While everyone else wears red, I’m in black. They wanted me to lie down for a bit till the anesthesia wears off. They could have divorced silently if this scandal hadn’t surfaced. Not after waiting this long. You can’t calumniate people like that! They shot me at the gates of Mardin.

And then join the dinner. Come here early tomorrow or do whatever you like. Get up, come on! You say they didn’t have a sexual intercourse before that night. And I’ll get up early in the morning. Then he showed me her at Selim’s engagement. What is your illness, girl?

Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?

Got a YouTube account? No, I mean, I’m not worried about the ring. Was this review helpful to you? But I don’t understand one thing.

We’re not pressing on the prosecutor. He must have a good life there. Connect to YouTube No thanks. You made a fool of us by hiding what happened at your wedding day.

Throw it away, I’d say. Now it won’t be nice when I say “Hello, can I take a day off tomorrow? This life, my woman, only you can purify. Yagmur Ozden moves to a yali Bosphorus mansion at a rich neighborhood engoish the shore of the Bosphorus in Istanbul.


I told you not to dare trying to convince us when it’s too late.

From now on, she will study a lot and go to her doctor without any problems. She’d make her father do everything if she believed in me just a little bit. I won’t sell out anyone for your money. He would open his arms for him, right?

Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: What is it that we don’t know about you? If you told me about it I would have got rid of them that day. You have no rights to do it. Daghan is a doctor who tries to get his proficiency however, finds himself in jail. And help him start a new life there. They shot me at the gates of Mardin. Their families don’t allow them to marry. They could have divorced silently if this scandal hadn’t surfaced. He even negotiated for after the divorce.

Rahmi Ketenci 80 episodes, A letter like the previous ones, written with a tiny bit of hope. Kara Para Ask — That’s why I’m doing this.

Kerim has not taken any part in this but is feeling remorse as he was present during bolhm incident. Turkish Series I’ve Watched. We can sort that out somehow, but This ring was so important back then.


Fatmauglun need to go give your statement immediately. You can’t calumniate people like that! And that’s why he is here.

Connect to YouTube No thanks. As for people saying bad things about Mustafa.

When I’m getting crushed under my own weight, I can’t carry responsibility of another being. I’ll be right back and do it all. You’re going to a dinner party.

Fatmagülün Suçu Ne Bölüm Part 1 with subtitles | Amara

Emre 35 episodes, Fromfollows Suleiman the Magnificent and his relatives from his great conquests to the “Battle of Szigeth”. Mukaddes Ketenci 80 episodes, How are you going to explain him who you are? We’re neighbours after all.

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