Loops are like Chicken and the Egg. I thought it could be a time loop since it was the easiest way. That’s how I understand it. Son Yoo returns and Deok Heung asks if his nephew is okay. Augh, there must something I don’t get right in all this branching stuff You can see that Diary Eun Soo went into a different dimension.

The two individuals who were not meant to coexist are brought together to fight their way through the ordeals on the land of Goryeo. Eun-soo tells him the note said that if they return to the palace now, they might be able to save the queen. It is symbolic to show that there are people waiting for her in — her mom and dad. Does the branching theory considers that the history that ES knows history without her is the main time flow and then ES going in the past and making choices is the other parallel worlds? Ohh nice you found my blog.. Aunt shouts to interrupt them, and says that the queen is also pregnant. Community hasn’t filled out any information yet.

Aunt shouts to interrupt them, and says that the queen is also pregnant. So then, how does a branching timeline work?

The Revolutioner: Faith Ep 20 Raw/Eng Subs Lee Min Ho Korean Drama

I think we will need the love to get through the last four episodes. Young stands surprised as Eun-soo, dressed in Woodalchi uniform, salutes him. Meanwhile, all hell breaks loose when Gongmin finds out that his queen is missing. Would our queen have lived and our king not be ruined?


Recap: “Faith” Episode 20

Then the episode backtracked 10 days to a fortune telling session, during which the fortune teller told Eun Soo: A breather indeed for the serious mood of the drama. And there’s something else I don’t get. That’s how I understand it. faitth

I’ve been reading your recaps since last year but commenting only now First, we run away and get chased around until the door to heaven opens. Thus the portal takes her to the wrong time, to Year That’s a significant difference, folks – and leaves room, in my mind at least, for this scenario: Make the general jealous!!

The Revolutioner: Faith Ep 21 Raw/Eng Subs SBS Min Ho Korean Drama Great Doctor

Episode 18 seems to cement my suspicion that Faith is about hopping alternate universes rather than linear time travel in a single universe.

We now understand the first two of the three predictions. His Majesty only told me to not ask anything and that you will return.

The reason why I argue a closed loop over branching is because she did not choose to go back yrs early to make those clues. So, the fact I’m typing to you now means that the faigh to take a shower has vanished, but it’s now in a parallel dimension.

When he acts the strong and silent type, he comes out even more sexy and smoldering.

Ryu Duk Hwan, however, always delivers on whatever emotion his character needs to portray: Has anyone noticed there is skinship galore between these two already on each episode?


Her eyes softened at him. I think anything he says with his deep voice sounds sexy! I wish I new who the author was dramacraz thank them! And bring on the roommate hijinks.

Actually, when you see LMH the person, his character is different from CY, he spisode always laughing, smiling and joking around on the set. Did you show your face to Noguk when you kidnapped her?

The Great Doctor

Does anyone know what is the name of the song played during Because CY cannot go and kidnap ES if the Hwata does not exist, Hwata has to exist so ES would be kidnapped and then all the parallel potential worlds would appear. Unless our Eun Soo likes being a liar to mess with herself.

gaith I offered up my crown, my country, and pleaded with him. Second, because Gangnam is so hit right now, maybe he could do Gangnam style and conquer the world The plastic surgeon gets kidnapped by the warrior who got an order from the king to find a doctor who can cure the fatally injured queen.

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