Let’s go over this part together. Either of those two. That man is telling her to wait. Everything loses its meaning. It hurts me, yenge. And how do you do?

Murat, everyone is playing. I don’t want to have a share of anything we obtained after our marriage. Another problem has been resolved. What are we gonna do once you leave? Why are you asking that now? I will represent both of you.

She said “go sit in your house”. I don’t even know these people.

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I guess it can’t be helped. Just saying, so that you’ll be ready when the delivery arrives.

You know, just like you I’ve never had my own house either. I’m talking fatmaggul Selim. You don’t need to, hun. It wasn’t only you. You can sit in your house. Didn’t want you guys to see them and get angry. It’s getting so beautiful.

But I won’t live in a shack like this. What do fatmmagul think? We’ll sort it out later. Right now I’m busy running after your business interests Resat Bey. Shall we get married again?


As for me, I think I’ve earned the rights to be in this new organization. I missed my friends. But they were smoothened out. It’s normal before getting married. Where are we gonna go and how? Had it enough for today.

Don’t do this, Kerim Abi. But I don’t want to disappoint these people.

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Can’t believe you chose this one over other houses we’ve seen. I hope you’ll be here, as well. She wants to talk with you. Click on the “CC” button to view the video with subtitles. Maybe they’ll do some discount if I pay in advance. Look at the road. As I’m out of the city. I came without notice. What’s wrong with you guys. Subgitles need witnesses to call this a house.

He didn’t sound well. Kerim will finish the house before the wedding, right Kerim? I can’t come today.

You are so important for me I saw you pulled the chair with your hand. Yes, we’ve got a lot of mutual friend in Ankara She gave me power of attorney to file for divorce. But my husband has rights in this house as well. She’s trying to convince herself that she loves me. Whose signatures are these? This’ll be better for us. I don’t have to much to do in school.


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You’ll have a wedding soon. Probably happened when I was painting the ceiling. You should decide already.

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