhere they view the City Watch, Aristocrate, Thug, and Weeper characters from the video game Dishonoredthe contestants are to create an original take on their selected character.

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The winner was chosen in the second half. On the ship were 11 treasure chests that their keys could open up, revealing an inspiration the artist had to use in their creation of an original pirate character “who has become one with the sea”.

After visiting the Bronson Caves and meeting with season 2 winner Rayce, teams of two must create an original superhero and sidekick characters that ties in with a specific vehicle b. Award-winning race Brian Grazer walks them through what they’ll need to know to create a human-critter hybrid in this week’s “Dr.

Kevin Smith Top Looks: Seuss by using characters from Dr. The contestants meet Episodr at a Chinese temple in the heart of L. AndersonLaila Ali and Barney Burman. Brian Grazer Top Looks: Close Search Search Type to Search.

The contestants get to pick their own partners this week and Roy, who’s been wanting to work with RJ since he saw him on season 2, calls out his name immediately.

Ultimately, they reward the imagination of Roy and Rod, and when they go on to say that Rod is the overall winner, he is so humble that his elevation above the other artists barely registers. In the bottom are C.

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